Officers & Contact


Designation Name Phone no Email id Contact for
Secretary, University Classes Dr. Hemanta Kr Nath Academic/PG Admission/Student matters
Controller of Examinations Dr D J Choudhury     PG/BEd/ LAW related matters
Academic Registrar Dr Guruprasad Khataniar 98640-55805 Academic/Research matters
Finance Officer Mr D J Sarma     Financial Matters
Joint Registrar Dr R Barman 8811086791 Gen Administraion related matters
Director, Student Welfare Matters & NSS Dr R Kr Kakati 0361-2670297 Student Welfare Matters & NSS
Director , College Development Council Dr Biswajit Sarma 9854052120 Colllege Development matters
Director(i/c), IDOL Prof P J Das 9435043124   Distance Education, IDOl Matters
Director, GUIST Prof M Deka 0361-2672211   GUIST Matters
Director(i/c), GU Publications Dr B Choudhury Publications related matters
Librarian,KKH Library Dr W S Devnath 9435042508 KKH Library matters
Dy Registrar(Administration) Dr P Barman General Administration, RTI Matters
Dy Secretary, University Classes Dr Arijit Bora 0361-2572752   Academic/PG Admission/Student matters
Dy Treasurer A. Bhattacharjya 8011585632   Financial Matters
Dy Controller of Examinations Dr D Talukdar 7002700769 BA Examinations matters
Dy Controller of Examinations P J Das 9435164940 BSc/ B.Com Examinations matters
Dy Director, Student's Welfare Dinesh Kalita 7086762585   Student Welfare Matters
Dy Director, Pre Examinations Training Center,GU Dr Sanjoy Kr Dutta 9435046846   PETC matters
Secretary to the Vice Chancellor & PRO(i/c) Mr M J Deka 0361-2570412 VC Office
Secretary to Registrar,GU Mr D Sarma 0361-2570415   Registrar'r Office
University Engineer Mr Sanjib Barua 9706049304   Public works related matters
Chief Medical Officer DR N N Talukdar 9435148682   Medical matters
Statistician Mr J K Mahanta Statisticical related matters
Estate Officer Mr R Goswami 9435308755 Estate Office related
Security Officer Mr R Barboruah 9957801312   Campus Security matters
Manager, GU Press Mr Arabindo Sarma 9435011229   GU Press related matters
Law Officer Mr Dipak Kr Talukdar 9864155442   Legal matters