Sauravpran Goswami (Dean, Faculty of Arts)

Sauravpran Goswami (Dean, Faculty of Arts)

Sauravpran Goswami (Dean, Faculty of Arts)


MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) MPhil (Gauhati)

Logic, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Contemporary Western Philosophy and Philosophy of Science

Department of Philosophy
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

  Sauravpran Goswami,

   Professor of Philosophy


Fields of interest: 

Analytic Philosophy, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science        Indian Materialism, Sankaradeva's Philosophy etc. 



·        Passed B. A. with Hons. in Philosophy from J. B. College (Jorhat) under Dibrugarh University in the year 1978.

·     Passed M. A. in Philosophy from Gauhati University in the year 1980 (Exams held in 1982).

·     Passed M. Phil. in the year 1989 from Gauhati University.

·     Obtained Ph.D. from Gauhati University in the year 1997.


Past Services:

·               Served as a Lecturer in Philosophy in Jorhat College from 16. 08. 1982 to 25. 04. 1990.

·          Joined the Department of Philosophy in Gauhati University as a Lecturer on 26. 04. 1990.


      In the present position w. e. f. 21. 01. 2008.





 Offices held

a.       Academic:

1.       Head, Dept. of Philosophy, Gauhati University (2010 – 2013)

2.      Acted as an Expert in a workshop on Preparation of Assamese Glossary for Philosophy, organized by National Translation Mission (MHRD, GOI) held in IIE, Guwahati from July 3 to 6, 2011.

b.      Professional:

1.       Returning Officer, GUTA Election 2018

2.       President, GUTA for the session 2014 – 15

3.       Member, Executive Committee, GUTA (for several sessions)

4.       Returning Officer, PGSU Election, 2014

5.       Returning Officer, G.U. Workmen’s Election, 2014

c.       Administrative:

1.       Member, Executive Council, Gauhati University w.e.f. 10. 04. 2017

2.        Member, Academic Council, Gauhti University

3.       Chairman, CPC, Gauhati University

4.          Member, Human Ethics Committee, IIT, Guwahati

4.       Member, Selection Committee, C & D Grade Staff, Gauhati University

5.        Member, Board of Studies in Philosophy, Dibrugarh University

6.        Member, Board of Studies in Philosophy, Mizoram University

7.       Coordinator, IGNOU, G. U. Centre (02. 02. 2002 – 03. 02. 2008)

d.      Socio-cultural

Office Secretary, Sodou Asom Janasanskritik Parisad (1985 – 1990)

a.      Conferences

1.   Local Secretary, 85th session of Indian Philosophical Congress, 26 -29 October, 2010

b.   Seminars

1.  Coordinator, I. C. P. R. Sponsored National seminar on Relevance of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Ideas, 11 -13 October, 2012

2.   Coordinator, National Seminar on Philosophy for Social Integration on 29 – 31 March 2011

3.    Coordinator, National Seminar on Values in Indian Culture, June, 2010

c.    Workshop

1.  Coordinator, ICPR Sponsored Workshop on Teaching of Philosophy in colleges and Universities of Assam: Problems & Prospects, 2013

d.      Talks and symposia

1. Interactive Programme with Prof. Bhagat Oinam, Dept. of Philosophy, JNU, 23 Feb. 2018

2. Coordinator, Lecture Programme by ICPR National Fellow Nirmalangshu Mukherjee, 17-18 March, 2016

3. Coordinator, Second Bhabananda Dutta Memorial Lecture by Nilima Sharma on 3 Aug. 2012

4.  Coordinator, Lecture programme by ICPR Visiting Fellow Leonard Harris, 20 -23 Feb. 2012

5.   Coordinator, ICPR Sponsored World Philosophy day Programme, Nov. 2011

6.  Coordinator, First Bhabananda Dutta Memorial Lecture by Hiren Gohain on 3 Aug, 2011

 Invited Lectures:

1.                               ICPR Sponsored World Philosophy Day Lecture on Philosophy, Science and Philosophy of Science in K. B. V. S. A. S. University, Nalbari 14 March, 2018

2.                               ICPR Sponsored World Philosophy Day Lecture on” Philosophising on Environment” in K. K. H. University of Distance and Open Learning on 29 Dec. 2017

3.                               World Philosophy Day Lecture in Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University on Free will Controversy on 22 Nov. 2016

4.                               Philosophy Teachers’ Meet on “Social Divisions and Contribution of Philosophy to their Understanding” in Dibrugarh University, on 25 – 26 March, 2015

5.                               ICPR Sponsored World Philosophy Day Lecture on “Man and Nature: An Approach to Environmental Issues” at Biswanath College on 30. 12. 2014

6.                               ICPR Periodical Lecture on Scientific Outlook and Social Progress in D. K. D. College, Dergaon, 30 April, 2014

7.                                ICPR Sponsored World Philosophy Day Lecture on Philosophy- Science Interface in the Centre for Studies in Philosophy, Dibrugarh University on 21 Nov. 2013

8.                               ICPR Periodical Lecture on Purusarthas: A Commentary in Patkai Christian College, Dimapur on 21 Jan. 2012

9.                               Resource person in a National seminar on “Gandhian Concepts: Interrogation and Exploration” in A.D.P. College, Nagaon

10.                            Resource person in a National Seminar on Gandhian Thought in Bapujee College. 

 Research Guidance:

·         Total No. of scholars obtained Ph.D.: 10

Areas of research include: Environmental Philosophy, Determinism and Ethics in Spinoza, Nietzsche on Morality, Karl Popper and Hypothesis, Logic-Philosophy interface in Russell, Utilitarian Ethics of Mill, Gandhian Concept of Sarvodaya, Philosophy of Wittgenstein etc.

·         Total no. of scholars obtained M.Phil.: 02

  •  Department of Philosophy, Gauhati University, Guwahati 14
  • Jyoti-Bishnu Path, Gotanagar, Guwahati 11


a.       Research articles

1.       Religious Philosophy of Samkaradeva  Sandhan, Vol. XIII Jan-Jun 2013

2.       Metaphysics that is Not the Case G.U. Journal of Arts, 2010, Vol. XLI

3.       Reaction to the Article of Prof. R. C. Pradhan, JICPR , Jan-Mar, 2001, Vol. XVII, No. 1

4.      The Person and His Society, IPQ, Jul, 2000 Vol. XXVII, No. 3

5.       Moral Personhood, IPQ, Oct. 1998, Vol. XXV, No.4

6.       The Rationale of Reactive Attitude, JICPR, May-Aug, 1998, Vol.XV, No.3 

7.       The Synthesising Role of the Concept of Person, IPQ, April 1998, Vo. XXV, No. 2 

8.       Towards Construction of a Concept of Person, G.U. Journal of Arts, 1997-98, Vol. XXXIX 

9.       Self and Knowledge: The Problem with Hume and Kant, G. U. Journal of Arts, 1996, Vol. XXXVIII 

10.    Person: the Unanalysability Thesis, G. U. Journal of Arts, 1995, Vol. XXXVII

 b.   Chapters in Books


            1.      “Language and Interpersonal Communication” in Language, Culture and Values ISBN 81-7211-294-7 Ed. Kanti Lal Das and N. K. Roy Northern Book Centre, New Delhi, 2012

            2.      “Sankaradeva: A Philosopher of the People” in The Philosophy of Sankaradeva ISBN 81-901940-1-1 Ed. Nilima Sharma. Srimanta Sankardeva Sachetan Mancha, Guwahati, 2008

            3.      “Interpersonal Relationship Vs. the Subjectivity Thesis” in Musings on Philosophy ISBN 81754-178-3 Ed. Manjulika Ghosh, Sundeep Prakashan, Delhi 2007

            4.      “Contemporary Treatment of the Problem of Self: The Humean Tradition” in Perspectives in Contemporary          Philosophy ISBN 81-202-0412-3 Ed. D. K. Chakravarty Ajanta Publications, New Delhi, 1998

    c.      Books


1.   Self: Hume and the Tradition, 2008, published by S. Goswami in association with Bhabani Offset & Imagings, Guwahati ISBN: 978-81-90940-2-1 

2.   Persons: A Strawsonian Study, 2006, published by Anwesha, Guwahati ISBN81-89003-20-8


 d.    Popular essays

        d.1 English 

        1. "The Scientific Outlook", Prajna, Vol. XXIV, 2014-15 (A GUTA Annual Publication)

        2. "Multi Universes - Some Philosophical Queries", Prajna, Vol. XVIII, 2008-09 (A GUTA Annual Publication)

        3. "How Far A Cry Peace Is?", Prajna, Vol. XVII, 2007-08 (A GUTA Annual Publication)

        4. "Philosophy of Life", Prajna, Vol. 15, 2005-06 (A GUTA Anuual Publication)

        5. "Meaning and Scepticism", Abhrant, July-Oct. 1997 (A Philosophical Quarterly of Bihar)   

           6. "Man: An Irreducible Part of Nature" Luhit to Thames, Vol.1, No. 1, 1999

d.2 Assamese:


1."Vyakti aru Samaj" (Individual and Society) Natun Padatik,Feb. 1999

2. "Bhabananda Dutta aru Bharatya Darsanar Bastubadi Adhyayan" (Materialsm in Indian Philosophy and Bhabananda Dutta), Natun Padatik

3."Bijnan, Dharma aru Darsan" (Science, Religion and PhilosophyPrakash, Sep. 2012

4. "Bartaman Asomor Siksar Samasya" ( Problems in the of Present Education Scenerio of Assam), Goriyashi, June 1999

 e.         News paper write-ups (English):

1.       “The Right to Death”, [On Euthanasia] The Hindu, 20 March, 2011 

 Articles Published in Amar Asom (Popular Assamese Daily)

1. "Dr. Hiren Gohain Bitarka aru ..."(Controversies on Dr. Hiren Gohain), Nov. 23, 2017

2. "Prasanga: Shakespeare aru Dindayal" (Reference: Shakespeare and Dindayal), Aug. 31, 2017

3. "Drista - Adrista Ityadi" (On faith and Luck), Dec. 24, 2015

4. "Pratibad, Prati-Pratibad" (Protests and Counter Protests), Nov. 16, 2015

5. "Pratibadi Kantha" (The Voice of Protest), Oct. 18, 2015

6. "Bangladeshi Hindu Prasanga" (On the Bangladeshi Hindus), Sep. 28, 2015

7. "Samajik Nyay aru Manastatvik Dristire Mrityu Danda" (Capital Punishment from the point of view of Social Justice and Psychology), Aug. 19, 2015

8. "Biswabidyalay aru Swatantrata Prasanga" (On Autonomy of Universities), March 27, 2015

9. "Seminar aru Call-Girl" March 12, 2014

10. "Saral Banan aru Sanskrit Banan" (Simple versus Sanskrit Spellings), March 31, 2009

11. "Bhabananda Dutta aru Bharatya Darsanar Bastunistha Adhyayan" (Bhabananda Dutta and the Objective Study of Indian Philosophy, Aug. 2, 2007  



 a.       Books

1.  Of Knowledge Freedom and Reason, 2010, published by the Department of Philosophy, G.U. in association with Bhabani Print and Publications, ISBN 978-93-80390-40-6

2.   Dimensions of Philosophy: Tradition and Modernity, 2010, published by the Department of Philosophy, G.U. in association with Bhabani Print and Publications, ISBN 978-93-80390-41-3

b.      b. Academic Journals

1.   Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP), Vol. 2, December 2017 ISSN 2456-3285

2.   Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy (GUJP), Vol. 1, December 2016 ISSN 2456-3285

(UGC Recognized Journal No. 40945)

c.       c. GUTA Journals

1.      Prajna (Journal of Gauhati University Teachers’ Association), Vol. XVIII, 2008-09, published by GUTA

2.      Prajna (Journal of Gauhati University Teachers’ Association), Vol. XVII, 2007-08, published by GUTA


1.      Tiwari, A.K.: Review of the book Persons: A Strawsonian Study in JICPR, Vol. XXVIII, No. 2, April-June, 2011


2.      Mishra, N.: “An Appraisal on the Article, ‘The Rationale of Reactive Attitudes’ by Sauravpran Goswami, published in JICPR, Vol. XV No.3,” JICPR, Vol. XVII. No. 1, Sep-Dec, 1999