Pratap Jyoti Handique [ Vice Chancellor, GU ]

Pratap Jyoti Handique [ Vice Chancellor, GU ]


MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) FLS (London)

Molecular Biology, Genomics, Plant Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering

Department of Biotechnology
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

Dr. Pratap Jyoti Handique, a biotechnologist of repute, obtained Ph.D degree from Gauhati University in the year 1992. He did post-doctoral research on molecular biotechnology at Leicester University, UK during 2005-2006 in the laboratory of Professor JS Heslop-Horrison. Dr. Handique is one of the pioneer workers who worked for the development of Biotechnology in Assam as well as in North East India. He has been involved in frontline areas of research in Biotechnology for last 30 years. Dr. Handique has also attended several short-term training courses in the premier institutes like ICAR-IARI (New Delhi), IIT-Delhi, NBRI (Lucknow), CAZRI (Jodhpur), National Law School of India University on various aspects of Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Laws.

Currently he is a Professor of Biotechnology in Gauhati University. He was the Head of the Department of Biotechnology, GU during the year 2010-2013. During the same period he was also the Member of Executive Council and Member of the Gauhati University Court; Chairman, DRC-Biotechnology and Chairman, CCS-Biotechnology. Besides, he worked as a "Coordinator - Administration and Logistics" in the GUIST (2009-2012).

Dr. Handique has coordinated and contributed in the formulations of the “State Biotechnology Policy of Assam” which has been declared by the Government of Assam under “Advantage Assam Policy” in 2017. Prof. Handique is a receipient of Fellow of Linnean Society (FLS) of London in the year 2017. He was  awarded  the prestigious "Biotechnology Overseas Associateship award, 2004-05" by the DBT, New Delhi. 

He has published over 145 research papers in national and international referred journals, 40 book chapters and over 200 popular science articles in English and Assamese language. He has developed two bioinformatics based ‘Database’ on Banana and Citrus; authored one research book on Medicinal Plants and edited two books on various aspects of Science and Technology. He has contributed over 100 DNA and gene sequences to biological databases. He has successfully completed 14 major R&D research projects funded by government agencies and 3 projects are ongoing. He supervised 36 Ph.D theses till August 2018 on various aspects. 

Prof. Handique is a registered NAAC assessor. In recent years, he has been leading a team of experts for conducting ‘Academic Audit’ in several colleges of Assam. He has been serving the Indian Society of Hill Agriculture, Ranisori, Uttarakhanda as Vice President since 2009 till date. He is the DBT’s Nominee of the IBSC, Assam Agricultural University. He has also been associated as Chairman, Central Purchase Committee, IBSD (G.O.I.), Imphal (2012-2015);  Member of State Medicinal Plant Board-Assam (2003-2009); and, General Secretary, North East Biotechnological Association (2003-2007). He served “Gahuati University Teachers’ Association” as its President during the year 2010-2011 and as Vice President during the year 2009-2010.





 Key Note, Invited Talk delivered during last 5 years [2012-2018]

  1. Resource Person: Integrating Research Projects and Contemporary Laboratory Practices in Teaching Learning. MHRD sponsored Workshop on : Exploring ways for an outcome  based holistic approach to revitalize the teaching–learning process in Higher Education, at Jagiroad College, 10/03/2018
  2. Key Note Address: DBT sponsored Workshop on – “DNA Barcoding”, Handique Girls’ College, Guwahati. 06/03/2018
  3. Resource Person: Research Project Assessment, UGC Orientation Course. UGC-HRDC, GU. 28/02/2018
  4. Resource Person. State Level Workshop on “Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques”, Devicharan  Barua Girls’ College, Jorhat. 24/02/2018
  5. Resource person: UGC Orientation Course. Topic: Current Trends in Science & Technology, UGC-HRDC, GU. 11/02/2018
  6. Resource person: Project Assessment. 114 Orientation Program. Topic: Research Design and Project Grant Opportunities. UGC-HRDC, GU. 20/12/2017
  7. Resource person: UGC, Short Term Course on Research methodology, Topic: Research Design and Project Grant Opportunities. UGC-HRDC, GU. 24/11/2017
  8. Resource person: UGC, 114 Orientation Program. Topic: Current Trends in Science & Technology, UGC-HRDC, GU. 23/11/2017
  9. Key Note address:  Biotechnology intervention on medicinal plants of NE India. PAPOTHECARY-2017, Regional workshop. 25 March, 2017 at GU –Guwahati.
  10. Invited Talk:  Biotechnology based improvement program for economically important medicinal plants of NE India. International Symposium on Plant Biotechnology for Crop Improvement (ISPBCI-2017), 20-21 January, 2017 at Indian Institute of Technology -Guwahati.
  11. Invites Talk. Workshop on Scientific Research Paper Writing. BSA. 14 July 2017, Dept of Botany, GU.
  12. Invited talk: Technique and application of Biotechnology Lecturer cum Interactive session on application of Biotechnology, under Star College Scheme, Chaiduar College, Gohpur, Assam on 21/02/2017.
  13. Invited as Distinguish Guest, Foundation Day Celebration, 5th Sept, 2016, Pashim Guwahati, College, Dharapur, Guwahati-781017
  14. Invited Lecture: Star College Programme (DBT), 16th Sept, 2016in BP Chaliha College, Nagarbera. Topic: Animal Biodiversity of NE India: Biotechnological Perspective.
  15. Key Note address: UGC National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Medicinal Plants Research of North East India” (RAMPR-NE 2016), “topic- Medicinal Plants of North East India:  A conspectus on Biodiversity, Bio-prospecting and Bio-piracy”.  ADP College, 11-12 Nov 2016 .
  16. Resource Person: “An overview of Bioinformatics: Application in Life Sciences”, in Short term training program- Application of Bioinformatics in Life Science Research- BIF, College of Veterinary College, Guwahati (under BTISnet, DBT), 06/12/2016.
  17. Resource Person: Refresher Course in Environmental Science, (8-28 Dec 2016)-UGC-HRDC-GU- “Guidelines for Project proposal preparation”- 13/12/2016
  18. Resource Person: Refresher Course in Environmental Science, (8-28 Dec 2016)-UGC-HRDC-GU- “Discussion on Project Proposal”- 23/12/2016
  19. Resource Person :Refresher Course UGC-ASC, G.U. Environmental Hazards – Risk of Biological and Chemical Hazards to Human Health, 10/06/2015
  20. Key Note address: Biotechnological research in N E India: present and future (Workshop V) DBT-AAU Centre,Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat. Biotechnology for Economically Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of NE India:  Present Status and Identifying Prospective Research Priorities. 18-20 Sept, 2014.
  21. Resource Person :DBT’s Star College Scheme workshop DBT (New Delhi), St. Edmund's College, Shillong, Plant Biotechnology: Tools  and Technique, 25/07/2014
  22. Invited Talk: Biodiversity of medicinal plants in northeast India. National Workshop – Big data challenges in Biology: data Deluge in Biology-Use of High-performance Grid & Cloud computing. Organised by : ABAB & C-DAC Bangalore  at Jorhat Medical College.20/12/2013
  23. Resource Person: Research Methodology and Guidelines for Project reparation. Refresher Course in Environmental Science.  Academic Staff College, GU, 27.12.12
  24. Resource Person: Gene amplification and PCR Technology. Refresher Course in Life sciences. Academic Staff College, GU. 19.12.12
  25. Resource Person: Gene isolation, Cloning and Transformation. Refresher Course in Life sciences. Academic Staff College, GU. 18.12.12

Coordinator : Refresher Course in  Current Trends in Science & Technology, UGC-HRDC, G.U. (25 Oct- 14 Nov, 2017) 

Coordinator : DST-FIST Program-2012 in Biotechnology (2014-2019)

Coordinator : Preparation of Draft Biotechnology Policy of Assam, Assigned by ASTEC, Guwahati (2012-2016) 

Coordinator : Administration & Logistics, GU-IST (2009-2012)

Co-coordinator : Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) of G.U., funded by DBT (2009-2013)

 Research Areas of Interest 

  1. Biodiversity conservation and assessment
  2. Molecular Markers, DNA Barcoding 
  3. Molecular Genetics 
  4. Genomics
  5. Microbial Biotechnology
  6. Medicinal Plant Biotechnology and Bioprospecting
  7. RNA Virus
  8. Host-pathogen molecular interactions
  9. Bioinformatics and drug desiging

Number of students guided for PhD/ Post Doc/ MD (medicine)

Ph.D student

  • Awarded : 36
  • Submitted: 04
  • Ongoing : 11

Post Doc Student:

  • 01 (DSK Fellow-UGC- Ongoing)

MD (Medicine) student:

  •  01 (MD in Biochemistry, Guwahati Medical College) 


  1. Fellow of Linnean Society, London [2017]
  2. Felicitation from Govt of Assam for contribution to the Biotechnology Policy of Assam [2017]
  3. Bronze Medal Award, HTM-2017, Bengkok, Thailand [2017]
  4. Fellow [Founder] Indian Society of Hill Agriculture, Ranisori, Uttarakhand [2012]
  5. DBT's Overseas Associateship Award :2004-2005 [2005]
  6. Member, Research Board of Advisers, American Biographical Institute [2004]
  7. Member, Board of International Advisers,  International Foundations for Science, Swiden [2000] 
  8. Fellow, Indian Society of Genetics & Plant Breeding, IARI, New Delhi [1999]
  9. Fellow of Society and Sciences, Dumka,[2000]
  10. National Merit Scholarship for PG course, UGC, New Delhi [1980-1982]

 Researc Projects  received by Prof. P.J. Handique as Principal Investigator:

Funding Agency

Title of Project



Unraveling bacterial blight pathogenesis based on rice RNAs as induced by virulent and less-virulent strains of Xanthmonas oryzae pv. oryzae in presence or absence of functional T3SS.



Enumeration of medicinal plants used by the Deori tribe of Assam with emphasis to the documentation and analysis of their indigenous knowledge system and traditional herbal pharmacopoeia.



Characterization and Consolidation of Hippophae Genetic Resources and Propagation of Elite Genotypes for Varietal Evaluation



Improvement of Laboratory Infrastructure in Biotechnology.



Quality assessment of traditionally processed dried fish of the NE India.



Evaluation of fertilization induced changes in growth parameters and antioxidant activity of certain medicinal plants of Assam.



Training Programme on Conservation and Cultivation of Orchids.



Assessment of Hippophae genetic resources of Arunachal Pradesh.


NBM, Assam

Development of Micro- propagation protocol for selected bamboo germplasm.



Screening of elite germplasm of certain prioritized medicinal plant species of NE India and their mass propagation.



Mass propagation of certain rare and high valued medicinal plants species of NE India using tissue culture technology.



Bioprospecting of Medicinal plant resources of NE India.



Ethno-medicinal Plants of Golaghat and Jorhat District of Assam.



A study on Eco-environmental set-up of surrounding areas of Kaziranga National Park



Area of study: Molecular Biotechnology

University: Department of Biology, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Duration: 2005-2006



  1. Head, Department of Biotechnology, GU (2010-2013)
  2. Member, Executive Council, Gauhati University (2013)
  3. Member, Gauhati University Court (2013) 
  4. Member, Academic Council, G.U. (2007-till date)
  5. Member, College Development Council, G.U. (2013-2014)
  6. Chairman, DRC, Biotechnology, G.U. (2010-2013)
  7. Chairman, DAC, Biotechnology, G.U. (2010-2013)
  8. Chairman, IBSC, Gauhati University, (2010-2013)
  9. Chairman, CCS in Biotechnology, G.U. (2010-2013)
  10. Coordinator, DST-FIST Program, Dept. of Biotechnology, G.U. (2015-2020)
  11. Coordinator, Administration & Logistics, GUIST, (2009-2012)
  12. Co-Coordinator, BIF (DBT Funded) , Gauhati University (2009-2014)

Responsibility in other Institutions/Universities

  1. Member, Research Advisory Committee, CMERTI, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India (2017-2020)
  2. Member, Governing Body, North Guwahati College, (2013 - till date)
  3. Chairman, Central Purchase Committee, IBSD (DBT), Imphal, Manipur (2011-2014)
  4. Member, Advisory Committee for Agrilcultural Biotechnology Program, Assam Agril. University ( 2012-till date)
  5. Member, Advisory Committee, M.Tech Program in Biotechnology, IIT-Guwahati ( 2012-2015)
  6. DBT Nominee, IBSC, Assam Agril. University, Jorhat ( 2010- till date)
  7. Member, Technical Committee, State Medicinal Plants Board, Assam ( 2005-2009)
  8. Member, Research Council, IASST, Guwahati ( 2002-2007)


For details of Publication : Google scholar : KR9J1SYAAAAJ&hl=en

Research paper in peer reviewed journals: 136

Book Chapters: 37

Research paper in conference Proceedings: 42

Books: Authored = 01, Edited : 02 

P.J. Handique (2017). Biotechnology Intervention in Medicinal Plants of North East India- A Review. Journal of Bioresources,  4 (1), 1-11

G.D. Nongthombam, R.K. Labala, S. Das, P.J. Handique, N.C. Talukdar,  (2017). Evaluation and Selection of Potential Biomass Sources of North-East India towards Sustainable Bioethanol Production. Front. Energy Res. 5:16. doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2017.00016

S.  Moirangthem, N.S. Singh, P.J. Handique, H.S. Devi (2017). Population genetic structure analysis of  Citrus reticulata Blanco of North Eastern Hill Region of India using ISSR Marker. Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology 18(1&2):1-9; 2017 ISSN: 0972-2025.

R.C. Jose, N.D. Grihalakshmi, B. Louis, P.J. Handique, N.C. Talukdar (2017). Confined Enzymatic Activity of S. scitamineum and U. esculenta at the Smut Gall during Infection. Biol Syst Open Access 6: 182. doi:10.4172/2329-6577.1000182

P. Chattopadhyay, P.J. Handique (2017). Biotechnological targets and improvement in the genus Dendrobium Sw. (family Orchidaceae): A Review. Journal of Advanced Plant Sciences 9 (2), 1-9

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N.K. Goswami, P.J. Handique (2013). Explants Size Response to in Vitro Propagation of Musa (Aaa Group) ‘Amritsagar’ Musa (Aab Group) ‘Malbhog’ and Musa (Aab Group) ‘Chenichampa’ Banana. Indian Journal of Applied Research 3 (8), 4

D. Goswami, P.J. Handique, S. Deka (2013). “Rhamnolipid biosurfactant against Fusarium sacchari – the causal organism of pokkah boeng disease of sugarcane”. Paper accepted for publication in Journal of Basic Microbiology (IF. 1.266).

 Courses [M.Sc and PhD course work]

  1. Genetic Engineering 
  2. Genomics and Proteomics
  3. Computational Biology
  4. Molecular Biology
  5. Bioinformatics 
  6. Plant & Animal Biotechnology

Teaching Experience

  1. Professor of Biotechnology, Gauhati University since 2007
  2. Associate Professor & Lecturer in Biotechnology, Gauhati University, 1992-2007
  3. Lecturer in Life Science, Dibrugarh University, 1991-1992

 Association with Academic Bodies/ Societies/ Journals

  1. Vice President, Indian Society for Hill Agriculture, ranisori, Uttarakhand (2009- till date)
  2. Vice President, Botanical Society of Assam, Guwahati (2015-2017)
  3. Life Member, Indian Society for Biochemistry and Biotechnology, New Delhi
  4. Life Member, Indian Fern Society
  5. Life Member, Indian Society of genetics & Plant Breeding, New Delhi
  6. Life Member, Seabuckthorn Association of India, New Delhi
  7. Chief Editor, Journal of Advanced Plant Sciences, BSA, Guwahati
  8. Reviewing Editor, Journal of Bioresources, RGU, Itanagar ( ISSN: 2394-4315)
  9. Editorial Board Member, Austin Jornal of Biotechnology & Bioengineering, New Jersey, USA
  10. General Secretary, North East Biotechnological Association, Guwahati (2003-2007)