Nikhil Kumar Mahnot [ Food Science Project ]

Nikhil Kumar Mahnot [ Food Science Project ]

Assistant Professor

MTech (Tezpur)

Food Processing and Technology

Department of Bioengineering and Technology
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

  •  Food Processing and Technology
  •  NonThermal/Novel Processing and Technology
  •  Juice preservation

  • Food Chemistry
  • Instrumental Methods in Food Analysis.
  • Emerging Trends in Food Processing.
  • Food Engineering
  • Post Harvest Technology of Plantation Products
  • Food and Industrial Microbiology
  • Food Product Development and sensory evaluation.
  • Dairy Chemistry and Dairy Products.
  • Food-Packaging Principles and Practice.

 1. Inactivating pathogenic microorganism using cold plasma. (Pending)
Inventors: Nikhil Kumar Mahnot & Kevin M. Keener.
Application number: WO2017200930A1
Date of application: 19/05/2016 (USPTO)

1. Best Graduate at the Dpt. of Botany , Cotton College, 2009.

2. Gold Medalist -M.Tech in Food processing and Technology (Tezpur university), 2012.

3. DST INSPIRE Fellow for pursuing Ph.D, 2012.

4. Nehru-Fulbright Fellow - Purdue University , Indiana, USA, 2015.

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