Nanigopal Mahanta

Nanigopal Mahanta


MA (Berkley) MA (JNU) PhD (Gauhati)

Peace and Conflict Studies

Department of Political Science
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014


• MA in Political Science from JNU, New Delhi, India.(Year 1992).

• Two years course on Peace, Conflict Resolution & Policy studies , University of California, Berkeley, USA. (2002-2004) as a Rotary World Peace fellow.

•PhD -“ State, Identity and Politics of Violence: ULFA and vision of peace in Assam”, ( 2006) at Gauhati University, Assam, India under the guidance of Prof. Anuradha Dutta, studies at OKD, Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati. 

 Single Authored Book:

a)     ‘Confronting the State: ULFA’s quest for Sovereignty’, Sage, New York and New Delhi, 2013. ISBN: 978-81-321-0704-0(HB)

b)    Two books on Higher Secondary Political Science (Political Theory and Indian Constitution) with Dr Arup J Chaudhury (for class XI & XII). Assam Book Depot, 1998.

Major  publications  (journal and chapters in selected volumes)

a)     ‘Politics of Space and Violence in Bodoland’ (Special Article) in Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Vol. XLVIII No 23, June 8, 2013.ISSN- 0012-9976

b)      ‘Politics of Peace –making in Assam’-in Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) , January,1, 2005. ISSN- 0012-9976

c)      ‘Shifting of Traditional Vote Base to BJP’-Lok sabha elections in Assam , Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Vol. XLIX No 35, August 30, 2014. ISSN- 0012-9976

d)      ‘Electoral politics Vis-à-vis Democracy in Assam:  Assembly Election in 2011’ in Socialist Perspective , vol.XXV, 2012, February.

e)      ‘Why do Ethnic Communities Fight?: Lessons from Karbi Anglong Assam’, Asian Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities, Volume 3, Issue 9 (September, 2013) ISSN 2249-7315, page: 111 - 126. (With Dr. Chucheng fa Gogoi).

f)       ‘‘State Vs Human Security: Accommodating People’s voice in Conflict Zones’ in the Journal ‘Social Change and Development’, Vol VII, November, 2010. ISSN: 0975-4016, November

g)      Electoral Politics in India: Reflection of People’s power or Primordial Power? In Nani G, Mahanta edited Journal of Political Science, department of Political Science, Gauhati University. 2012. ISSN: 2249-4170

h)      The Ethnic Landscape in  NE India: Where are the Common Grounds  Nava J Bora ed, Politeia’-Annual Journal of North-east India Political Science Association’, Vol XIX-2012 . ISSN: 2231-16531

i)        Right to Self-Determination and Secession in Kashmir: Implications for a multi-ethnic Nation-State in Human Rights and Democracy, edited by Bolin Hazarika, vol. VI, 2010-2011. ISSN-2231-1718

j)        ‘Aspects of Bodo Movement’ in Journal of Political Science, edited by PS Reddy, Department of Political Sciene, Gauhati Univesity,1999 ISSN: 2249-4170.

k)      ‘Kashmir in between India and Pakistan : Will India adopt strategy over Tactics” ? In Journal of Political Science, edited by Sandhya Goswami, Department of Political Science, Gauhati University, 2005. ISSN: 2249-4170

l)        ‘Issues of Self-Determination and Secession in Kashmir : Implication for a multi-ethnic Nation-State’ in Dialogue, April-June, vol 8, No-4, 2007

m)    ‘Politics of Insurgency, Identity and State: Scenario in India’ in P Sonowal edited’ Insurgency and Economic Development in NE India’, ISBN: 978-81-86307-09-0, 2007

n)      ‘From Durable Disorder to Durable Peace’ in Dr Nani G Mahanta ed, Politeia, NEIPSA vol-XVII; 2008-2009. ISSN-2231-1653

o)      ‘Ethnicity, State and Identity’, From Confrontation to Coexistence’ in B Kumar edited ‘Problems of Ethnicity in the North-East India’ ISBN: 13-978-81-8069-464-6, 2007.

p)      ‘Accommodating ‘The Third Voice’ in Conflict Zones’ in N Goswami etc edited ‘India’s North East, New Vistas for Peace, ISBN: 978-81-7049-326-6, 2008.

q)      ‘Political Economy of Conflict: Greed vs Grievance in Monjit Singh ed ‘Xahitya, Xanskriti Aaru Anaanya Praxango’ 2009.


r)       ‘From State Security to Human Security: Debating the Transition in the Context of NE India’ in AR Dutta edited ‘Human Security in North –East India (Issues and Policies)’, ISBN: 81-89003-32-1. Anwesha, 2009.


s)       ‘Conflict Management vis-à-vis Conflict Transformation: Some Reflections From Northeast India’ in Wasbir Hussain edited Peace Tools and Conflict Nuances in India’s North East, ISBN: 978-81-909903-1-8; 2010-11.


t)       ‘Conflict over Land, Governance and Development: KMSS in Assam’ in Wasbir Hussain ed ‘North East India, Sustaining Peace, Changing Dimensions’, ISBN: 978-93-82624-02-8 . 2012

u)      ‘Human Security Mapping in Conflict Zones’ in Amitav Acharya etc edited ‘Human Security : From Concept to Practice’ ISSN: 2010-3409            ; 2011-12.

v)       ‘United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA): Liberating Force or to be Liberated’ in IDSA edited ‘Non-State Armed Groups in South Asia’, ISBN: 978-81-8274-575-9; 2012

w)    ‘Auditing Peace and Conflict in India’s North-east: Do we need a ‘peace policy’ in edited ‘Armed Conflict, Peace Audit and Early Warning 2014, ISBN: 978-93-515-0076-6 (HB). 2015.

x)      ‘State, Identity Crisis and Illegal Migrants: Going Beyond Border Model in the North-East’ in ‘Quiet Invasion from the Invisible Front’, ISBN: 978-93-81064-14-6. 2011

y)      ‘The Substantivist and Procedural notion of Democracy in India’  in S Chakravarty etc edited Politeia , ISSN: 2231-16531, 2011-2012

z)      ‘The Autonomy Experience and the Demand for Federal Restructuring in Assam’ in wasbir Hussain edited ‘The Autonomy Discourse, Ethnic Aspirations in India’s North East’ , ISBN: 978-81-909903-8-7, 2013.

aa)   Electoral Politics in India: Reflection of People’s Power or Primordial Power in NG Mahanta edited Journal Of Political Science (Vol-7, October-2012) ISSN: 2249-4170,

bb)   Water Conflict in Northeast India: The Need for a Multi-track Mechanism in  Partha j Das etc edited Water Conflicts in Northeast India, A Compendium of Case Studies. 2013

cc)    ‘‘Protracted Conflicts and Terrorism: Assessing Trends and impacts’ in Bibhas Choudhury edited, PRANJNA, Vol XXV, 2016. ISSN-0976-9072



As Editor of book/Monograph/journal:

a)      Shifting Terrain: Conflict Dynamics in Northeast India’, DVS publishing House, Delhi, Guwahati, 2012. ISBN: 978-81-86307-57-1.

b)      Occasional Paper –‘The Ethnic Dilemma : The Garo-Rabha Conflict’, by department of Political Science, Gauhati University ( to be published, February)

c)      Occasional Paper-‘Assam: Portents of Violence and hope for Peace ‘, Peace Studies paper 03, Omeo Kr Das Institute of Social Change and Development, 2005.

d)     ‘Governing the Un-Governable: India’s North-East’ (Series Editor), by PACS, Gauhati University. ISBN: 978-81-924013-0-0, 2012.

e)      “Mapping the Trajectory of a contemporary Ethnic Identity Movement” (Series Editor) by PACS, Gauhati University. ISBN: 978-81-924013-1-7.

f)       Editor , ‘Politeia’ –the annual Journal of NEIPSA, Vol XVII (2008-09) ; and Vol XVIII (2009-2010)

g)      Editor, Journal of Political Science, Annual Journal of Political Science, Gauhati University, 2012. ISSN: 2249-4170

 a)      Conducted a project (director of the project) on “Mapping Human Security: The Case of North-east India.” The project was funded by Asian Dialogue Society, Singapore and was done on behalf of C-NES in the year 2008.

b)      ‘Changing contours of Insurgency in Assam’ sanctioned by Indian Council of Social Science Research ( ICSSR), amount Rs 8,09,000.( eight Lakh), June, 2012 (ongoing)

c)      ‘Electoral Politics and Democracy in India’ sanctioned by University Grants Commission (UGC), amount Rs 5, 20,000. (Five Lakh twenty thousand only). June, 2012. (ongoing)

d)     World Bank project on “North-east Region Power System Improvement Project –A political Economy study” 2013. Five lakh.

e)      Prepared and conceptualized a comprehensive project for introducing a two Years Peace and Conflict Studies and undertaking applied peace building activities  by the UGC as an Innovative Programme in Emerging and Interdisciplinary Areas (total 40 lakhs) . (2007-2012).

f)       The Ethnic Dilemma and Politics of Violence: The Garo-Rabha Conflict’, UGC-SAP (DRS-1) project (2010-14). 


    1. Was nominated by Government  of Assam , Department of Education , as an ‘Independent Observer’ for monitoring the Teachers Eligibility Test ( TET) in which one lakh fifty seven thousand (157,000 students)  candidates appeared ( January, 2012)
    2. Has been nominated by the His Excellency, Governor of Assam (issued by  Higher Education department, Government of Assam)  as a member of High powered State Level commission  to examine & recommend measures for modification, restructuring of existing curricula and addition of new curricula in the higher & Technical  institutions in the state of Assam from 3rd February, 2012 onwards. 
    3. Has been nominated by HE the Governor of Assam as one of the five members of High powered Restructuring Commission of Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) –April, 2012.
    4. Has been serving as a member of State Advisory Board to advise the Principal Accountant General (audit), Indian Audit and Accounts department, Government of India (from March, 2012-2014).
    5. Has been serving as the Board Member, Tata Institute of Social science (TISS), Guwhati. ( since 2012 till 2016)
    6. Has been appointed as the Chairman, Governing Body, Handique Girl’s College, Assam ( from 2016 onwards)
    7. Has been nominated by HE Governor of Assam as one of the members of the High powered Committee to suggest measures for strengthening Cotton College State University and the status of Cotton August 2016.
    8. Has been appointed by HE Governor of Assam as one of the members of the High powered Committee for a Youth Policy in Assam, in August, 2016 under the Ministry of Sports and youth Welfare. 
    9. Chairman of  Committee for proposed Cluster University in Assam 
    10. Special Invitee to RUSA on Higher Education in Assam 

 1.      Was visiting fellow to the International Peace Research organization (PRIO), Norway in May-June, 2008.

2.      Reference group member for the IDSA-PRIO, Norway cooperation as an expert on peace and conflict studies and conflicts in North East India in 2007-08.

3.      As a part of the Rotary summer project I was attached to the BRAC-the largest NGO of the world in Bangladesh to look into the issues of migration, terrorism and women empowerment process.

4.      Addressed first Rotary International World Peace Symposium at Chicago, USA,  in June 2007,

5.       Addressed Second World Peace Symposium at Birmingham (UK) in September, 2008.

6.      Invited as a speaker to the Rotary International World Peace Symposium held at Bangkok, Thailand, 1-6th May, 2012.

7.      Was invited to the winter workshop organized by Regional Center for Strategic Studies (RCSS) Colombo, Sri Lanka in April, 2000 on `Sources of conflict in South Asia: ethnicity, governance and environment' and delivered a lecture on 'State and Society in India's North East’

8.      Was invited to the World sociological Conference at Brisbane, Australia, June 2002 and presented a paper ‘State, Identity and violence: The case of ULFA’

9.      Was invited to the South Asian International Conference, at Lund, Sweden. 10-12 May, 2004 and presented paper on ‘State vis-à-vis voice of the periphery: Issues of Identity, Violence and Peace in North-East India.’

 Positions in Academic bodies:

1) General Secretary, North-east India Political Science Association for three consecutive years. (2008-09, 2009-2010, 2010-2011)

2) President, North-east India Political Science Association( (six consecutive times).(2011-12; 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-2016, 2016-17)


  • ` `Marginalisation of Women, A case study of Sualkuchi' in `Economic Reforms and Women' edited by Prof. Raj Mohini Sethi, Deptt. of Sociology, Punjab University. (Jaipur: Rawat Publications, 1999)
  • Economic Reforms and marginalisation of women' - in `Women and Social Change' edited by Prof. K.Medhi, WSRC, Gauhati University, 1998.
  •  ‘State vis-à-vis voice of the periphery: Issues of Identity, Violence and Peace in North-East India’ in John.Neelson and Dipak Malik ed. Volume, ‘Crisis of State and Nation –South Asian States between Nation-building and fragmentation’ Manohar, New Delhi, 2007.
  •  ‘Kashmir as a source of conflict between India and Pakistan: roots of conflict and hope for peace.’- 2006 in World Peace Book series, published by Rotary International, editor-Prof. Edwin Epstein, Prof. in Peace Studies, University of California, Berkeley.
  • ‘Transnational connections with South and South-East Asian Countries: Scenario from North-east India’- in ‘Order in chaos-conflict in South Asia’, ed. Wasbir Hussain, British Council, Calcutta, Nov., 2006 .
  • ‘Assam: Portents of Violence’ in “Genesis of Peace and Conflict: Understanding North-east India’ ed. Anuradha Dutta, Vikash House, New Delhi, November, 2006.
  •  ‘Ethnicity, State and Identity: From Confrontation to Co-existence’ in BB Kumar ed. Problems of Ethnicity in the North-east India, Concept Publishing company, 2007.
  • ‘Politics of Insurgency, Identity and State,: Scenario in India’ in P. Sonowal ed. ‘Insurgency and economic development in North-east India’, DVS publishers, Guwahati,  2007.
  • ‘From State Security to Human Security: Debating the Transition in the context of North-east india’ in A. R. Dutta ed. “Human Security in North-east India—issues and policies”,  Anwesha, Guwahati, 2008-09.
  • ‘What makes Assam a perpetual conflict zone –Going beyond management to Conflict Transformation’ in Walter Fernandes ed. “Search for Peace with Justice—Issues around Conflicts in Northeast India’, NESRC, Guwahati, 2008.
  • “Political Economy of Conflict :Greed vs Grievances” in Sahitya, Sangaskriti aru Anyanana Prosonga , ed by Manjit Singh and Suresh Kr Nath, APPOCUS, May, 2009, Guwahati.

 For the year 2016-17.  (After may 2016)

1)      Invited to deliver an invited Lecture at the National Seminar on “ revisiting India’s Independence Movement : Voice of the Periphery” being held at Indian Institute of Public Administration ( IIPA) by India Foundation , New Delhi, 10th jan, 2017

2)      Delivered an Invited Lecture at National Seminar on “Freedom of Speech—implications in Northeast India” on 17th Nov, 2016 organized by the Law deptt , Assam University.

3)      Invited as a speaker on “Nation and Nationalism: Views from Northeast India“in an international “colloquium of ‘Nation First’ Thinkers and Practitioners” from 12-14 Nov. Bhopal. 2016.

4)      Invited and took part in an international Conclave ‘India Ideas Conclave-2016” organized by India Foundation at Goa, 7th Nov, 2016.

5)      Delivered the presidential address at Northeast India Political Science Association (NEIPSA) being organized by the dept of Political Science, Gauhati University, 25th February, 2017.

6)      Took part in India-ASEAN 25 years Relations in Laos , Vientiane Hotel ,6th Aug.2017 organized by India-ASEAN Business Council .

7)      Delivered a special talk on “India’s Northeast  Frontier vis-à-vis International Border “ at Fudan university, Sanghai on 13th July, 2017.

8)      Took part in the International Conference on “ One Belt and One Road “  2-3june, 2017.

9)      Delivered Mohan Ch Roy memorial Talk, Lakhimpur Girls College, 12th October, 2017.

10)  Delivered Sukleswar Medhi Memorial Talk on “ Role of China-and India in emerging Asia” in Nalbari on 30th September, 2017

11)  Delivered Jinti Baruah Memorial Talk on “Nationalism in India: emerging issues” in Dhubri on 1st october,, 2017.

12)  Delivered a talk on “India-Bangladesh Peace Dialogue” organized by Government of Assam, India Foundation,  Bangladesh Foundation for Regional Studies, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIS), State Innovation and Transformation Aayog (SITA) and Assistant High Commission of Bangladesh 

13)  Delivered deliver the key note address at Tezpur University organized by the Sahitya Academi on “ Linguistic Nationalism and Tiwa language” 22nd September, 2017

14)  organized by India Foundation, Bangladesh Foundation for Regional Studies, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies (MAKAIS), State Innovation and Transformation Aayog (SITA) and Assistant High Commission of Bangladesh 




1)      Delivered Key note address at “India’s Nortehast and South east Asia: the ethnic connect” being organized by Sibsagar college in collaboration with CSEAS, GU  on 11th April, 2018.

2)      Delivered Malla Barua Memorial Talk on “Globalization and assamese society “ in Nalbari on 2nd April, 2018 organized by Nalbari Sahitya Sabha.

3)       Took Part in international Seminar on “Resurgence and Reversals of Democracy in South and South East Asia” and presented a paper on “India’s Northeast and SE Asia: the traditional Linkages.” being organized by the CSEAS and Political Science,, GU on 8th and 9th March , 2018.