Mohan Chandra Kalita

Mohan Chandra Kalita


MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Postdoctoral Fellow (IARI, New Delhi) FLS (London)

Biochemistry, Plant Biology, Bioresource and Environmental Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014


Professor (since 30th June, 2007) 

Former Head (2007-2010), Department of Biotechnology, Gauhati University.


Founder Head (i/c) (2009-2014), Department of Bioengineering & Technology, Gauhati

University Institute of Science & Technology (GUIST), Gauhati University. 


Department of Biotechnology

Gauhati University


Assam, India

Phone: +91-0361-2700231(O)

Fax: 91-0361- 2700231

Mobile: 09957181630  

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CV: a Glimpse

Dr. Mohan Chandra Kalita (M.Sc., PhD, and FLS-London) is a Senior Professor and former Head (2007-2010) of the Department of Biotechnology, Gauhati University. He was also founder Head i/c (2009-2014) of Department of Bioengineering and Technology, Gauhati University-Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST). His diverse fields of research interests include Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Ethno-Pharmacology and Human Diseases, Biofertilizers and Biopesticides, Microalgae Biorefinery and Bio-mitigation of CO2 and Nanobiotechnology.

Prof. Kalita has outstanding academic and professional credentials throughout his career. He is the recipient of Gold Medal, securing 1st class 1st position in M.Sc. examination from Gauhati University in 1983. He has been awarded  PhD from Gauhati University in 1995. He is in teaching profession since 1983 till date. He is the recipient of National Biotechnology Associateship (1997-1998) of the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. He is a Fellow of Linnaean Society London (FLS),  Fellow of International Congress of Chemistry & Environment (FICCE), Fellow of  Indian Society for Plant Physiology (FISSP) and Fellow of International Society for Conservation of Natural Resources (FNRS).He completed 21 numbers of individual and collaborative research projects sponsored by ASTEC, UGC, DBT, NMPB,  DRDO, MoEF and Govt. of Assam. He has the collaboration with Deptt. of Biotechnology, IIT, Gauhati , RGU, Arunachal Pradesh., ICMR (RMRC), Dibrugarh, Assam , IBSD, Deptt. of Biotechnology, Govt. of  India, Imphal IASST, DST, Govt. of India, Guwahati ,DRL(DRDO), Tezpur, Assam ,PGMER, Chandigarh ,NEIGRIHMS, Shillong, Meghalaya ,Department of Energy, Tezpur University ,Department of Chemical Engineering , IIT, Guwahati NCL, Pune , NCSS, Pune,Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rio De Jenerio, Republic of Brazil.(International Collaboration) .

He has also accomplished numbers of environmental and agricultural extension activities including land to lab activity for the upliftment of the farmers of the State.

            Currently, Prof. Kalita is associated with Indo-Brazil Research Collaboration under the “Bilateral Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Republic of Brazil in the area microalgal biorefinery” jointly with Tezpur University (TU) and Indian Institute Technology Guwahati (IITG) from India and Department of Chemical Engineering, Federal University Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. He is presently also the Principal investigator of three DBT, Govt of India sponsored multiinstitutional projects in the area of exploring anti- diabetic and anti-cancer dugs of ethnic herbal medicinal plants of NE India .  . He is also the Coordinator of an innovative project for North Eastern region funded by DBT, Govt of India entitled “Establishment of Instructional Biotech Hub” with a motto in imparting infrastructure and instrument facility to enhance scientific research at the level of Universities, Colleges and Schools.

            Prof. Kalita has published over 165 research publications  of national and international repute covering a large area of biological sciences including awarding Ph.D degree to 52 students under his guidance and supervision. He has already been granted three Indian patents and has filed other five patents. He has also credited five books and three books in pipeline. He has also published nine book chapters published in different books of international standard. As an editor, he has edited several publications including Journal of Assam Science Society. He has published several scientific articles in English and Assamese for the awareness of science, scientific technology and its social impact to public of Assam. He participated in many national and international academic programs in countries like USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK , China and Bankok. He has  also been invited as Speaker, Chairmanship and for active participation in various national and international seminar/workshop/symposium.

            Prof. Kalita is a committed worker for popularization of Science and Technology among the masses in Assam and promotion of biodiversity and environment conservation in North East India. He served as the General Secretary (1999-2001) and currently, Working President of Assam Science Society, a prestigious and premiere voluntary organization of the state. He founded NEBA in 1996 and  was the General Secretary (2007-2009) and at present, he is serving as the President of North East Biotechnology Association (NEBA).  He was also the State Coordinator (2000-2002) in the UNDP/GEF sponsored project –National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP), India launched by MoEF, Govt. of India for the preparation of State Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (SBSAP) and completed successfully. He was the working President of State Children Science Congress (2006) under the banner of National Children Science Congress (organized by DST, Govt. of India). He was also a member of core committee, of a program entitled “Environmental orientation in the schools of N.E. India” sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India and executing by Assam Science Society from 2004.He has also actively participated in numbers of radio and television programs since 1994 in the areas of Environment, Biodiversity, Vermicompost technology etc. Apart, he was member/chairman/coordinator/convener/governing body member/external member/visitor’s nominee of various national institutions, research laboratory and other statutory bodies. Beyond those, in the past he served Executive Committee (EC) member and GU Court member and  Chairman, Town Advisory Committee. Currently, he is serving in a number of committees constituted time to time by Gauhati University towards meeting the purpose like admission, security, TAC,  horticulture, etc.


M.SC (GAU), PH.D (GAU), Post Doc (IARI, New Delhi), FLS (London)



B.Sc (Honours in Botany) securing 1st Class 2nd Position and M.Sc in Botany (Plant Physiology & Biochemistry) securing 1st Class 1st Position from Gauhati University   (Guwahati, Assam) in 1979 & 1981 (held in 1983) respectively. Awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Botany by Gauhati University in 1995.



  1.  Gold medal for securing 1st class 1st position in   M.Sc. Examination.
  2. Biotechnology National Associateship (1996-97) Awarded by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science &Technology.Govt.of India, New Delhi.
  3. Fellow (FICCE) by the International Congress of Chemistry &Environment.
  4. Fellow (FISPP) by Indian Society for Plant Physiology.
  5. Fellow (FNRS) by International Society for Conservation of Natural Resources.
  6. Fellow, Linnean Society of London (FLS).







Till Date

Professor  in Biotechnology

Gauhati University, Assam



Lecturer in Botany

Handiquqe girls’ college, Guwahati, assam


31. 07.1984

Lecturer in Botany

Biswanath College, Biswanath Chariali, Assam



  1. Plant Biotechnology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Bioresource & Environmental Biotechnology
  4. Industrial Biotechnology


  1. Plant Biochemistry & Biotechnology.
  2. Ethno Pharmacology & Human Diseases.
  3. Biofertilizers & Biopesticides.
  4. Microalgae Bioenergy & Biomitigation of CO2.
  5. Nanobiotechnology.



  1. Ph.D Research Topic (1988-1993)Physiological and Biochemical studies on the effect of pesticides, weedicides, fungicides and heavy metal pollutants on growth and metabolism of Azolla-Anabaena symbionts
  2. BIOTECHNOLOGY NATIONAL ASSOCIATESHIP (1996-1997): Awarded by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India for the period from 1st October 1997 to 31st March 1998 and carried out work on “DNA fingerprinting on indian mustard” at NRC or Plant Biotechnology IARI, New Delhi under the guide ship of Dr. R. P. Sharma, Project Director, and Dr. T. Mahapatra, Sr. Scientist, National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology(NRCPB), IARI, New Delhi-12

M.Sc. / B.Tech Dissertation supervised: 32

Ph.D Thesis supervised to completion and awarded degree: 51 [Till 01.01.2018]

Ph.D Thesis examined of other Universities: 39 [Till 01.01.2018]

DST Inspire Fellowship supervised: 2

  1.  Mr Rajib Dev Goswami
  2.  Ms Nitumani Kalita

Rajib Gandhi National Fellowship for SC candidates supervised: 2

  1. Ms Bornali Baishya
  2. Mr Manuj Kumar Das

DBT Post Doctorate (Research Associate) supervised: 2

  1. Dr Pragya Sharma
  2. Dr Pankaj Bharali

UGC- DS Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship supervised: 3

  1. Dr Madhuchanda Banerjee
  2. Dr Akan Das
  3. Dr. Pojul Loying


  1. USA (San - Fransisco).
  2. Australia (Adelaide).
  3. Japan.
  4. South Korea.
  5. France (Paris).
  6. Germany.
  7. Switzerland.
  8. China (Kunming and Beijing)
  9. United Kingdom (London)
  10. Bangkok (Thailand)

 RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS: 166 (Till 01.11.2018)

A few of the published papers are listed below 

Area: Microbial Prospecting

  1. Elizabeth Thokchom, Dwipendra Thakuria, Mohan Chandra Kalita, Chandradev K.Sharma and Narayan Chandra Talukdar. Root colonization by host- specific rhizobacteria alters indigenous root endophyte and rhizosphere soil bacterial communities and promotes the growth of mandarin orange. European Journal of soil biology Volume 79. 2017. Impact Factor of 2.445
  2. Kaustuvmani Patowary, Rupshika Patowary,  Mohan Chandra Kalita and Suresh Deka. Characterization of biosurfactant produced during degradation of hydrocarbons using crude oil as sole source of carbon. Frontiers in Microbiology volume 8 Article 279. Impact Factor of 4.165
  3. Kaustuvmani Patowary, Rupshikha Patowary, Mohan C.Kalita and suresh Deka. Development of an efficient Bacterial consortium for the potential Remediation of hydrocarbons from contaminated sites. Frontries in Micrbiology. Volume 7. 2016. Impact Factor of 4.165
  4. P Sharma, M C Kalita and D Thakur (2016) Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity of forest derived soil actinomycte, Nocardia sp. PB- 52. Frontiers in Microbiology Vol 7: article 347. Impact Factor of 4.165
  5. Yogesh B Chaudhari, N C Talukdar, N C Adhikary, M C Kalita and M R Khan ((2015) Rice straw based evaluation of lignolytic and cellulolytic capabilities of novel strains of saprophytic fungi from Indo-Burma biodiversity Hotspot. Energy Fuels 29: 784-792. Impact Factor of 2.853
  6. S Goyari, SH Devi, L Bengyella, M Khan, C K Sharma, M C Kalita and N C Talukdar (2015) Unveiling the optimal parameters for cellulolytic characteristics of Talaromyces verruculosus SGMNPf3 and its secretory enzymes. Journal of Applied Microbiolgy 119: 88-98. Impact Factor of 2.386
  7. Thokchom E, Kalita M C,Talukdar NC. Isolation,screening,characterization and selection of superior rhizobacterial strains as bioinoculants for seedling emergence and growth promotion of Mandarin orange ( Citrus reticulate Blanco) . Canadian journal of Microbiology 2014 ,vol 60.pp 85-92. Impact Factor of 1.199
  8. Khan M.H, Meghvansi M.K, Gupta R , Veer V, Singh L, Kalita M.C (2014). Foliar spray with Vermiwash Modifies the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Dependency and Nutrient Stoichiometry of Bhut Jolokia(Capsicum assamia). PLOS ONE ,Vol 9, Issue 3, e92318. Impact Factor of 3.23
  9. I M Singha, Y Kakoty, B G Unni, M C Kalita, J Das, A Naglot, S B Wann and L Singh(2011)Control of Fusarium wilt of tomato caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Lycopersici using leaf extract of Piper betle L. : a preliminary study.World J Microbiol Biotechnol.DOI 0.1007/s11274-  011-0730-6. Impact Factor of 1.3
  10. B. Choudhury, M.C. Kalita and P. Azad (2010) Distribution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in marshy and shoreline vegetation of Deepar beel (Ramsar site) of Assam, India. World J. Microbiol. Biotechnol.(Springer): DOI 10.1007/s11274-010-0377-8 Impact Factor of 1.779
  11. Dwipendra Thakuria, Narayan C. Talukdar, Chandan Goswami, Samarendra Hazarika, Mohan C. Kalita and  Gary D. Bending( 2009) Evaluation of rice- legume-rice cropping system on grain yield, nutrient uptake, nitrogen fixation and chemical, physical, and biological properties of soil.Biol. Fertil. Soils 45: 237-251. Impact Factor of 3.39
  12. Bora L. and Mohan C Kalita(2008) Production of thermostable alkaline lipase on vegetable oils from a thermophilic Bacillus sp. DH4, characterization and its potential applications as detergent additive.J. Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 83:688-693 Impact Factor of 2.349
  13. J. Sharma, Archana Yadav, B. G. Unni and M. C. Kalita (2005) Antibacterial proteins from non-mulberry silkworms against flacherie causing  Pseudomonas aeruginosa AC-3, Current Science 89(9) :1613-1618. Impact Factor of 0.926.
  14. Rupshika Patowary, Kaustuvmani Patowary, Mohan Chandra Kalita, Suresh Deka. Application of biosurfactant for enhancement of bioremediation process of crude oil contaminated soil. International Biodeteriation and Biodegradation (2018) Impact Factor of 2.962

Area: Plant Tissue Culture

  1. Emica A, A Patnayak, B Iangarai, D Evanorean, A Khognir, G Pale and M C Kalita. Optimising tissue culture media for efficient callus induction and regeneration  from rice seeds. Int Jour. of current trends in science and technology. 8(4) BT 20201-20210. (2018)
  2. Debabrat Baishya, Pori Deka, Mohan Chandra Kalita. Invitro co- cultivation of Piriformonspora indica filterate for improves biomass productivity in Artemisia annua (L.). Symbosis (Springer). 2015 Impact Factor of 1.300
  3. Anamika Paul, Ganesh Thapa,Adreeja Basu, Purabi Mazumdar, Mohan Chandra Kalita, Lingaraj Sahoo ((2010) Rapid plant regeneration, analysis of genetic fidelity and essential aromatic oil content of micropropagated plants of Patcouli, Pogostemon cablin ( blanco) Benth –An industrially important aromatic plant.Industrial Crop and Products(Elsevier), 32: 366-374. Impact Factor of 3.2
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  10. M C Kalita. Optimizing Tissue Culture Media for Efficient Callus Induction and Regeneration from Rice Seeds.International Journal of Current Trends in Science and Technology8(4) BT 20201-20210

Area :  Molecular Biology& Genetic Engineering

  1. Afruja Zaman, M Gogoi, M C Kalita and T Bandyopadhya. Cloning and expression study of LeucoanthocyanidinReductase Gene from Camellia assamica. Biotechnology: An Indian Journal14 (1). 158. (2018). Impact factor of 0.89.
  2. Manuj K Das, Mohan C. Kalita, Sumi Chetry and Prafulla Dutta. PfK13 Kelch Propeller Domain and Pfmdr1 Sequence Polymorphism in Plasmmodium falciparum Field Isolates From Northeast Region, India .Human Parasitic Diseases Vol 9:1-9 2017 Impact Factor of 2.545
  3. Ajitabh Bora, Hemanta K. Gogoi and Mohan C. Kalita. Use of RCA-PCR assay for  detection of Begomovirus infection in Bhut jolokia (Capsium assamicum) in Tezpur regions of Assam, India. South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology. Vol.6 (2). 64-69. 2016 Impact Factor of 2.914
  4. N P Sarma, S. Singh, D K Sarma, D R Bhattacharyya, M C Kalita, P Mohapatra, C Dohutia, J Mahanta and A Prakash (2015) Mitochondrial DNA-based genetic diversity of Anopheles nivipes in North East India. Mitochondrial DNA DOI: 10.3109/19401736.2015.1022757 :1-4  Impact Factor of 1.760
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  11. M C Kalita and T Bandyopadhyay. Cloning and Expression study of Leucoanthocyanidin Reductase Gene (CaLAR) from Camellia assamicaBiotechnology: An Indian Journal 14(1) :158, 2018 Impact Factor 0.89

Area:  Vermitechnology

  1. B. Goswami, M. C. Kalita and S. Talukdar (2001) Bioconversion of    municipal solid waste through vermicomposting. Asian Jr. Microbiol. Biotech. & Env. Sci. 3(3) : 205-207.
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Area: Medicinal Plants & Natural Product Chemistry

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  5. Moirangthem D.S, Borah J.C, Laishram S, Kalita M.C, Talukdar N.C(2014) HPLC  analysis of the harringtonine and homoharringtonine in the needles of Cephalotaxus griffithii alkaloid fraction and cytotoxic activity on chronic myelogenous leukaemia K562 cell. Natural Product Research ,Taylor & Francis. Impact Factor of 0.919
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Area: Blue Green Algal (Cyanobacterial) biofertilizer

  1. E Malakar and M C Kalita (2012) A perspective towards development and commercialization of potential BGA biofertilizers of Assam, North East India and carrier materials for BGA mass production and inoculum development. Annals  Bio. Res., 3 (1):814-828.
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Area : Azolla biofertilizer

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Area: Nanobiotechnology

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Area - Bioinformatics

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  3. Application No. 2560/DEL/2013, Date: 23/9/2013 (A Spin Column System and a Method of Solid Phase Extraction of Target Compounds involving the same).
  4. Application No. 1202/KOL/2014, Dated 19/11/2014 Crinum asiaticum (Family Amaryllidaceae)- the  potential plant based source for a potent antimalarial agent against Plasmodium falciparum.    
  5. Application No: 201631030051, Date: 02/07/2016 (Herbal formulation for treatment of hypercholesterolemia).



Mr. Kashyap Gogoi, then a high school student in Hindustan Central School, Guwahati, who was one of the 67 children scientist under the National Children Science Congress (1999) organized by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India worked in my laboratory under my guidance and supervision for a period over two years since 1999 and scientifically validated his plant based formulation on the biopesticide for controlling termites developed by him in connection with the award for which Mr. Gogoi has been granted a patent on the invention he made (a new formulation on plant based biopesticide against termites).


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  6.  Organic Farming (in progress).
  7. Green Energy (in progress).


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Report Published

  1. I had been the State Coordinator (2000 to 2002) on behalf of the Assam Science Society towards the preparation of report on State Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan (SBSAP) for the State of Assam; which was under the National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan (NBSAP)-India. The project was funded by UNDP/GEF and executed by Ministry of Environment &Forests, Govt. of India. The state report had been published in April 2002 covering the status of biodiversity of Assam along with the suggestions of action strategies to be implemented for sustainable conservation of state bioresources.


Publications (Edited)

  1. Editor, Journal of Assam Science Society 5 issues viz. JASS Vol.52(1)June , 2011, 52(2),Dec.  2011,52(2) Special issue, Dec. 2011  , 53(1),June  2012, 53(2) Dec. 2012
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  6. Proceedings of the 47th & 48th Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society held at Regional Medical Research Centre (RMRC), Dibrugarh on  February,2002.


Scientific articles published (in English) (19 )


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The following Institutes/Departments are being involved in collaborative research programmes:

  1. Regional Research Laboratory (RRL), Jorhat.Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat.
  2. Deptt. of Biotechnology, IIT, Guwahati.
  3. Arunachal University, Arunachal Pradesh.
  4. Department of Chemistry, Gauhati University.
  5. Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Jorhat.
  6. ICAR, Barapani, Meghalaya.
  7. ICMR(RMRC), Dibrugarh, Assam.
  8. Deptt. of Bioengineering and Technology, GUIST, Gauhati University
  9. IBSD, Deptt. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India,Imphal.
  10. IASST, DST, Govt. of India, Guwahati.
  11. DRL(DRDO), Tezpur, Assam.
  12. PGMER, Chandigarh.
  13. NEIGRIHMS, Shillong, Meghalaya.
  14. Department of Energy, Tezpur University.Department of Chemical Engineering , IIT, Guwahati.
  15. Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Rio De Jenerio, Republic of Brazil.(International Collaboration).


  1. “Investigation on utility of some aquatic plants in removing heavy metal pollutants from the aquatic bodies of Assam.” ASTEC - Rs 70,000. Completed (1995 - 1997).
  2. “Evaluation of Azolla- Anabaena symbionts of N.E. India as low cost biofetilizer for rice and development of a production centre for potential strains.” UGC - Rs 4,69,000. Completed (1998-2001).
  3. “Biopesticidal evaluation of plant species used traditionally in N.E. India to control mosquitoes and termites and biochemical characterization of potent species.” DBT - Rs 9,46,000. Completed (1998-2001).
  4. “Micropopagation and conservation of some important medicinal plants of Arunachal Pradesh.” DBT - Rs 17,76,000. Completed (2002-2005).
  5. “Collection,characterization and screening of biodiesel potential micro-algae of Assam.” DRL - Rs 4,98,000. Completed (2007-2008).
  6. “Optimization of Mass Cultivation of a few selected indigenous Microalgae for Biofuel Production.” DRL - Rs 8,92,100. Completed (2007-2009).
  7. “Formulation of mosquito repellant and larvicidal bio-pesticide from certain ethno-medicinal plants of N. E. India.” NMPB - Rs. 14,00,000. Completed (2007-2010).
  8. “Algal flora from different habitats of Central Assam and Conservation of collected strains.” MoEF - Rs 15,17,520. Completed (2009-2012).
  9. “Creation of facilities for Research and Training in Biomedical and Clinical Science.” DBT - Rs 1,55,00,000. Completed (2009-2014).
  10. “Phytoremediation of arsenic from soil and water using locally available herbal plant species.” ASTEC - Rs 1,10,000. Completed (2009-2011).
  11. “Design and development of mass cultivation system of selected oleaginous microalgae   of Northeast India for renewable diesel production.” DBT - Rs 55,97,028. Completed (2012-2015).
  12. “Harnessing Oleaginous Microalgal Diversity Of North East India For Development Of Renewable Biofuel Technology And Biomitigation Of Carbon Dioxide.” Govt. of Assam - Rs. 50,00000. Completed (2011-2014).
  13. “Screening of indigenous medicinal plant varieties for development of potential antimalarial drug/drug intermediates and characterization of potent plant species through DNA bar coding.” DBT - Rs 51,00,000. Completed (2011-2014).
  14. “Value addition and in vitro induction of active principle in Artemisia annua and Tinospora cordifolia after Co-cultivation with microbial consortium.” DBT - Rs 60,00,000. Completed (2011-2014). 
  15. “Molecular characterization of clinically important bacterial isolates and evaluation of antibacterial efficacy of some indigenous medicinal plants.” DBT – Rs 75,00,000. Completed (2012-2015).
  16. “Molecular profiling of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.” DBT – Rs 1,11,70,000. Completed (2013-2016).
  17. “Understanding host pathogen interaction in Aquilaria malaccensis and molecular mechanism of agar wood formation.” DBT – RS 39,20,000. Completed (2013-2016).
  18. “Nephroprotective therapeutic validation of ethnomedicinal plants of N E India against cisplatin induced chemotherapeutic toxicity.” DBT. Completed.
  19. “Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of anticancer activity of novel bioessential transition  metal complexes having tumour targeting and antitumour active ligands.” DBT – Rs 1,14,68,000. Ongoing.
  20. “Integrating herbal medicine of NER with contemporary approaches to develop therapeutic strategies  for metabolic syndrome.” DBT – Rs 24,55,00,000. Ongoing (2016-2019).
  21. “Integrated Biorefinery approach towards production of sustainable fuel and chemicals from algal biobased systems” DBT (Indo-Brazil International Research Collaboration) – Rs 2,44,00,000. Ongoing (2016-2020).
  22. “Advanced Level Institutional Biotech HUB” DBT – Rs 1,05,00,000 (grant sanctioned during the period 2011-2019). Ongoing (2010 – …..).
  23. Quest for Cancer Drugs: Screening and Bio assay guided phyto chemical investigation of selected endemic medicinal plants of eastern himalaya. DBT Ongoing (2018-2021)





Funding  Agency


Approved amount (Rs)

1. Workshop on Production and Quality control of biofertilizers.

Regional Biofertilizer Development Centre(RBDC), Imphal,

26-27th  Feb, 2003


2. Workshop cum Training programme on utilization, plantation and conservation of medicinal plants.

Ministry of Environment. & Forest(MoEF), Govt. of India.

16-17th  May,1997


3. Domestic and agro-wastes utilization through Mushroom cultivation and vermintechnology.

Ministry of Environment. & Forest, (MoEF)Govt. of India (under NEAC, 1996).

08-10th May, 1996


4. Awareness campaign –cum - training programme on the application of biofertilizers in crop field (for Village Level Extensions Workers).

Ministry of Environment & Forest(MoEF), Govt. of India (under NEAC, 1995).

23-24th May, 1995


5. Awareness campaign- cum training programme on the application of biofertilizers in crop field (for farmers)

ASTEC (Assam Science, Technology and Environment Council).

Oct, 1994


6. Training cum workshop on “Adverse effect of chemical fertilizer on Crop Field” B P Chaliha College, Nagarbera.


21st October 2018


7. Life style diseases and its management

ASTEC (Assam Science, Technology and Environment Council).

24th March 2018


8. Training cum workshop on “Beekeeping for Livelihood” at Sarupeta, Barpeta


6-7thOctober 2018


9. Training cum workshop on “Mushroom cultivation and Biofertiliser”.

Organsised jointly by Advanced Level Institutional Biotech Hub, Gauhati University and Advanced Level Institutional Biotech Hub, IASST Boragaon

16-17thNovember 2018




  1. Head (2007 – 2010), Deptt. of Biotechnology, Gauhati University
  2. Head,In-Charge (2009 - 2014) Deptt. of  Bioengineering and Technology, Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST), Gauhati University
  3. Chairman (2008 -2010) Institutional Biosafety Committee, Deptt. of Biotechnology, GU
  4. Member (1998 –2001): Council for Institute of Advanced Study in Science & Technology (IASST), Govt. of Assam.
  5. Member (2005 onwards): Biosafety Committee, IIT, Gauhati. Assam University(2011- 14), TRA (2013-16), Jorhat, Assam
  6. Member (2007 onwards), Academic Council, Gauhati University
  7. Member (2007 -2010) Gauhati University Court     
  8. Member, (from March 2010 upto May 2010 ), Executive Council, Gauhati University
  9. Member, Gauhati University Research Council (2012 onwards)
  10. Member, Ph.D Regulation Amendment Committee, GU (2012 onwards ) 
  11. Chairman (2007 onwards) Institutional Biosafety Committee, GU
  12. Chairman, Town Advisory Committee ( 2012 onwards )
  13. Coordinator (2010 onwards) Institutional Biotech HUB, GU       
  14. Convener (2008 onwards) Biodiversity Park and Resource Centre, GU        
  15. Member (2009 – 2012) - ) Board of Post Graduate Studies In Biotechnology, Assam University, Silchar
  16. Member (2008-2011 ) Council for popularization of S & T, Govt. of Assam.
  17. Member (2010 -   ) Programme Support for NE Institutes in Biotechnology, Deptt. Of Biotechnology, Govt. of India
  18. Governing Body  Member, Pub Kamrup College, Baihata Chariali, Kamrup, Assam (2009-2012)
  19. Governing Body  Member, BPC College, Nagarbera, Kamrup, Assam (2009-2012)
  20. External Member – Board of PG Studies in Biotechnology AU (OCT 2009 – OCT 2012)
  21. Member (2014-2017): Institutional Ethics Committee (Human studies), IASST,Guwahati under  DST, Govt. of India
  22. External  Member – Board of PG studies in Ecology and Environment science ,AU (30 Sept . 2013 to 30 Sept. 2017)
  23. Expert Member, Advisory Committee, Star College Scheme, Pub Kamrup College, Assam
  24. Visitor's nominee - Selection Committee under the School of Life Sciences, Assam University for a period of three years (2013-2016)
  25. Nominee of Academic Committee Members – Central Institute of Technology, Kokjrajhar, 2014
  26. Member (2015-2018) Research Advisory Committee, FAA Medical College and Hospital, Barpeta, Assam
  27. Expert Member (2015-2016) Board of Research Studies in Assam Down Town University, Guwahati.
  28. Member (2016 to 2019 ) Board of PG Studies in Biotechno0logy, Assam  University for a period of three years
  29. Member ( Jan. 2016 -) Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Gauhati University
  30. Member ( May, 2016 to May 2019 ) Board of PG Studies in Biotechnology, Tezpur University for a period of three years
  31. Member (Sept. 2016 onwards ) Research Council, KKHSOU
  32. Member (2016) Lab Research Council, DRL (DRDO), Tezpur, Assam
  33. DBT-Nominee (2017-2020) Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC), College of Veterniary Science, (CVS-AAU), Assam Agricultural University, Guwahati.
  34. Member (2017) Expert Committee for advising on strategy and roadmap for ensuing effective utilization of instruments of Guwahati Biotech Park.
  35. Member to the Academic Council, Krishnaguru Adhyatmik Visvavidyalaya, Nasatra, Barpeta ,Assam, 2017
  36. External Expert  to the NEIGRIHMS, Shillong Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC)
  37. External Member, Departmental Research Committee (DRC), Deptt. of Botany, Cotton University (2017 to 2019)
  38. Member (Nominated by DST, Govt of India), Governing Council (GC), Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST), Govt of India, Assam (Dec 2018 to Dec 2021)


  1. Working President (2017-2019) Assam Science Society
  2. President (2014-     ) North East Biotechnological Association(NEBA)
  3. General Secretary (2007- 2009) North East Biotechnological Association (NEBA).
  4. Working President (2006) Organising Committee, State Children Science Congressunder the banner of National Children Science Congress (organized by DST, Govt. of India).
  5. Convener (2001 – 2003), Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society held at RMRC, Dibrugarh on February 2, 2002 and Assam University, Silchar on January 18, 2003.
  6. Convener, Biodiversity Photographic Gallery (executing by the Assam Science Society at Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam).
  7. Coordinator of Assam (2002-  ), Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) – International
  8. Coordinator (2000-2002, for the State of Assam), State Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan (SBSAP) under the National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan  (NBSAP).
  9. General Secretary (1999 –2001), Assam Science Society.
  10. Member, Core Committee, of a programme titled “Environmental orientation in the schools of N.E. India” sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India and executing by Assam Science Society from 2004.
  11. Convener, Publication Sub-committee (2015-2017) and (2017 to 2019) of Assam Science Society




  1. Indian Society for Plant Physiology, IARI, New Delhi (Life member).
  2. Indian Society for Plant physiology & Biochemistry, IARI, New Delhi (Life member).
  3. Indian Science Congress Association (Life member).
  4. Society for Plant Biochemistry & Biotechnology, IARI, New Delhi (Life member) &  Executive member (1998-2000).
  5. Academy of Plant Sciences, Muzzafarnagar, U.P. (Life member).
  6. Biotech Consortium of India Limited (BCIL), New Delhi (Life member).
  7. National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, (Life member).
  8. Assam Science Society (Life Member) & General Secretary (1999-2001).
  9. North East Biotechnological Association (NEBA) - Life & General Secretary (2007-2009).
  10. North East Biotechnological Association (NEBA) – President  (2014-2016).
  11. Biotechnology Society of India, New Delhi (Life member).
  12. The Plant Physiology Club (APAU), Bapatla, (Life member).
  13. Assam Science Society ( Working President for the period 2017 to 2019 )
  14. Sikhasarathi , a Society for supporting downtrodden students of the State (President )


  1. Presented paper titled ”Microalgae of Northeast India for bio-energy and other products of commercial potential based on the Biorefinery approaches.” at International conference on “6 th world congress on Biofuel and bioenergy.”, in UK on September 05-06,  2017.
  2. Participated in the “Higher Education Tour to China (Kunming & Beizing)” for Faculty, Research Scholars and Students from India13 to 18th April, 2017 under INDIA-CHINA Alliance for Cooperation .


  1. Organised as Chief Organising Secretary the PAPOTHECARY-2017 North Eastern  Regional Conference and Exhibition on Promotion and Protection of Traditional Health Care Remedy (Trans;lational Approaches for Novel Drugs and Drug Intermediates), organized by I-BH, GU in association with IASST, USTM, NEBA and IITG  (24 to 26 March, 2017
  2. Organized DBT sponsored Workshop on “Organized DBT sponsored Workshop Cum Symposia on “Prospecting Traditional Herbal Therapy to modern Drug Discovery” 7 days (From 22 to 28 May, 2017) under I-Biotech HUB,Gauhati University


  1. Organized DBT sponsored Workshop Cum Symposia on “Basic molecular biology Techniques and Natural product based drug discovery” 4 days (From 11th Feb - 14th Feb 2015) under I-Biotech HUB,Gauhati University
  2. Organized DBT sponsored Workshop on “Advanced Techniques in life Science Research”  7 days (From 28th April – 4th May, 2014) under I-Biotech HUB,Gauhati University
  3. Organized DBT sponsored Molecular Biology Workshop for Research Students   6 days (From April 22 – 27, 2013) under I-Biotech HUB,Gauhati University


  1. Organised DBT Sponsored Workshop on-“Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques Techniques” 7 days (From Nov. 19 – 25, 2012) under I-Biotech HUB,Gauhati University
  2. Participated in International Bioenergy Summit-2012 (5-6 Nov. 2012, New Delhi (organized by TERI and DBT jointly)


  1. Organized DBT sponsored Workshop on “Basic Molecular Biology Techniques” 3days (September 14- 16, 2011) under I-Biotech HUB,Gauhati University
  2. Organised as General Secretary of North East Biotechnological Association the National Environment Awareness Campaign(NEAC) on BIODIVERSITY on 7th May,2011 at Assam Bioresource Centre, Madan Kamdev, Baihata Chariali, Kamrup. Sponsored by MoEF(RRA: Assam Science Society)


  1. Organising Secretary, National Symposium on Biodiversity; hold on the occasion of International Biodiversity Year, 2010, organized by Assam Science Society, Gauhati on 30/11/2010


  1. Presented paper titled”Isolation and screening of high lipid containing algal flora of Assam” at National Symposium on Recent Advances in Phycology: from molecule to Ecosystem, organized by Panjab University, Chandigarh, 14-16 Nov.07
  2. Presented paper title “Phytopesticidal efficacy of Pongamia pinnata against  two mosquito vectors Aedes aegypti and Culex quinquefasciatus” at National Seminar on Biodiversity Exploration, Conservation and Utilization of plant resources with special reference to N E India; organized by North East Biotechnological Consortium(NEBC) at Guwahati on 18-19 Dec.2007            


  1. Evaluator of the Biodiversity (Nurture Nature for our Future) Projects on 14th National Children Science Congress (NCSC)-2006   held at   Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (27 to 31st Dec. 06), organized by DST, Govt. of India.
  2. Presented paper title  “ Micro algae: a promising bioresource for biodiesel in North-East India” at International Conference on Current Trends in Algal Bioresource Utilization (4 – 6 Dec, 06), Assam University, Silchar, Assam – International
  3. Presented paper titled “ Larvicidal and repellency efficacy of essential oil of Cymbopogon winterianus against mosquitoes and isolation of bioactive compoundsat  International  Conference on Exploring Horizons in Biotechnology: A Global Venture, S.P. University (2-4 Nov. 06 ), Anand, Gujrat    -    International
  4. Convener of the Seminar organised on nanobiotechnology by the Deptt. of Biotechnology on 28th March, 2006, in the auditorium of the Department.
  5. Presented paper titled “Impact of Metarhizium anisoppiae and Beauveria bassiana applied by   wet and dry inoculum for the control of tea Red spider mite (Oligonychus coffeae’’ at National Seminar on Zoology for Human Welfare; organized by Zoological Society of Assam on 2nd Feb.2006 at GU. –National
  6. Presented paper titled “ Occurrence and extracellular enzymatic potential of bacterial strain from  hotspring of Arunachal  Pradesh” at  National Seminar on Zoology for Human Welfare;  organized by Zoological  Society of Assam on 2nd Feb.2006 at GU –National


  1. Participated in the National Orientation Workshop for State Level Resource Persons for NCSC-2006 on the theme ‘Biodiversity’ held at Dr Y S Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry, Solan, 13-15 Oct. 2005
  2. Presented two papers titled “In vitro clonal propagation and callus induction of Curcuma caesia Roxb.and Curcuma zedoaria Rosc.” and “In vitro regeneration and proliferation of callus from leaf and nodal explants of Artesimia annua L” at the National Seminar on Biodiversity conservation and Future concern. June 17-18,2005 at Gauhati University; organized by North East Biotechnological Association.
  1. Presented two papers titled “Effect of antibacterial protein on in vitro and in vivo growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosaand “Micropropagation protocol for        Rubia cordifolia L.: an important medicinal plant” at the National Conference on Current Trends of Research in Science and Technology,Feb.28-29, 2005 at Gauhati University, Assam – National


  1. Presented paper titled   “Shoot multiplication of Oroxylum indicum Vent. through in vitro culture” at the National Seminar on Medicinal Plant in N.E. India, Oct. 7-10,2004, at Govt. Ayurvedic College, Guwahati,Assam- National
  2. Presented paper titled “Tissue culture studies and in vitro clonal propagation of three (Cardiospermum halicacabum L. Boerhaavia diffusa L. and Spilanthes acmella L.) herbal ethnomedicinal plants of N.E. India and establishment of the plantlets in a natural environment. World Congress on In Vitro          Biology, San Francisco, California, May 22-26, 2004. International
  3. Presented paper titled “Application of essential oils of four indigenous ethnobotanicales of N.E. India against mosquitoes and their GC/MS analysis” at the National Symposium on Current Trends in Chemical Research,  Feb. 27-28, 2004; organized by Deptt. Of Chemistry, Gauhati University, Assam.


  1. Participated in the “Regional Awareness-cum - Training Workshop for preparation of Peoples Biodiversity Registers” Nov 8-10,2003 at IIBM, Guwahati (organized by Centre for  Ecological Sciences, IISc, Bangalore and sponsored by MoEF, Govt. of India).-Regional
  2. Presented paper titled “Effect of different organic sources on Blue Green Algal biofertilizer multiplication under natural environment” at the National Symposium on  Cyanobacteria and Plants under Environmental Stress: Responses, Defence strategies and Biotechnological prospects(Feb 25 – 27, 2003 ); organised by Banaras Hindu University – National
  3. Presented paper titled “ Impact of heavy metals on proline accumulation in Lemongrass(Cymbopogon flexuosus )” at the 2nd International Congress on Plant Physiology on sustainable plant productivity under changing environment ( 8 – 12 January,2003), held at Indian Agricultural Research Institute(IARI), New Delhi,India- International


  1. Participated in the “Workshop on biosafety issues related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs)”. Organised by BCIL at Guwahati on 22nd Nov.2002 (Sponsored by DBT and MoEF, Govt. of India ) National
  2. Presented paper entitled “In vitro micropropagation of Cardiospermum halicacabum L. from nodal segments” at  the 72nd Annual Session, The National Academy of Sciences, India (Oct.25 to 27,2002) organised by N.E .H.U., Shillong.- National
  3. Presented paper entitled “Phytopesticidal and repellency effect of four ethnobotanicals from N.E.India against mosquitoes and their GC/MS analysis. 33rd International Symposium on Essential Oils ,4-7 Sept. 2002, Lisbon, Portugal- International


  1. Presented paper entitled “Impact of milk processing environment on quality of Yogurt” at the International Congress of Chemistry and Environment (16 – 18 Dec, 2001), held at Indore, India – International.
  2. Presented paper entitled “Ethnopesticidal and growth regulatory activities of some indigenous plant extracts of N.E.India against mosquitoes” at the International Conference on New Horizons in Biotechnology, (April 18-21, 2001 Trivandrum, India); Organised jointly by India, France, Greece, Italy and Brazil.-International.
  3. Presented paper entitled “Effect of some plant extracts on the larvae and pupae of Aedes aegypti and Culex quinpuefasciatus at the Annual Technical Session Assam Science Society, held at Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat on 3rd Feb 2001;Organised by  Assam Science Society, AAU Branch, AAU, Jorhat-Regional
  4. Presented paper entitled “Studies on various isolates of Azolla collected from different locations of N.E.India” at the 2nd N.E Regional Conference on Biofertilizers” at the 2nd  N.E. Regional Conference on Biofertilizers, held at Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat on 22-24th Jan 2001; Organised by Regional Biofertilizer Dev. Centre, Manipur & Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat. (Sponsored by Deptt. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India )-Regional


  1. Participated in the “4th Regional Awareness workshop on Global Environment Facility(GEF),held at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta on 19 & 20 Jan.2000; Organized by Center for Development and Environment policy, IIM, Calcutta .-National
  2. Presented two papers entitled “Biopesticidal efficacy of some plants of N.E. India” and “Clonal multiplication of Cunninghamea lanceolata” at 5th Agricultural Science Congress, held at Assam Agricultural University, Vet. campus, Guwahati on April 4-7,2000;Organised by National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi-National
  3. Participated in the Workshop on “State Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (SBSAP)”,held at NIRD ,Guwahati on Oct.28 & 29,2000;Organised by Assam Science Society ,State Nodal Agency for implementation of NBSAP programme – Regional
  4. Participated in the Workshop on “National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)” held at Indian Science Academy(INSA) New Delhi, June 23 & 24,2000; Jointly organised by Ministry of Env.& Forests, Govt. of India and Biotech Consortium India Ltd., New Delhi (Funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)/Global Environment Facility(GEF).-National
  5. Presented paper entitled “Micropropagation of Hydrocotyle rotundifolia” at the National Seminar on the Frontiers of Research and Development in Medicinal plants (Sept.16-18,2000),held at CIMAP; organised by Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic plants(CIMAP), CSIR, Lucknow-National


  1. Participated in the Interaction Meet on “Patent information ,processing and prospects “Organized by ASTEC,WWF for Nature for N.E. Region in collaboration   with Technology information, Forecasting and Assessment Cpouncil, DST, Govt. of India at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok, Guwahati on 15th Sept.1999.-National
  2. Participated in the workshop on “Renewable energy in N.E. India with special reference  to Bioenergy Technology” sponsored by UGC and organized  by Society for Chemical Education and Handique Girls’ College, Guwahati in Handique Girls’ College, Guwahati on 4th & 5th  Sept.1999.-Regional.
  3. Presented paper entitled “Nitrogen fixing potential of Cyanobacteria isolated from rice field soils of Nagaon Sub - Division, Assam” at the North Eastern Regional Conference on Biofertilizer held at Administrative Staff College ,Khanapara,Guwahati on  22 &23rd Jan.1999.-National


  1. Participated in the “International Conference on Asian wetlands” organised by Indian   Environment Society,(January 29-31,1998,New Delhi).-International
  2. Presented paper entitiled “In vitro root culture of Boerhaavia diffusa L.and study of the “Punarnananine” profile” at the Annual Technical Session, 1997. Assam Science Society, Dibrugarh University, (Dec.20, 1997). -Regional
  3. Community Biodiversity Workshop” held at the Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta in collaborations with British Council Division, Calcutta, Jan.15-20, 1996. (Sponsored by British Council Div., Calcutta) - National


  1. Presented a paper entitiled “In vitro micropropagation ………………. Withania somnifera (Aswagandha)” at the Seminar on “Plant Tissue Culture and its Application in N.E. India” held at Mangaldoi College, Assam and Sponsored by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi (October 14-15,1995).-Regional
  2. Presented paper entitiled “Effect of Atrazine ………. Azolla - Anabaena symbionts” at the 82nd session of the Indian Science Congress Association held at Calcutta (Jadavpur University)from January 3-8,1995.-National
  3. ELISA and other Immunodiagnostic Assays” held at the Department of Microbiology, Assam Agricultural University, Jan.5-13, 1995.(Sponsored by ASTEC, Govt. of Assam .)-Regional


  1. Regional Workshop on “X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Fluorescence: Procedures and Applications” held at USIC, Guwahati University, April 7.9.1994.(Sponsored by DST, Govt.of India )-Regional
  2. Presented paper entitiled “Green Biofertilizer……… North-East” at the National Seminar on “Biotechnology: Its prospects in the North East” held at Gauhati University, organised by Gauhati University Biotech Forum (March 24-26, 1992).-National.   


List of Oral/Poster Presentations  


  1. Kalita, M.C (2015) “Search for therapeutic potential of ethno medicinal plant diversity of N E India” International Conference on Medicinal Plants and Herbal Drugs for Human Welfare(ICMP -2015) 28-30 January, 2015 organised by University of Madras at Chennai .    


  1. Kalita, M.C et al. (2014) “Biotechnological exploration of the traditional knowledge based phytopharmaceutical practices of North East India, The MacroTrend Conference:Paris 2014, Paris, France, 19-20 Dec. 2014
  2. Gohain N, Gogoi K, Dohutia C, Sarma NP, Praksh A, Bhttacharyya D R, Kalita M.C. (2014) “Anti-malarial drug potential of an ethno-claimed plant - Rubus rugosus Sm.” In Vth Scientific Workshop on “Biotechnology Research in North East India: Present & Future” organized by DBT-AAU Centre, AAU.
  3. Gohain N, Talukdar A, Baishnab M, Kalita M.C. (2014). Determination of total phenolics and flavonoids content, anti-oxidant assay,    chromatographic profiling   and haemolysis activity of different extracts of Indian species Curanga amara Juss. National seminar  organized by Assam science society.
  4. Sharma N, Kalita A and Kalita M.C.(2014) Studies on Microcystis sp. Isolated from Dighalipukhuri pond, Guwahati, Assam. Presented at International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, 2014 organized by Cotton College, Guwahati.
  5. Gohain N, Talukdar J, and Kalita M.C (2014) Profiling of bioactive constituents from litsea salicifolia (roxburg ex nees)- an ethnomedicinal plant of Assam. International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, 2014 organized by Cotton College, Guwahati.
  6. Kalita N and Kalita M.C (2014). Antibacterial activities of selected ethnomedicinal plant from Assam, North East, India. International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, 2014 organized by Cotton College, Guwahati.
  7. Kalita M.C (2014) Bountiful freshwater microalgae resources of Assam : Potential renewable biomass feedstock of alternative (bio)feul and chemicals. International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, organized by Cotton College, Guwahati 2014. 
  8. Baishya B and Kalita M.C. Green synthesis of Gold nanoparticles using musa balbisiana bract extract. International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, 2014.
  9. Dutta J and Kalita M.C. In vitro assay of a amylase inhibitory activity of three culinary plants of Assam. International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, 2014.
  10. Baishya B and Kalita M.C. response of two local verities (red and green) of castor (ricinus communis) plants in spent crude oil contaminated soil. International Conference on Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable development: Global Trends. 29th-31st January, 2014.



  1. Kalita, M C and Talukdar, J (2012) Exploring freshwater microalgal resources of N E India for potential renewable feedstock of biofuel and value added co-products; 8th APCAB & ICCB 2012 ;9-12 July Adelaide, Australia


  1. Kalita, M C and Talukdar J (2010) Freshwater oleaginous microalgae of N E India  for production of alternative liquid biofuels and other value added products. 2nd    Meeting  of Asian Network of Research Resource Centres. Oct 28 – 29, 2010,  RIKEN Bioresource Centre, Tsubuka JAPAN
  2. Talukdar J, Difusa A, Kalita M C, Goswami B C (2010). Harnessing Freshwater Oleaginous Microalgal Resources of Assam for sustainable Biodiesel Production. Accepted for Oral Presentation in the National Conference on Renewable Energy for Development for Under-Developed Areas with Particular Reference to North-East India, to be held on Tezpur University, Assam on March 23-25, 2010.
  3. Kalita M.C. & Talukdar J (2010). Oleaginous Microalgae of Assam: Potential alternatives for Sustainable Development of Next Generation Renewable Biofuels. Accepted for Oral Presentation in the World Renewable Energy Technology Congress held in New Delhi on March 18-20, 2010.
  4. Talukdar J, Difusa A, Kalita M C, Goswami B C (2010)Isolation and characterization of fatty acid methyl esters of a native freshwater microalgae Ankistrodesmus falcatus of Assam for its potential biotechnological applications. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Phytochemical and Phytopharmacological Research and future prospects; organized by Deptt. of Chemistry, GU on 26 and 27 March, 2010


  1. Kalita, M.C. and Talukdar J. (2009) Prospects of oleaginous microalgae of Assam for sustainable development of next generation renewable biofuels. Abstract Proceedings P. 152-155; National Conference on Energy Resources of N E India, 11-12 Nov. 2009, Guwahati.
  2. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., Yasmin F. & Goswami B.C. (2009). Isolation and Screening of Two Native Freshwater Chlorophytes of Assam (India) for Potential Feedstock use of Biofuels. Accepted for Poster presented in the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Algal Biotechnology, held on December 2009, New Delhi, India.
  3. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., & Goswami B.C. (2009). Oleaginous microalgae of Northeastern India: Potential Alternatives for Sustainable Development of Biofuels. Accepted for Poster Presentation in the 9th International Phycological Congress held in Tokyo, Japan on August 2-8, 2009.
  4. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., Yasmin F. & Goswami B.C. (2009). Isolation, growth study and lipid contents of a few selected freshwater microalgae of Assam. Accepted for paper presentation in the International Conference on Algal Biomass: Resources and Utilization (ICABRU2009) held on 27th to 30th July in Chennai.


  1. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., Yasmin F. & Goswami B.C. (2008). Prospects of Microalgae of North East India for Biodiesel Production. Alage Biofuel Summit (International Conference) (September 17-19, 2008 New Delhi, India).
  2. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., Yasmin F. & Goswami B.C. (2008). Biodiesel production from Freshwater Microalgae – the Indian Perspectives. Poster Presented & Abstract published on the proceedings of National Conference on Current Trends in Algal Biodiversity and Biotechnology (February 7-8, 2008 Chennai, India): 107-108.
  3. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., Yasmin F. & Goswami B.C. (2008). Morphology and Hydrocarbon content of a newly isolated strain of the green colonial microalgae Botryococcus braunii. Abstract accepted for poster presentation in the “International Conference on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (ICMBB)” held on October 17-19, 2008 at Banasthali University, Jodhpur, India.
  4. Talukdar J, Kalita M.C., Yasmin F.  (2008). Photobiological Hydrogen Production by Microalgae - a Renewable source of Alternative Energy. Abstract published and presented in the “National Seminar on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Future of Humanity” held on October 17-19, 2008, organized by ADP College, Nagaon, Assam, India.


1. Participated as Keynote Speaker in Biotechnology Congress 2018, Bangkok, Thailand on the topic "Prospects of Microalgae Biorefinery start-up in Northeast India for Generation of Green Energy and other Novel Products".

2. Keynote Speaker “Abundance  of Microalgae of NE India for generation of  sustainable Energy and other novel products” Symposium on Bioresources and  Renewable Energy , organized by AIMT, Guwahati Date 14/5/18

3. Plenary lecture delivered on “ Traditional Health Care Remedy in NE India:Challenges, Prospects and Approaches for Biotechnological Exploration “ in REDIMAP-2018  organised by ADP College, Nagaon on 187th Aug. 2018.


  1. Participted  as Invited Speaker and delivered a speech in BIOPROCESS INDIA 2017 ( 9-11 Dec. 2017) organised by the Deptt. of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT,  Guwahati  on “Commercial Potential of Microalgae of NE India for generation of sustainable Energy and other novel products.
  2. Act as Member  of the Governing Council (GC) Meeting of IASST,Guwahati , DST, Govt. of  India  at DST, New Delhi on 23/9/17
  3. Act as Judge in Assam Biotech Conclave-2017 on the Talent Search Contest on Innovative Research Ideas Leading to Entrepreneurial Venture in Biotech and Allied Areas on 5th and 6th January , 2017 at hotel Lily, at Guwahati , organized by Guwahati Biotech Park.
  4. Participated in “ Higher Education Tour to China for Faculty, Research Scholars and Students from India”  (13 to 18 April, 2017) , organized by the India China Alliance for Cooperation (ICAC) , New Delhi, India.
  5. Act as Co-Chairperson in an invited Plennary Lecture delivered by Prof N R Seth on “Recent Trend on herbal drug research”  in North East Pharmaceutical Convention (NEPC) , 2017 organised by North East Pharmaceutical Society (NEPS) and hosted by Girizadanda Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (GIPS) 6-7 May, 2017 at Maniram Dewan Trade Centre, Guwahati 
  6. Invited Lecture and Chairperson in the UGC sponsored National Seminar on  “Biodiversity of N E India: Conservation and Management “ organized by Department of Geography, N L College(Autonomous) on 3rd and 4th Feb. 2017


  1. Keynote Speaker in the workshop on “Biotechnoloogy ans its applications” organized by Institutional Biotech Hub, Darang College, Tezpur on 15/3/16
  2. Keynote Speaker in the Seminar “ Biological Sciance and its Impact on society” orgainized by Narengkati Higher Secondary School under Bliss project, DBT, Govt. of India on 23/5/16
  3. Keynote Speaker in the National Seminar “ Recent Advances in Herbal Science and Technology for Drug Discovery” orgainized by ADP College, Nagaon on 18/8/16
  4. Invited Lecture in the International Conference “Global biodiversity, climate change and sustainable development (ICBCS -2016” organized by Rajib Gandhi University, 15-18th Oct. 2016
  5. Resource Person on UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Medicinal Plant Research of NE India (RAMPR-NE2016) and deliverd lecture on Ethnopharmaceutical Knowledges in NE India , 12 Nov. 2016
  6. Resource person in the Refresher Course in Environmental Science(ID) held by the Gauhati University Academic Staff College and delivered lecture on Traditional Helath Care Remedy in NE India and Biotechnological Exploration on 14/12/2016
  7. Invited Lecture in the 57th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India and International Symposium on “Microbes and Biosphere: What is new What is Next” on Abundant Microalgae diversity of Assam, India for generation of bioenergy and other valued products based on biorefinery approaches , organized by Deptt. of Botany, Gauhati University and IASST, Guwahati on 24th to 27th Nov. 2016A
  8. Chairman in the 57th Annual Conference of Association of Microbiologists of India and International Symposium on “Microbes and Biosphere: What is new What is Next” on the Session II: Rhizosphere Biology on 26th Nov. 2016 , Time : 2-30 to 5-30 PM


  1. Resource Person in the UGC sponsored Orientation Course in Gauhati University Academic Staff College and delivered lecture on “Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture: Prospects in NE India on 09/09/15
  2. Resource Person in the UGC sponsored Refresher Course in Gauhati University Academic Staff College and delivered lecture on “Biotechnology for a Better Environment” on 10/09/15
  3. Resource Person in the UGC sponsored  Refresher Course in Gauhati University Academic Staff College and delivered lecture on “Biohazards in Environment ” on 18/06/15
  4. Key Note  lecture delivered on “ Recent Trends in Biotechnology” in Tihu College, Assam organized by IB-HUB on 28/6/15
  5. Resource Person in Regional Science Congress, 2015 in Jawahar Navodaya, vidyalaya, Nalbari and delivered lecture on “Prospects of Biotechnology in North East India” on 20/11/2015


  1. Invited lecture  on “Traditional Phyto-medicinal practices in North East India and biotechnological validation”  on 5/12/14  on the occasion of International Conference on Disease Biology and Therapeutics (3-5 Dec. 2014) organized by IASST, Guwahati, Assam and acted as Chairperson in one session.
  2. Invited lecture  on “Phytopharmaceutical potential of indigenous bioresource of N E      India” on the occasion of National Workshop on Biotechnology (Nov. 24-25 ,2014 ) on 25/11/14 organized by NIPER, Guwahati
  3. Chairman of the Technical Session (Plant and Animal Molecular Biology) on Biotechnology Research in N E India (Present and Future) (18th to 20th Sept. 2014 sponsored by the DBT, Govt. of India on 20th Sept. 14 organised by the Biotech Centre, AAU, Jorhat and delivered a lecture  on  “Exploring the pharmaceutical and renewable energy potential of Plant Resource of N E India
  4. Chairman, DBT sponsored National Seminar on Emerging Bio-inputs in Biotechnology for a green environment(organized by Deptt. of Bioengineering and Technology,GUIST and North East Biotechnological Association(NEBA) May 9 and 10, 2014
  5. Invited  Orientation Lecture at University of Science, Technology  and Management (USTM) , Meghalaya on 23/8/14
  6. Invited Resource Person  on the topic Climate change and Livelihood issues in North –East organized by Deptt. of Geography ,GU,12/3/14
  7. Chairman and invited talk National Seminar on Advances in Biotechnology Research: Current Trends and Future Prospects , Assam University 25-26th March, 2014
  8. Chairperson and delivered an Invited talk presented on the Occasion of International Conference on harnessing Natural Resources for sustainable development :- Global trend. Organized by Cotton college,Ghy (29 jan. -31 jan. 2014)
  9. Invited talk on 28/3/14 Trends on Basic Biology Science Education: A retrospection and overhauling  on the programme of Short term Course on Trends on Basic Science Education  organized by Academic Staff College, GU
  10. Chairman, Editorial Board of the Proceedings of International Conference on Green Energy and Smart Materials  through  Science, Technology and Management(GESM); jointly organized by Gauhati University and University of South Africa at GU on 21-23 January, 2014
  11. Chairperson and delivered an Invited talk presented on the Occasion of International Conference on harnessing Natural Resources for sustainable development :- Global trend. Organized by Cotton college,Ghy (29 jan. -31 jan. 2014)
  12. Chairman and invited talk National Seminar on Advances in Biotechnology Research: Current Trends and Future Prospects , Assam University 25-26th March, 2014
  13. Invited talk on 28/3/14 Trends on Basic Biology Science Education: A retrospection and overhauling  on the programme of Short term Course on Trends on Basic Science Education  organized by Academic Staff College, GU


  1. Key Note address   in the inaugural programme on the occasion of the Workshop on “ Advanced Studies and Hand on Training on Plant DNA Fingerprinting” on 15/4/13 at Bose Institute, Main Campus (Raja Bajar area) A P C Road, Kolkata-700009


  1. Invited Lecture delivered and Chairmanship of a session Biotechnology and Human welfare; National Seminar on Prospects of Molecular Biological and Biotechnological Applications for Human welfare; organized by Pandu College, Guwahati : 11-12 May, 2012
  2. Invited Lecture delivered on Env. Biotechnology in  UGC Refresher Course at Gauhati University.  organized by Deptt. of Env. Science  on 29/12/12
  3. Approaches towards achieving sustainable agriculture ,food security and safe      environment; National Seminar on Prospects of biotechnological applications for       sustainable agriculture; organized by B B K College, Assam 30-31st Jan, 2012
  4. Biodiversity: Concept and Significance: UGC Refresher Course in Academic Staff c    College, GU on 27/1/12


  1. Medicinal Plant Resources in North-East India: Prospects and Challenges in International Symposium entitled “ Importance of Germplasm in Crop Genomics and Breeding” on 9th Aug, 2011 organised by Korea Brassica Genome Resource Bank (KBGRB) at Chungnam National University, Daejeon 305764, Republic of Korea.
  2. Chairperson of a Session in the International Seminar on Bioresource and Human Sustenance ; organized by ZSI, Assam and Cotton College, Guwahati on 20-22nd Oct. 2011
  3.  Biotechnological Advances for Conservations and Development  of Biodiversity. UGC Refresher Course at Manipur University; organized by Deptt. of Biochemistry on 7 and 8 Jan 2011.
  4. Prospects Microalgae in Northeast India for Production of Alternative Liquid Biofuels & Other Value-added Products. UGC Refresher Course at Manipur University; organized by Deptt. of Biochemistry on 7 and 8 Jan. 2011
  5. Biotechnological Advances for Conservations and Development of Biodiversity and mitigation global warming. UGC Refresher Course at Morioni College, Jorhat; organized by the College on 29 Jan,2011


  1. Algae based Biodiesel Production:  challenges in downstream processing, Deptt. of Chemical Engineering, IIT, Gauhati  on 30/11/10 
  2. Emerging Areas of Research in Biotechnology. Refresher CourseAcademic Staff College, GU on 14/12/2010


  1. Global Warming and Biodiversity. DRL (DRDO), Tezpur, on 24 /3/2009
  2. Key Note address on Climate change and Biodiversity on the occasion of National Seminar on Biodiversity Spectrum of N E India on 19/9/2009, organized by A V College, Gauhati.


  1. Biotechnology in human welfare: Invited lecture delivered at Govt. Ayurvedic College,Guwahati on 28th Feb.08 on the occasion of National Science Day
  2. Climate Change and Plant Biodiversity: Lecture delivered on the occasion of International Biodiversity day (22 May, 2007) at science Complex, Khanapara, Guwahati (Organised by WWF and Assam Science Society)
  3. Resource person on “Biofertilizer” in UGC sponsored refresher course organized by the Deptt. of Environmental Sciences, at the Academic Staff College, Gauhati University on 17/12/05 and 13/11/06
  4. Resource person on “Biodiversity and development”  in UGC sponsored refresher course in Geography, organised by the Academic Staff College, Gauhati University on 3/1/03


  1. Lectures (4 classes) as guest teacher on different aspects on Environmental Biotechnology in the Deptt. of Environmental Science, Gauhati University in May, 2002
  2. Resource person on “Vermitechnology and  organic solid waste management”  in ASTEC sponsored refresher course in Biology for Higher Secondary School  teachers on  30/7/02
  3. Resource person on “Biofertilizer and chemical fertilizer”  in UGC sponsored refresher course in Chemistry, organised by the Academic Staff College, Gauhati University on 29/7/02
  4. Resource person on “Biofertilizer and eco-friendly agriculture”  in UGC sponsored  refresher course in Botany, organised by the Academic Staff College Gauhati University on 22/7/02


  1. Resource person in the “National Workshop on Microbial Biodiversity prospecting for PGPR of N.E. Region for sustainable agriculture (15 - 19 Oct. 2001)” organised by IASST and sponsored by DBT, Govt. of India
  2. Resource person on  ”Plant Biotechnology”  in the Seminar on 3/10/01 at Jagiroad College, Assam


  1. Resource person on “Biotechnology: concept and application “in Refresher course for Higher Secondary School Subject Teacher on Biology in the Deptt. of Botany, Cotton College, Guwahati on 5/4/2000
  2. Resource person on “Biofertilizer and its prospects” at Directorate of Agriculture, Assam in the training programme organised by Directorate of Agriculture, Assam and Regional Biofertilizer Developmental Centre, Imphal on 22/7/1999
  3. Resource person on “Bioenergy and its application” in Refresher course for Higher Secondary Biology Subject Teacher, sponsored by AHSEC and organised by Cotton College at Zoology Deptt. on 17/7/1998
  4. Popular lecture on “Biofertilizer”      as a part of Biotechnology popular lecture series sponsored by Deptt. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi and organised by Prof. C. M. Sarma Deptt. of Botany, Gauhati University at Dakhin Kamrup Vidyapeeth High School, Mirza on 15/5/1998
  5. Resource person in Refresher course for Higher Secondary School Subject Teachers on Biology, organised by AHSEC at Cotton College, Guwahati in the topic “Biofertilizers and modern agriculture” on 17/7/1997.

Radio/ Television Science Programmes

Participated in a numbers of radio and television programmes since 1994 in the areas of Environment, Biodiversity, Vermitechnology etc. 

  1. Discussion on NBSAP in 31st Dec. 02 in Television Centre, Guwahati.
  2. Discussion on “Biodiversity” in 22 Sept. 01, broadcasted by Television Centre, Guwahati.
  3. Discussion on “National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP)” on 16th Sept.01, broadcasted by Radio Centre, Guwahati.
  4. Discussion on “Conservation of Biodiversity” in 23rd October, 1999 in Television Centre, Guwahati.
  5. Demonstration programme on “Vermitechnology and waste management” in 17th June, 1996 broadcasted by Television Centre, Guwahati.
  6. Group discussion on “Cold tolerant plants” in 6 January, 1994 broadcasted by Radio Centre, Guwahati.



  1.  Science and Technology Popularizations in Rural areas of Assam
  2. Environmental Awareness and Conservation of Nature & Biodiversity