Mohammad Imtiyaj	Khan

Mohammad Imtiyaj Khan

Assistant Professor

MSc (Bharathiar) PhD (Mysore)

Biochemistry and molecular biology of plant pigments

Department of Biotechnology
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014




Funding Agency


Principal Investigator

Investigations on metabolite profile and betalains biosynthesis in Basella spp, an edible leafy vegetable

DBT, Govt of India under DBT-Twinning programme 2015, Sanction order no. BT/PR16902/NER/95/422/2015. In collaboration with CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore and RVCE, Bengaluru.

April 2017- March 2020

Principal Investigator

Studies on betalain biosynthetic enzymes for in vitro pigment production and nanoencapsulaticn of betalains for nutraceutical applications

SERB, DST, Govt of India under Early Career Research Award scheme, Sanction order no. ECR/2016/000952

April 2017- March 2020

 Principal Investigator

 Studies on biosynthesis of betalains to develop in vitro bio-mimetic pigment production technology

UGC, New Delhi under Start-Up Grant scheme, Sanction order no. F.30-122/2015(BSR)

April 2016-March 2018



BIT 1016- Biochemsitry-I
BIT 1062- Bioinstrumentation
BIT 2036- Biochemsitry-II
BIT 3046- Food Biotechnology and Bioprocessing-I
BIT 4036- Food Biotechnology and Bioprocessing-II
BIT 4066- Industrial Biotechnology


BIT 1044- Biochemistry Lab-I
BIT 2044- Genetic Engineering and Biochemistry-II Lab
BIT 3074- Food Biotechnology and Bioprocessing Lab
BIT 4059- Dissertation

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11. Early Career Research Award (2016), DST-SERB. Sanction order no. ECR/2016/000952.
10. CSIR-UGC NET (Life Sciences; Roll No. 300730) qualified on 25.04.2014.
 9. CSIR Postdoctoral Research Associateship 2014, independent fellowship, tenable at CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore, awarded by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India.
 8. UGC-NET (Home Science; Roll No. 74120047) qualified on 25.03.2013.
 7. Best Business Plan award, 8th Technology Led Entrepreneurship Programme (TLEP), July 4–18, 2011, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad conducted by HRDG CSIR (New Delhi) and IICT.
 6. Overseas Travel Award by the DST (SR/ITS/00605/2010-11), New Delhi, India, to present a paper on Nutritional characterisation, and pigment profile of Rivina humilis L. fruit, a potential source of betalains presented in 6th International Congress on Pigments in Food (July 20-24, 2010), Budapest, Hungary.
 5. Third best poster award (Antioxidant activity of Rivina humilis L. fruit, a potential source of betalains) during ICFOST (Dec. 21-23, 2009), NIMHANS, Bangalore, India.
 4. CSIR Senior Research Fellowship 2009 for doctoral studies.
 3. Korean Government Scholarship for doctoral studies 2008 (I could not accept the offer for personal reasons).
 1. 9th Rank, M.Sc. Degree Exam 2006, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.



1. Biochemistry and molecular biology of plant pigments.

2. Nutritional biochemistry.

3. Biotransformation of plant secondary metabolites for enhancing bioavailability.

7. Life member, AFST(I), Mysore.
6. Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing awarded in July 2017 in recognition of the contributions made to the quality of the journal Food Chemistry (Elsevier).
5. Recognised PhD guide at Gauhati University.
4. Invited to attend and contribute to Brainstorming Meeting on “Renewing the tradition of natural product research in India" on Jan. 21 – 23, 2016 at CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow, India.
3. Member (Alumni representative) of Board of Studies in Biochemistry (July 2014-Feb. 2017), Biochemistry Dept, Kongu Arts and Science College, Nanjanapuram, Erode, Tamil Nadu, India.
2. Reviewer of reputed international journals published by Elsevier (Food Chemistry, Food Research International), Springer (3 Biotech), and others.
1. Reviewer of the DST-SERB (Govt of India), and the National Science Centre (NCN, Poland) projects.



2. Young Investigators’ Meeting 2019, organised by IndiaBioscience on March 6-8 at Radisson Blu, Guwahati.

1. Jan. 21-Feb.1, 2019. Hands on Training Programme on Molecular biology, protein expression, characterization, structural biology and bioinformatics at ACTREC, Mumbai sponsored by the DBT, Govt of India.




Ph.D. students


 2.  Ms Monika Kumari 

 M.Sc. Biotechnology (GAU), 2017
 Ph.D. Biotechnology (GAU), Pursuing since 2018.


 1.  Mr Hidam Bishworjit Singh

M.Sc. Biotechnology (GAU), 2016
Ph.D. Biotechnology (GAU), Pursuing since 2018.


M.Sc. students

7. Jitu Moni Das (Jan. 2019 to date)

6. Shuhada Begum (Jan. 2019 to date)

5. Deepak Kumar Sharma (Jan. 2018 to Jun. 2018)

4. Jusmitha Maibangsa (Jan. 2018 to Jun. 2018)

3. Monika Kumari (Jan. 2017 to Jun. 2017)

2. Naseema Yasmeen (Jan. 2017 to Jun. 2017)

1. Sanchari Das (Jan. 2016 to Jun. 2016)


 Mob- +919844162330

Email-, (in addition to institutional email id).

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