Manash Protim Goswami

Manash Protim Goswami

Assistant Professor

MSc (Gauhati)

Instrumentation for precision horticulture

Department of Instrumentation and USIC
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014

  1.  M.Sc. in Instrumentation from Gauhati University( Rank 1) in 2011
  2. UGC NET (Dec,2012)
  3. INSPIRE Fellowship from 2013 to 2017


 Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Horticulture

Soil Moisture Sensor Development

  1.  Industrial Automation
  2. Control System
  3. Biomedical Instrumentation
  4. Embedded System

  1. Development of an online monitoring system for veriation in soil dielectric properties with temperature, NSI-38, OCT,2013
  2. Development of an online temperature measurement system implementing thermoemf to digital conversion technique, IXth PANE, Dec, 2014
  3. A network based industrial thermometer using K-type thermocouple, IXth PANE, Dec, 2014
  4. Analog Frontend for fringe field capacitive soil moisture sensor, EDCAECT, Oct,2015
  5. Development and characterisation of an online evaporation rate measurement system, Xth PANE, Nov, 2016