Jyotiprakash Tamuli [ Co-ordinator, IQAC ]

Jyotiprakash Tamuli [ Co-ordinator, IQAC ]

Jyotiprakash Tamuli [ Co-ordinator, IQAC ]


MA (Pune) PhD (Reading)

Department of Linguistics
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Email:- jyotiprakash.tamuli@gauhati.ac.in

Assamese Grammar



Early Literacy and Multiliteracy

Multilingual Education

English Language Education    


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Jagat Kalita                 Nouns and nominalization

Dipak Das                   The grammatical category of case in Assamese

Gitanjali Bez                Grammatical categories in Madhava Kandali’s Ramayana

Seuji Sharma               Negation in Assamese

Palash Nath                 A multilingual education programme for Singpho

Prafulla Basumatary   The Bodo verb

Subhash Rabha            Initial literacy measures for Rabha speakers of Assamese

Mouchumi Handique  An Assamese-Assamese-English bilingual dictionary of Assamese – from conception to implementation

Niharika Dutta     A descriptive grammar of Phong


I am involved in full-time teaching of various linguistics courses within the Linguistics curriculum at Gauhati University, as well as supervising Ph. D. research.

I have also taken a long-standing interest in creating educational opportunities for students and revitalising the study of linguistics through curricular reforms.




(a)   Introduction of multidisciplinary thrust to Linguistics curriculum

(b)   Formulation of syllabus of Functional English for the Three-year Degree Course (TDC)

(c)   Formulation of the Syllabus in Linguistics as an elective subject at the TDC level




(a)   Preparation of (i) a Vision Document (ii) a new-look Post-graduate Prospectus for Gauhati University (2006-2012)

(b)  Preparation of a brochure 'Progressing through Partnering' to promote Gauhati University-Industry linkage

(c)  In-charge, Career Counselling and Guidance Centre

(d)  Co-ordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, G.U.



 (a)  Initiated collaborative academic activities and research projects with linguists from SIL International (Jessie Glover, Diane Dekker, Robert Litteral); with scholars from La Trobe University, Australia (Stephen Morey); with the University of Oregon (Scott DeLancey);  with Centre for National Scientific Research, Paris (Francois Jacquesson); Academia Sinica, Taiwan (Jonathan Evans). These collaborations have resulted in training opportunities for students and joint research projects.

(b)  The North East Indian Linguistics Society, an international forum of linguists working on languages of the region, is another successful outcome; I have served as a co-chair since 2005.

 (c)  Served as co-ordinator in the French-Indian Project on Assamese corpora of historical chronicles with scholars from CNRS, Paris.

 (d)  Principal Investigator of the Assamese component of the Shallow Parser Tools for Indian Languages (SPTIL) funded by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Govt. of India (2012-16)



Since 2006, I am supporting Language Education efforts of several indigenous communities of Assam, in collaboration with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL)