Dilip Kumar Kakati

Dilip Kumar Kakati


MSc (Gauhati) PhD (London) DIC (London)

Polymer Chemistry, Organic Synthesis

Department of Chemistry
Gauhati University, Guwahati, 781014
Email:- dkk.chem@gauhati.ac.in

1. Organic Reaction Mechanism

2. Organic Photochemistry

3. Natural Products Chemsitry

4. Environmental Chemsitry

1. Polymer Chemistry

2. Organic Synthesis

 1. Synthesis of curcumin loaded chitosan phosphate nanoparticles and study of its cytotoxicity and antibacterial study, C. Deka, L. Aidew, N. Devi, A. K. Buragohain, D. K. Kakati, J. Biomater. Sc.,Polym. Ed. 27, 1659, 2016.

2. Study of peppermint oil loaded chitosan/alginate microparticles and their antibacterial activity, C. Deka, D. Deka, M. M. Bora, D. K. Jha, D. K. Kakati, J. Drug. Deliv. Sc. & Tech35, 314, 2016.

3. Conductive composites from polyaniline and polyurethane sulphonate anionomer, R. Deka, M. M. Bora, M. Upadhyaya, D. K. Kakati, J. Appl. Polym. Sc.132, 42600, 2015.

4. Synthesis and characterization of yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana) seed oil based alkyd resin, M. M. Bora, P. Gogoi, D. C. Deka, D. K. Kakati, Ind. Crop. & prod., 52, 721, 2014.

5. Karanja(Milletia pinnata(L) Panigrahi) seed oil as a renewable raw material for the synthesis of alkyd resin, M. M. Bora, R. Deka, N. Ahmed, D. K. Kakati,  Ind. Crop. & Prod., 61, 106, 2014.

6. Thermoresponsive submicron sized core-shell hydrogel particles with encapsulated olive oil, N. Devi, D. K. Kakati, Colloid. & polym. Sc., 292, 2581, 2014.

7. Smart porous microparticles based on gelatin/sodium alginate polyelectrolyte complex, N. Devi, D. K. Kakati, J. Food. Eng., 117, 2013.

8. Studies on Cu+2 ion doped polyanilne, M. Upadhyaya, N. Ahmed, R. Deka, D. K. Kakati, Iran Polym. J.21, 601, 2012.

9. Study of complex coacervation of Gelatin A and sodium alginate for microencapsulation of olive oil, N. Devi, D. Hazarika, C. Deka, D. K. Kakati, J. Macromol. Sc. Part A: Pure & Appl. Chem.49, 936, 2012.

10. Rapid and selective oxidation of benzyl alcohols to aldehydes and ketones with novel vanadium polyoxometallate under solvent free conditions, A. Dewan , T. Sarma, U. Bora, D. K. Kakati, Tetrahedron Lett.52, 2563, 2011.

 Book Chapters


1. Polyurethane Ionomers in  Concise Polymeric  Materials Encyclopedia, M. H. George, R. Arshady, D. K. Kakati, W. Al-Shahib, R. Gosain, CRC Press, 1998, 1332-1334, Ed. Joseph C. Salamone, ISBN: 978-0-8493-22266.

2. Gelatin and Gelatin–Polyelectrolyte complexes: Drug Delivery, Encyclopedia of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials, N. Devi, C. Deka, T. K. Maji, D. K. Kakati,  Taylor & Francis, 2016, 3557-3569 , Ed. Mumaya Mishra, ISBN: 9781439898796.

3. Cellulose graft copolymerization by gamma and electron beam irradiation in Cellulose based graft copolymers Structure and Chemistry, D. K. Kakati, M. M. Bora, C. Deka, Ed. V K Thakur, CRC Press, 2015, ISBN:13:978-1-4822-4285-5.



     A. Dewan and D. K. Kakati, Vanadium Polyoxometalate: An oxidant for oxidative transformation, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, 2013, 1-77, ISBN: 978-3-659-51051-9.

1. State overseas fellowship

2. INSA fellowship

 Present group members

1. Chayanika Deka

2. Montu Moni Bora

3. Abdus Samad

4. Arunima Sarma

Former group members

1. Dr. Nirmala Devi (NIT Nagaland)

2. Dr. Pranjit Bhuyan (Kaliabor College)

3. Dr. Hitendra Nath Deka (BBK College)

4. Dr. Madhab Upadhaya (Chayuduar College)

5. Dr. Nuruddin Ahmed (JN College, Boko)

6. Dr. Smriti Rekha Baruah (Post-doc, CSIR-IGIB, New Delhi)

7. Dr. Anindita Dewan (Post-doc, Tezpur University)

1. Course-coordinator: Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

2. Member, Editorial board of J. Polymer Materials

3. Former member of Executive Council, Gauhati University

4. Former member of Affiliation Committee, Gauhati University

5. Former member of Executive Committee, Asian Polymer Association

6. Former member of Board of Studies, Nagaland University

7. Former member of Board of Studies, Department of Chemistry, Dibrugarh University

8. Former member of Board of Studies, NIT Meghalaya