Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST)


The Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST) was set up at the university campus in 2009 to enhance quality and innovation in Technology and Applied Science education. The Programmes being offered by the Institute initially were the four-year Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) Programmes, the two-year M.S. and M.Tech. Programmes, and Ph.D. programs in different disciplines.

Mandated to administer the common courses of  "innovative programmes" being offered by the University, GUIST has been implementing World Bank supported MHRD project TEQIP-III since 2017, after successful completion of another AICTE project NEQIP. This AICTE approved institution is acting as the administrative unit to coordinate / liaise among various stake-holders, including the four academic Departments under the Faculty of Technology, Gauhati University, the details of which, including best practices as well as placement records / institutional collaborations, may be found in respective Department's home pages mentioned below:


1. Department of Applied Sciences 

2. Department of Bioengineering and Technology  

3. Department of Electronics Communication and Engineering  

4. Department of Information Technology  


Director : Prof. Manab Deka
Address and contact : Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology, NEW GUIST Building Phone 0361-2672211 Email-



* Minutes

A Board of Governors (BoG) for the Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology (GUIST), an AICTE approved institute, is constituted as per the mandate received from the MHRD while implementing the TEQIP-III project. The details about the members of the BoG may be found here:

.pdf     BoG GUIST

 The minutes of the last meeting of the BoG held on Aug 30, 2017, may be found here:

.pdf     BoG GUIST Minutes                          .pdf     Annexure


.pdf     BoG GUIST Minutes 12/07/2018


Twinning Activities

 Twinning activities under TEQIP-III between NITSilchar and GUIST

.pdf Minutes of Meeting held on 28/09/2018

.pdf Twinning activities between NITS and GUIST from July'18 to June '19



* Downloads

          1. Application Form for funding (Conference/ Workshop/ STTP/ Training etc.)

          2. Report Format (Conference/ Workshop/ STTP/ Training etc.)


Assistant Professor

Abdul Hannan
MSc (Gauhati) MTech (Gauhati)
Computer Networking, NLP, Data Mining
Hirakjyoti Sarma
MTech (Gauhati)
Embedded Systems, Operating System
Sanjeev Kumar Kalita
MSc (Gauhati) MTech (Gauhati)
Speech Processing