GU Hospital

Gauhati University Hospital



Gauhati University Hospital is the primary health-care facility of Gauhati University. Besides the services it provides to the university community, the GU Hospital remains a primmary source of health-care facility to the neighbouring regions around the unversity campus.

It carries out the OPD services as well as 24 hours Emeregency Services and equioed with ambulances, doctors, nurses, and other supporting staff.

Hospital Services



OPD Service

09:00 Hours - 12:00 Hours (Everyday)

16:00 Hours - 19:00 Hours (Everyday, except Sunday) 



Emergency Service

24 X 7 Emergency Service is provided by the medical officers along with paramedic staff. Emeregency service is equipped wuth Oxygen Administration, Nebulizer, IV Drip Infusion, Stretcher, Wheel Chair, Emergency Medicinices etc.


Ambulance Service

24 X 7 Ambulance Service is provided to pick-up and drop within 2 km radius of the University for GU Community Patients and if need arises, Transfer Service id also provided to the pateint to the nearest referral centres.



The drugs for common ailments are provided free of cost to the GU patients, subject to avilability.


Nursing Care

Dressing, Parenteral Injection, and Treatment of Minor Injuries are available.


Day Care Service

Day Care Observatory Treatment is provided to the needy patients 

GU Hospital Contact Numbers



24 X 7



General Information


GU Hospital Limitations


  1.  The GU Hospital is providing the primary health-care facilities to the attending patients. Patiemts who need hospitalisation, special investigation with specialists are referred to the secondary or tertiary care hospitals.
  2. The GU Hospital does not provide laboratory and other radiological investigation.
  3. The GU Hospital doe not provide monitroing facilities for vital parameters needing equipments such as cardiac monitor, pulse ocimeter etc.
  4. Obstertrical and Gynaecological Serveices are not provided.
  5. The GU Hospital does not provide routine immunisation to children.
  6. The GU Hospitla does nor provide ICU facility.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Narendra Narayan Talukdar
MBBS (Gauhati) MS (Dibrugarh)