MIL and Literary studies

In the post-independence period, different efforts were taken by the Indian thinkers as well as intellectuals to enhance the integrity among the Indian people. The Sahitya Akademi had published a series of regional literature under the title – Indian Literature. The All India Radio had also broadcasted a programme as Indian Literature under which the literatures created in various regional languages were incorporated. By this time, the universities and the academicians of the country also were involved in this process and tried to establish the concept of Indian literature. Under the leadership of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, the then Hon’ble Vice Chencellor of Calcutta University, the Department of Modern Indian Languages was established for the first time among the Universities of India to build a bridge among the Indian Languages. Afterwards all the leading Universities of India also started the Department of Modern Indian Languages.

The Department of Modern Indian Languages of Gauhati University was established in the year 1967 as a research department to promote this idea. The Department was shaped by Prof Satyendranath Sarma, the Tagore Professor of this department, an outstanding scholar in the field of literature, indology, culture and civilization of Assam. After a decade of existence, the department had horizontally expanded introducing several diploma courses. The M. Phil course in Assamese was also introduced in 1983-84. Later on, the importance of literary studies along with the languages was gradually realized by the scholars of Indian literature, and the department also felt the necessity of expanding its vision towards the literary field. Keeping in mind the growing importance of the study of Comparative Indian Literature, the department introduced the M. Phil programme on this subject in 2008. Again, to make this mission more effective, the department has taken a bold step to introduce the full-fledged master degree course in Comparative Indian Literature from the year 2015 along with the existing Ph.D research programme and other one year P.G. diploma courses in Assamese, Nepali, Odia and Tamil.

It is a matter of pride for the department that it has successfully completed its 50 years of journey and celebrated the GOLDEN JUBILEE last year (2017) with various academic programmes.

MA in Comparative Indian Literature (

MPhil in Comparative Indian Literarture


PG Diploma in Assamese, Nepali, Odia and Tamil

1. Prantaswar: A Bilingual Journal (Assamese & Hindi) published by the Department

2. Anweshan: A Book of Articles on Comparative Literature

3. Saraswat Sadhak Adhyapak Satyendranath Sarma

4. Lakshminath Bezbaroa: Perspectives on His Life and Work (2017)

5. Swarna Smriti: A Souvenir published by the Department on the Occasion of Its Golden Jubilee Concluding Ceremony (2017)

Golden Jubilee Memorial Lectures Delivered as part of 'Asom Vidya: Interntional Conference and Seminar' organised by the Department on 26 and 27 February 2016:

Professor T.S. Satyanath: 'Comparative Indian Literature: Pluralistic Epistemology, Marginocentricism and Transmediality'

Professor Biplab Chakraborty: 'Quintessence of Qualitative Research in Modern Indian Comparative Literature'

Professor Dipendu Das: 'Uncertain Times in Assam: Responses in Selected Assamese and Bengali Short Stories: Translation and Conflict Resolution'

Professor Madan Sarma: 'Modernism in Assamese Literature: A Comparative Perspective'

Professor Rajni Singh: 'Transgressing Boundaries: The Relevance of Comparative Literature'

Dr Bhusan Pathak: 'Asamiya aur Hindi Byanga Sahitya ki Tulanatmak Alochana'

Professor P.C. Pattanaik: 'Comparative Literature: Indian Response

Professor Imtiaz Yusuf: 'Language Relegation and Conflict: Role of Text'

Professor Himadri Lahiri: 'Fiction as Discourse: Rudrana Sarma's Damitar Dastavez and Mahasweta Devi's Draupadi.

Professor Madhav P. Pokhrel, 'Role of Linguistics in Literary Criticism'

Professor Biswanath Roy, 'The Study of Assamese Language and Literature in Calcutta University: A Historical Survey'

Md Abdus Sabur, 'Territorial Conflict in Asia and the Challenges of Peace Building'

Professor K. Pattanaik, 'Assamese and Odia Folk Literature: A Comparative Study'

Professor Gobinda Bhattarai, 'Human Suffering as the First and the Last (With Reference to Svetlana, the 2015 Nobel Laureate)

Professor Satyendranath Sarma Birth Centenary Memorial Lecture (12 November 2016):

Professor Pabitra Sarkar: 'The Idea of an Indian Literature: An Argumentative Discourse'

Golden Jubilee Special Lecture (20 November 2017)

Professor Bhalchandra Nemade, 'A Perspective on Indian Languages (Desi Bhashas) and Comparative Indian Literature'

 1. Asom Vidya: International Conference and Seminar (26 and 27 February 2016) organised in association with North East Network for Academic Discourse

2. Symposium on Assamese Short Story (29 February 2016) organised in association with Sahitya Akademi

3. Workshop on Short Story Translation: Assamese to Nepali (17 to 20 March 2016)

4. National Seminar on “Literary Representation of the Freedom Struggle in Assamese and Sindhi Languages” (4 and 5 October 2016) organised in association with National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL), New Delhi

5. National Seminar on ‘Representing Marginality: Texts and Traditions of Eastern Indian Languages’ (29 and 30 June 2017) organised in association with Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata Regional Office

6. National Seminar on 'Literary Consciousness of Ambikagiri and His Contemporaries: 1900-1970' (2 and 3 January 2018)

Department of MIL & Literary Studies
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Dilip Borah
MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)
Comparative Literature and Culture
Jyotsna K Biswal Rout
MA (Utkal) MPhil (Utkal) PhD (Utkal) DLitt (Utkal)
Comparative Literature and Culture
Mukul Chakravarty Head of the Department
MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)
Language and Culture

Associate Professor

Anuradha Sarma
MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)
Comparative Indian Literature, Literary Studies & Language

Assistant Professor

B Vijayakumar
MA (Annamalai) MPhil (Annamalai) PhD (Bharathidasan)
Tamil Language
Dhurjjati Sarma
MA (Delhi) MPhil (Delhi)
Literary Criticism and Theory, Comparative Indian Literature, Cultural Studies
Khagen Sarmah
MA (Tribubhan) PhD (Tribubhan)
Nepali Language