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The Department of Foreign Languages, Gauhati University was established with an objective to introduce the knowledge of foreign languages and culture to the young aspiring minds of the region. It was a culmination of the vision set by Krishna Kanta Handiqui, the first Vice Chancellor of the University who himself was master of many European languages. In 1968, the department of Foreign Languages began its mission with introduction a certificate course in Russian language. Today, apart from teaching Russian and French Languages and culture, the department also offers interdisciplinary research programmes leading to M.Phil/PhD degrees in Comparative Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies and a Master degree in European Studies.

In 2017-2018 academic session, the Department introduced an innovative an interdisciplinary course viz. MA in European Studies. Any graduate with or without prior knowledge of foreign languages are eligible to apply. The programme will provide an opportunity to the young graduates to study various aspects of European societies, their media, literature and culture, and to learn European languages (French/Russian) of their interest. It is an interdisciplinary and need based course on cultural studies with components of area studies to train professionals who would be able take up challenges of working in different cultures in the globalized world, to connect to a diversified market place comprising of national and multinational companies, NGOs, hospitality industry, management, IT and global studies.

            The Department also participates in the CBCS introduced by the University by offering courses in French and Russian languages, literature and culture to the students of other departments. The department also plans to introduce certificate course in German language in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Max-Muller Bhavan and Japanese languages with collaboration with Japan Foundation soon





          To position itself as the premier centre for Teaching-learning and research in foreign languages, literature and culture in the Country with an innovative and interdisciplinary approach and sustain it as the prime destination of Indian and south-east Asian scholars for studying foreign languages, literature and culture



—       To train professional in foreign language, literature and culture who would be able to connect to a diversified market place comprising of national and multinational companies, NGOs, hospitality industry, management, IT and global studies.
—       To design and implement pragmatic programmes dedicated to teaching of foreign language, literature and culture to cater the emerging need of the interdisciplinary courses in the present globalised society which aims at providing learners with knowledge and perspectives needed to appreciate and respect the diversity of Language, Culture and creative expression across their national boundaries.
—      To advocate and practice interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dynamic curriculum to respond to the interests and needs of the fast changing teaching, research and professional environment and encourage students’ participation and input at all levels of program planning/revision.
—      To prepare graduates for participating in a multicultural and global conversation by asking questions, listening closely and responding productively, in the collaborative spirit of the field in question.

        To encourage and participate in strong interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in language

     literature and cultural studies



Programmes on offer:

Courses offered


Intake capacity



Master with 55% marks in any language or humanities

To be notified separately

As per UGC

M. Phil in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies

Master with 55% marks in any language or humanities


To be notified separately

2 semesters

MA in European Studies

Any graduate with minimum 45% marks in aggregate in Major/Honours or General course


4 semesters

PG Diploma  in French/Russian

Graduate from a recognized university with French/Russian certificate

20 + 20

2 semesters

PG Certificate in French/Russian

Graduate from a recognized university

20 + 20

2 semesters

Open course in French/Russian Language and Culture

Students from other Departments of the University

25 + 25

2 semesters





Under supervision of  Dr. Kandarpa Das


1.  Poetry of Anna Akhmatova and the Great Russian Tradition: An Indian Perception. Pranjit Bora. 2010

2. Socialist Realism in Mikhail Sholokhov’s Novels: A Cross Cultural Study. Birinchi Kumar Das. 2010

3. A Comparative Study of Russian Folktales and Folktales of Assam. S. K. Boro. 2010

4. Dialogism in Assamese Novels: A Bakhtinian Study. Sultan Ali Ahmed. 2011

5. Varied Roles of the Author’s Voice: A Critical Study of Boris Pasternak’s Fiction. Tandra Das. 2011

6. Magical Contortion of Reality in Magical Realism: A Comparative study of Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita and Gunter Grass’ The Tin Drum. Chandrima Goswami. 2013

7. Translations of Assamese Poetry: Its Accessible past. Pampi Baruah. 2014

8. Postcolonial Critique and Realities: A Study of Amitav Ghosh and Chinua Achebe,  Diba Barooah, 2016

9. Textual Narratives into Visual: A Cross-Cultural Study of Film Adaptations of Three Classic Novels (Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak, Devdas by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and The Guide by R. K. Narayan),Basabi Gogoi, 2016.

10. Growth and Development of the Assamese Short Story and the Influence of the Russian Short Story, Ms. Jonalee Patowary, July, 2017.

11. Literary Contribution to Eco-feminism: A Study of Margaret Atwood and Vandana Shiva, Ms. Prarthana Baruah, September, 2017.

12. Parallels and Disagreements in the Treatment of Nihilism in the fictions of Feodor Dostoyevsky and Joseph Conrad, Mr. Indrajyoti Roy Choudhury, December, 2017.

13. Russian Elements in Assamese Literature, Mr. Simanta Das, 2017 (Submitted in Assamese deaprtment)

Under supervision of  Dr. Gulab Jha


— 1. Himadri Bharali :  Noun Phrase in Assamese and French Language: A Comparative Study ,  2017

—2. Gnanda Nath: Present status of cultural tourism development in undivided kamrup district in Assam: Its potentiality, 2016
—3. Bhaswati Chakravorty: A study on Festivals of Assam and France with particular reference to Bihu and Christmas, 2016
—4. Samar Bhattacharyya:  Image of Society in Victor Hugo’s Les  Miserables and Birendra  kumar Bhattacharyya’s Mrityunjay:
A comparative study, 2014
—5. Gauri Devi:  A study on the philosophy of Education of J.J. Rousseau with special reference to Emile, 2014
—6. Pradeep Kumar: Love and power in the novels of Bhagawati Charan Verma and Guy de Maupassant: Chitralekha  & Une Vie,  2013
—7. Livee Dutta: The theme of promiscuity in the depiction of women: A comparative study with reference to Emile Zola’ Nana, Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Burton and Ruth,  2013
—8. Shrizana Tiwari: A comparative study of Assamese and French feminist writings in the novels of Mamoni Raisom Goswami and Simone de Beauvoir, 2011
—9. Anoop Kumar: Social Realism in the works of Flaubert Gustave with special reference to L’education sentimentale, 2011
—10. Harekrishna Sahoo: A study of the women characters in the novels of Thomas hardy and Emile Zola, 2008

MA in European Studies:

There will be an entrance test for 100 marks.

25 (twenty five) Multiple Choice questions carrying  2 marks  each, 25 X 2 = Total 50 marks

4   Essay type Descriptive questions carrying 12.5 Marks each,  12.5 X 4 = Total 50 marks


1. General Knowledge

2. General English

3. Reasoning, artificial langauges etc.

4. History, Geography, Culture and civilisation of Europe and specific to Russia and France.

5. Descriptive questions will be on general studies, testing the common sense, general observation, writing and argument forming capacity of the candidate. Candidates may answer the questions either in English or Assamese.



1. " Perception of Russia and Russian Literature in Assam: A Crosss Cultural Study" - Dr. Kandarpa Das (2006-2009). Sponsored by the Univerity Grants Commssion.

2. "A Comparative Study of the Assamese and French Feminist Writers" - Dr. Gulab Jha (2012-2015).Sponsored by the University Grants Commission.

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Gulab Jha Head of the Department
MA (BHU) PhD (BHU) DSA (Grenoble)
French language, literaure, culture, Francophone studies and comparative literature
Kandarpa Das [ On Lien ]
MA (JNU) PhD (Moscow)
Russian Language & Literature

Assistant Professor

Rounak Mahtab Barua
MA (BHU) PhD (BHU) SPCD (University of Franche-Compté, Besançon)