Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established under Faculty of Technology, Gauhati University during the year 2009-2010 vide EC Resolution R/EC/04/2010/74 dated 18-5-2010, primarily to offer BTech and MTech programmes. Earlier, the MTech programme in Electronics and Communication Technology (with AICTE approval) was introduced in the Department of Electronics and Communication Technology (former Department of Electronics Science) during 2008-09. The BTech programme was launched in the year 2009 and was initiated from the month of August of that year. The programme was introduced with only two faculty members and two support staff. The Department was established with a view to impart quality education in the field of Electronics and its allied areas and provides a platform of research in upcoming fields.

Since its inception, the department has been providing quality education to the students. The faculties of the department are young, energetic, dynamic, diligent and equally well-experienced. The primary strength of the department is in the areas of Soft-Computing, Digital Signal Processing, Communication, Computer Vision, Biomedical Signal Processing and VLSI design. It has a mix of analog and digital equipments for hardware design, microprocessor and microcontroller programming, independent computing facilities to perform simulation based design using Matlab R2010a, Remcom wireless suite, Mathematica, Multisim etc. softwares of which complete support and related services are available.

The Department is having sufficient classrooms and sophisticated laboratories, all of which are equipped with audio-visual aids. The department is equipped with uninterrupted power supply and internet connectivity.The department also has a well stocked library of its own.?

Moreover, for proper coordination among the faculties, guest teachers and instructors, other staff and the students a healthy environment has been created in the department. The department is associated with the organization of a number of workshops, celebrations, popular talks, training programmes etc.


PhD programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

PhD programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a research-based programme. The work can be in any of the broad areas in ECE. The core strength of the department is currently in the following areas: soft-computing, communications (wireless and mobile), signal/ speech/ image processing, computer vision, bio-medical signal processing, VLSI and embedded systems.

The main emphasis of this programme is on developing a sound academic foundation and preparation of a thesis derived out of original work and innovation. Work included in the thesis requires proper understanding of the related principles, the state of art in an area, problem formulation, original contributions based on analysis with sufficient mathematical rigour and validation. The research is expected to be of sufficient quality to be publishable in leading international journals and top conferences pertaining to an area of research.

This programme has a limited amount of course work that can be completed within certain duration as per requirement. The course work is aimed at providing a student with sufficient background, knowhow, breadth and understanding necessary to carry out research.

The main emphasis is on the research work leading to a thesis. Typically students decide on their research area in consultation with the faculty advisor/ supervisor/ guide within the first year while doing course work. Thereafter, the steps involved are:

  • finishing course work (to build research background and breadth),
  • clearing a set of qualifiers like proposal defense, progress presentation and thesis defense.
  • The PhD qualifiers are a combination of coursework and comprehensive exams.

Thrust Areas

  • 1. Soft-computing,
  • 2. Communications (wireless and mobile),
  • 3. Bio-medical signal processing,
  • 4. Signal/ speech/ image processing,
  • 5. Computer vision,
  • 6. VLSI and embedded systems


Sponsored Research Project :
Name of the Principal Investigator:

Dr.Kandarpa Kr. Sarma

Evaluation of certain feature extraction methods for optical character recognition in Assamese using MLPs;
2 years
Rs. 1,00,000
Completed in December, 2008

Implementation of a Bio-Inspired Distributed Artificial Neural Network (DANN) model for unsupervised methods of Character Recognition applied to Anglo-Assamese script and its extension for Grid enabled applications as part of Grid Garuda;
3 years
DIT, Govt of India
Rs. 31,20,000/-
Completed in July, 2010

Implementation of a Bio-inspired Distributed Artificial Neural Network (DANN) model for Character and Numeral Recognition in Assamese using DSP Processors.
3 years
Rs. 9,91,000
Completed in March, 2012

Development of Neuro-Evolutionary Computational Tools for Improvement of Performance of MIMO-OFDM Based Wireless Networking;
3 years
DIT, Govt of India
Rs. 49,40,000/-
On-going, started from May, 2010.

Development of Certain System on Chip (SOC) Approaches for Design of Soft-Computation Aided Transreceivers and Adaptive Antenna Design, Interference Mitigation and Beamforming of MIMO-OFDM Systems for Wireless Networking;
3 years
DIT, Govt of India
Rs. 1,11,00,000/-
On-going, started from April, 2012

Awards/Fellowship earned by the Faculty members:

Name of the Faculty

Dr.Kandarpa Kr. Sarma

Name of the Award/Fellowship

Indian Academy of Science, 2010-11

Conferring agency

Indian Academy of Science

Visit abroad by the Faculty members :

Name of the Faculty

Dr.Kandarpa Kr. Sarma

Institute visited: Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing, China
Purpose: Conference
Period: 2 weeks
Institute visited: Florida M & A University, Florida, USA
Purpose: Conference
Period: 10 days


The department possesses the following facilities to support its on-going programmes. All labs are provided with uninterrupted power supply with sufficient back-up.

Electronics Lab1

It has provisions for about 50 students. It is mainly intended to run lab courses of first three years of the BTech programme. It has regulated DC power supplies,CROs, function generators etc suitable upto 10 MHz and a few DSOs up-to 20 MHz.

Electronics Lab2

It has provisions for advance design and project works supporting up- to 50 students. It is equipped with DDS function generators, DSOs ,power supplies etc. It also has Computers for interfacing, simulation, software-based design and fabrication etc.

Microprocessor Lab

It has provisions for 50 students for experiments using 8085 and 8086.

Microcontroller Lab

It is equipped with 805 and PIC Microcontroller.

DSP Processor Lab

It is equipped with ADSP-21XX, ADSP BF533, TMS320C540 and TMS320C67XX Processors.

Computer Lab/Simulation Lab

It has 50 nos. of computer for design based work using MATLAB,LABVIEW,MICROSIM,MULTISIM etc. It also has provisions for VLSI design.

Signal Processing and Image Processing Lab

It is intended to support course related to signal and image processing of BTech and MTech programmes.

Communication Lab

It is equipped to perform practical and design of analog and digital communication experiments.


Dr.Kandarpa Kumar Sarma

HOD (i/c)
Educational Qualifications : MSc (Electronics, Gauhati University), MTech (IIT Guwahati),
PhD (IIT Guwahati)
Phone No :
Mobile No :
E_mail : kandarpaks@gauhati.ac.in


  • 1. Mobile and Wireless Communication,
  • 2. Soft-Computation,
  • 3. Speech Processing,
  • 4. Antenna Design,
  • 5. Document Image Analysis
  • 6. Digital Signal Processing
  • 7. MIMO Communication


Academic Organizational Positions Held

1. Lecturer in Electronics in LCB College, Guwahati
2. Assistant Professor,Department of Electronics and Communication Technology (former Department of Electronics Science), Gauhati University

Administrative Assignments

1.Placement Officer, Gauhati University since 2006
2. HoD i/c, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Gauhati University (offering BTech and MTech programmes) since 2009
3. In-charge ,Examination (BS, BTech and MTech Programmes under Faculty of Technology, Gauhati University) since 2009.

Editorial Assignments

1. Editor in Chief, International Journal of Intelligent Systems Design and Computing


2. Guest Editor, Special Issue on “Emerging Areas and Applications of Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems”, IGI-Global Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR).


3.Guest Editor, Special issue on ``Recent Trends in Intelligent Computation and Communication System Design”,International Journal of Information and Communication Technology.


4.Guest Editor, Special issue on ``Intelligent Applications in Computer Vision and Related Areas”, International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics.


Professional Linkages

  • Senior Member, IEEE (USA).
  • Member, International Neural Network Society (INNS) (USA)
  • Fellow, IETE (India)
  • Member, ACM (USA)
  • Life Member, Instrumentation Society of India.
  • Life Member, ISTE (India).
  • Life Member, Computer Society of India (Guwahati Chapter).
  • Life Member, Assam Science Society (India).
  • Vice Chairman, RESONICS,Society for Promotion of Education and Research in Electronics and Related Areas, Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014, Assam, India.

Courses Offered

MTech Level: BTech Level: MPhil Level: MSc Level: BSc (Electronics) Level:
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mobile Communication
  • Soft-Computation
  • Digital Communication
  • Signal and System,
  • Analog Communication,
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mobile Communication
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Digital Systems,
  • Microprocessor,
  • Programming Languages,
  • Control System
  • Analog Communication,
  • Signal and System,
  • Digital Communication,
  • Advanced Microprocessor
  • Network Analysis,
  • Linear Circuits,
  • Communication System,
  • Operating System
  • Microprocessor,
  • Signal and System.


Kandarpa Kumar Sarma
MTech (IITG) PhD (IITG) Mobile Communication, Soft Computing, Speech Processing, Antenna Design
Anjan kumar Talukdar
MTech (Tezpur) Image Processing, Computer Vision
Apurba Bikash Kalita
MTech (Tezpur) System Design, Nanotechnology
Aradhana Misra
MTech (Gauhati) Wireless Communication, Signal Processing
Jyoti Prakash Medhi
MTech (Tezpur) Biomedical Signal & Image Processing, Instrumentation, Robotics
Manash Pratim Sarma
MTech (Tezpur) High Speed VLSI design for Communication, Device Modelling, Digital Communication, Speech Processing
S R Nirmala
MTech (NIT, Surathkal) PhD (IITG) Bio Medical Signal & Image Processing


Dr. Subhash Chandra Rajbongshi
Amitava Dey


Ripul Kalita
Nava Kr.Talukdar


Jeherul Islam
Hirak Jyoti Goswami
Bipul Patowary


Krishna Kamal Deka
Manash Pratim Goswami

The Department of ECE, GU is the host to the Society for Promotion of Education and Research in Electronics and Related Areas (RESONICS), Gauhati University, Guwahati-781014, Assam, India. As part of this, the following initiative have been taken:

1.Popular talk on Recent Trends In Speech Processing And Technology, 3rd February, 2012. (Invited Speaker- Dr. S.R.M.Prasanna, Dept. of EEE, IITG.)
2.National Science Day Celebration, 28th February, 2012 (supported by ASTEC).
3.Popular talk on Aspects Of The Light Of Firefly, 3rd April, 2012. (Invited Speaker- Prof. Anurup Gohain Baruah, Dept. of Physics, Gauhati University)
4.National Technology Day Celebration, 13th May, 2012.
5.1stNationalLevel Workshop on MATLAB and Selected Applications, June, 2012.
6.Publication of Proceedings of 1st National Level Workshop On MATLAB and Selected Applications, June, 2012(ISBN: 978-93-81691-08-3)
7.Popular talk on Impact of Science And Technology on our day to day life, 27th June, 2012.( Invited Speaker- Dr. Dinesh Chandra Goswami, Eminent Scientist and Former Director, NEIST, Jorhat,Assam)
8.Publication of 1st issue of Anuranan (ISSN 2278-439X), Periodical of RESONICS, June, 2012 (Theme- Green Electronics).
9.1stNationalLevel Workshop On Embedded System and Related Applications, July, 2012.
10.Popular talk on Trends in Wireless Communication and Virtual Lab, 21st September, 2012 (Invited Speaker- Prof. Ratnajit Bhattacharjee, HoD,EEE, IITG)
11.Special GATE Coaching 2012, GU (November to December).
12.National Science Day Celebration, 28th February, 2013.
13.National Level Workshop for the North-Eastern Region on Advances in Document Analysis and Retrieval (in collaboration with ISI, Kolkata), March, 2013.
14.1st National Level Workshop on Algorithm and Application Development using Microcontroller April '2013.
15.Publication of 2nd issue of Anuranan (ISSN 2278-439X), Periodical of RESONICS, May, 2013 (Theme-E-waste Management).
16.2nd National Level Workshop cum Summer Internship on MATLAB and selected Applications June '2013
17.1st National Level Workshop cum Summer Internship on LABVIEW and selected Applications July '2013.
18.2nd National Level Workshop cum Summer Internship on EMBEDDED Systems and Related Applications July '2013
19.Special GATE Coaching 2013, GU (September to December)
20.National Level Workshop on DSP Processor Applications and Technical Writing (27th January -03rd February '2014.)
21.National Level Workshop on LABVIEW and Selected Applications (23th June -29th June'2014)
22.National Level Workshop on Algorithm Development using Embedded Systems (28th April -04th May '2014)



Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Gauhati University Institute of Science and Technology
2nd Floor, Arts Building,(Above University Law College)
Gauhati University
E_mail: ece@gauhati.ac.in
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