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Gauhati University, Guwahati-14 is one of the oldest universities of North East India. Since its establishment in the year 1948, the university has taken the responsibility of the upliftment of education in the entire NE region.

The mission of the Department of Mathematics was to develop an analytical aptitude and deep and wide knowledge in the subject and socially responsive outlook on the part of the students to ensure a high standard of education in Mathematics within state.

Professional Membership of the Faculty Members-

Faculty members are life on annual members of Indian Mathematical Society (IMS), Assam Academy of Mathematics, Gauhati University Mathematics Association and Assam Science Society. Some of the Faculty are members of ISI, Calcutta Library and ISTAM (Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics)


The mission was to develop an analytical aptitude and deep and wide knowledge in the subject and socially responsive outlook on the part of the students to ensure a high standard of education in Mathematics within state. Further, the mission was to search for talent and to encourage and help the enthusiastic students to take up research work in various branches of Mathematics, Statistics and Theoretical Physics. It has also helped students of this university to take up jobs in Central Government departments like LIC, Banks, Railways etc. through competition wherever mathematical abilities are necessary.


The Gauhati University was established in the year 1948, thereby fulfilling a long cherished demand of the people of the undivided Assam and other states and union territories of the North East India. Mathematics Department was started along with a few other science department from the very inception of the university. This department imparted post-graduate courses leading to M.A. and M.Sc degrees in Mathematics and Statistics. objectives of these post graduate courses were to generate properly qualified persons to cater to the needs of the growing college and science education in this region of the country and to expose the students to the new developments of mathematical sciences so that brilliant students could undertake research work in the subject leading to Ph.D. degrees from this university or from outside.In fact, the people of Assam were so deeply desirous of establishing a university that, in order to augment the financial position of the university, a group of patriotic aid dedicated persons went around the length and breadth of the state to raise funds for this sacred institution. The degree and post graduate syllabi of this department were prepared by experts from within and outside the state of Assam, to keep the standard of education at par with the leading universities of the country. Refresher and summer vacation post graduate courses were also organised from time to time to help the persons serving in colleges or schools enhanced their knowledge and qualification. Equal importance was given to teaching and research in the subjects.



The Gauhati University Act 1947 was passed by the Assam Legislative Assembly and the university came into being in 1948 after the approval of the President of India. However in the initial stage, the university classes were held in the premises of the Cotton College. The Mathematics Department also started functioning from Cotton College premises. As has been stated earlier, it was the only Department having Post Graduate courses in Mathematics comprising of Pure and Applied mathematics and Statistics.

The department was shifted to its present site at Gopinath Bardoloi Nagar, Jalukbari, Guwahati 781014, in the year 1955-56. It was due to dedication and relentless efforts on the part of a galaxy of teachers of the Department like V.D.Thawani (founder Professor and Head),Huzurbazar, Jyotiprashad Methi, Siben Barua, A.K.Palit, E.R.Suryanarayan, S.C.Nag,. B.C.Deka, M.K.Mahanta, Prabhu, A.Bezbaruah, A.D.Misra, B.K.Tamuli, M.N.Baruah and K.R.Singh that the Mathematics Department of Gauhati University was developed into a centre of excellence for teaching and research in Mathematical sciences. The Statistics Department was bifurcated from Mathematics Department in mid fifties and shifted temperarily to the Physics building in mid sixties and finally accommodated at its present separate building.

The department gained further momentum research, teaching and research activities under the headship of B K Tamuli, K.R.Singh and B P Chetiya. Various activities of the department including research has been pursued vigorously during the headship of the persons following them.

We remember also some other teachers of the department who served the department for a short period or passed away during their service. Thjey are Professor A.C.Das, Professor G.C.Sarma, L.N.Tluanga, Late Sarat Ch. Kalita, and Late Bhgaben Ch. Mena.

We have no hesitation to admit that in the initial stages up to mid sixties the research activities of the department were not quite significant. But there were only a few teachers in the Department (only 3 teachers for Mathematics and about the same numbers of teachers for Statistics) to teach the Post Graduate classes. During that period stress was given on upgrading the syllabus and procurement of books for the Central Library (at present named K K Handique Library) relevant to the subjects taught in the department .Again, to make the students and other participants from various college aware of the new developments in the subject, some visiting Professor from outside the state or the country were invited to deliver lectures on certain new topics during summer schools, seminars and conference. Newly developed topics like Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Topology, Measure Theory, Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Magnetohydrodynamics(MDH), Non-Newtonian fluids and Plasma Physics were introduced either in syllabus or in research work. This helped the teachers and the students passing out from this department to undertake research work in premier institutes like universities of Oxford, Birmingham, Edinburg, Florida, Rhodes Island, Halifax and Trent and Physical Research Laboratory, IITs and IISc. etc.

Facilities & Assets

Computer Lab

The Department has a computer lab with thirty computers.Students do their practicals in this lab for the two papers in the curriculum that relate to the use of computers:

Programming with C, 80 marks
Computer Algebra (Mathematica), 80 marks


The Department is well equipped with a seminar library with more than 3000 books, 10 journals, Mathematical Reviews and Notices of American Mathematical Society.

The Department has 1 Xerox machine,1 Laser Printer, 1 Over Head Projector, 1 Film Projector, 1 Telescope and a conference room well equipped with furniture, TV set, book shelf with magazines and periodicals.

The Gauhati University provides multi faced general facilities to its faculty, research scholars and students. The department has full access to K. K. Handique Library equipped with about 3 lakhs collections, the Computer Centre, Health Centre, Foreign language departments, Guest House, Indoor Stadium and outdoor sports complex, Schemes of Fellowship and scholarship are provided to the research scholars and P.G.students.

Course and Programmes

Postgraduate Course

Semester I
M 101Algebra
M 103Mechanics and Tensor
M 104Real Analysis and lebesgue Measure
M 105Topology
Semester II
M 201Complex Analysis
M 202Discrete Mathematics (Logic, Boolean Algebra, Recurrence Relation and Generating Function)
M 203Functional Analy
M 204Linear and Non Linear programming
M 205Mathematical Methods (Integral Equation, Integral Transform & Calculus of Variation)
Semester III
M 301Theory of Numbers
M 302Partial Differential Equation/Computer Algebra and Application
M 303Differential Geometry of Manifolds/Measure Theory/Special Theory of Relativity)
M 304*Advanced Commutative Algebra / Harmonic Analysis / Space Dynamics
M 305Advanced Topology / * Mathematical Logic / Chaos Theory / Hydrodynamics and Continuum Mechanics
Semester IV
M 401Graph Theory
M 402Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming in C
M 403Dynamical System / General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology / Advanced Functional Analysis
M 404Fluid Dynamics / Algebraic Curves / Fuzzy Sets and its applications
M 405Projective representation / Group Theory / Operational Research / Computer Science / MHD / Computational Fluid Dynamics

Pure Mathematics
Applied Mathematics

Semester-wise distribution of marks:

First Semester = 500
Second Semester = 500
Third Semester = 500
Fourth Semester = 500
Total marks = 2000


Under Faculty Improvement Programme the following two college teachers doing research-

  • Full-Time Research Scholars in the Department of Mathematics
  • Ongoing Projects - Minor Research Projects are sanctioned to the following research scholars by UGC.



Bhaben Chandra Kalita (UGC Emeritus Professor)
MA (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Plasmas, Relativity, Graph Theory (UGC Emeritus Professor )
Helen K Saikia
MSc (NEHU) PhD (Gauhati) MPhil (Gauhati) Number Theory, Algebra, Fuzzy Algebra
Khanindra Chandra Chowdhury (UGC Emeritus Professor)
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Algebra, Number Theory (UGC Emeritus Professor )
Hemanta Kumar Sarmah
MSc (Delhi) PhD (Gauhati) Dynamical System, Mathematics Education
Kanika Das
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Relativity, Mathematics Education
Kuntala Patra
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Algebra, Algebraic Topology, Graph Theory, Mathematics Education
Nazibuddin Ahmed
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Fluid Dynamics, Magnetohydrodynamics
Rita Choudhury
MSc (Dibrugarh) PhD (Dibrugarh) Fluid Dynamics, Bio-Mathematics, Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow Mechanics, Mathematics Education
Rudra Kanta Deka
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati), DSC (Gauhati) Computational Fluid Dynamics
Debasish Bhattacharjee
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Dynamical Systems
Chandra Rekha Mahanta
MSc (Delhi) PhD (Gauhati) Relativity
Hemen Dutta
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) PGDCA (Gauhati) Functional Analysis, Mathematical Logic
Tarini Kumar Dutta (Retired Professor)
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Edinburg) Functional Analysis, Topology and Dynamical System
Nilakshi Goswami
MSc (IIT Delhi) PhD (Gauhati) Diploma in Comp Sci (IIT Delhi) Functional Analysis, Fuzzy Mathematics
Ranu Paul
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Dynamical Systems


The Gauhati University Mathematics Association generates fund with the membership fees of students and teachers and printing charge of authors for the following academic programmes-

  • Publication of GUMA Bulletin.
  • Publication of wall magazine.
  • Holding seminar, quiz, exhibition, freshmen social, farewell meeting etc.
  • For participation in Cricket and Volleyball competition.


Seminars are being arranged since its inception. In the regular weekly seminars faculty, research scholars and students from the department as well as regional institutions are invited to deliver seminar talk on various topics.

The following eminent mathematician from national and international institutions visited our department in 1997-2000 as delivered seminar talks-

  • Prof. J N Kapur, Hon. Prof. of JNU, New Friends Collony New Delhi.
  • Prof. Avinoam Mann. Einstein Institute, Hebrew Univ. Jerusalum.
  • Prof. Nandkishore, Barhampur University, Maths. Dept.
  • Prof. H D Mackpherson, Dept. of Pure Maths. Univ. of Leeds.
  • Prof. Iswar Ch. Chakraborty, Trent Univ. Canada.
  • Prof. E R Suryanarayan, Rhodes Island.
  • Prof. Dilip Kr. Dutta, Rhodes Island.
  • Prof. MN.Rahman, Dalttanx University, Canada.
  • Prof. A L Brown, Newcastle Upentyne University.
  • Prof. Stephen Rouschewe, Institute of Warzburz, Germany.

Workshops and Lecture Series

In memory of Phanidhar Datta, a mathematics teacher of Cotton College founder Registrar and Vice Chancellor of Gauhati University an endowment fund is raised worth Rs. 2 lakh donated by Dr Dilip Kr. Datta, a faculty of University of Rhodes Island, USA. Annual lecture series and workshops are being arranged with the interest accumulated from this fund. The Phanidhar Datta Memorial Lecture series - 2000 was delivered by Prof. E R Suryanarayan from University of Rhodes Island, USA.

Visiting Professors

Eminent mathematicians are invited from time to time for a month programme for a lecture series for exposure on latest development of the subject and to initiate research project. In 2000, Professor A L Brown, a former faculty of University of New Castle upon Tyne joined this department as visiting Professor for a month and he delivered a lecture series on latest development of 'Approximation Theory'.

Refresher Course

Refresher courses are being organised annually for last several years for training of the college and university teachers.

Distance Education

The department has substantial contribution to distant education programme initiated by the Post Graduate Correspondence School (PGCS) of the university. All the faculty members take part in counselling and preparing study material for the students of the mathematics of PGCS. Some also assist in administrative work of the school.

Healthy Practices

Under the banner of GUMA various cultural programmes on Music, Dance, Recitation are being organised. The Department has a reputation oif being either champion or runners up in Volleyball and Cricket competitions.

Self Financing Programme

The department has a self financing programme.

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