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The Department of Geological Sciences, formerly known as the ‘Department of Geology’, under Gauhati University, was established in 1950.


The primary objectives of the Department of Geological Sciences are to impart higher education in geology in post-graduate level and to provide facilities as well as supervision for doctoral research for the aspiring students in diverse branches like igneous and metamorphic petrology, structural geology, sedimentology, coal geology, hydrogeology, petroleum geology, economic geology etc. The department is also giving special emphasis to promote the knowledge as well as to build-up the geological database especially from North East India, which are yet to be explored at large.


The Department of Geological Sciences, formerly known as the ‘Department of Geology’, under Gauhati University was established in 1950 with undergraduate teaching initially. Pos Graduate teaching and research activities in the department started in the year 1956. In 1984, the UGC selected the department under ‘COSIST’ Programme and sanctioned Rs. 48.2 lakhs for infrastructural development. Taking into consideration of the wider perspective of Geology, the department was rechristened as the ‘Department of Geological Sciences’ in 1986. in the year 2003, this department has received a major sponsorship for development of a central computer laboratory, networking, remote sensing and GIS facility under the FIST Programme of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

The department is well equipped for teaching and research with four general laboratories and seven special laboratories. Audiovisual teaching aids, a well-equipped general conference hall and a seminar library with most of the required books, a central Computer laboratory, digital image processing and GIS facility provide a conductive atmosphere for teaching and research. The department is also having a geological museum with good collection of rocks and minerals samples, gemstones and fossils.

The Department receives funds from several other government and non-governmental organizations for research and consultancy works, viz, Department of Space, Atomic Mineral Directorate, Oil India Ltd. SJVNL, Erinco, Soma, Naftogaz, Asian Development Bank, etc.

Course and Programmes

Postgraduate Course

Semester-wise distribution of marks:

First Semester = 630
Second Semester = 605
Third Semester = 590
Fourth Semester = 525
Total marks = 2350
Metamorphic Petrology
Structural Geology
Petroleum Geology



Amal Dutta Patgiri
MTech (Dibrugarh) PhD (Gauhati) Hydrogeology, Sedimentology, Remote Sensing
Parag Phukon
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Geomorphology
Balen Bhagabaty
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Geochemistry
Amulya Chandra Mazumdar
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (IIT Kanpur) Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry
Bikash Gogoi
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Dibrugarh) Palaeontology
Bhagawat Pran Duarah
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Sedimentology, Remote Sensing, Tectonics
Jayanta Jivan Laskar
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Sedimentology, Engineering Geology
Dhirendra Nath Das
MTech (Harisingh Gour University, Saga) PhD (Gauhati) Petroleum Geology
Sarat Phukan
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Coal Geology, Geoinformatics
Kali Prasad Sarma
Structural Geology (Guest Faculty)
P K Das
Sedimentology and Palentology
Pranjit Hazarika
M.Sc. Geological Sciences (GU), Ph.D. Ore Geology, Geochemistry and Petrology (IIT Kharagpur)


Department of Geological Sciences,
Gauhati University, Guwahati- 781 014
Assam, INDIA
Phone No : +91-0361-2570220, +919864324036
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