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The Department of Anthropology was established in 1948 and since then it gives quality education to its students and research scholars. The department has expanded its academic horizons and areas of study and research by organizing a number of outreach programme and research activities in newer fields. Sometime in collaboration with allied academic institutions of natural and international repute. The Department was granted the status of DSA by the University Grants Commission. Besides a number of short programmes long term research projects sponsored by the U.G.C. and other institutions are being conducted by the faculty members. The academic activities are given additional momentum through the seminars of national and state levels and special lectures by eminent resource persons organized by the Department time to time.


1. To conduct academic programmes for Post Graduate courses (M.A./M.Sc. and Ph.D) in Anthropology through up-to-date curricula of both theoretical and practical nature.

2. To carry out need-based and applied research in different areas of Anthropology like physical, socio-cultural and archaeological anthropology throughout India especially in N.E. India.

Heads of the Department since 1948:

1. Professor M.C. Goswami
8. Professor B. Choudhury
2. Professor B.M. Das
9. Professor B.K. Medhi
3. Professor T.C. Sarma
1985 -1988
10. Professor Rekha Das
4. Professor A.C. Bhagawati
11. Professor D.K. Medhi
5. Professor A.N.M. Irshad Ali
12. Professor Rekha Das
6. Professor Renuka Das
13. Professor Mini Bhattacharyya
7. Professor H.C. Sarma


1. Total number of Ph.D. awarded (till-2013): 94
2. Total number NET-JRF qualified candidates (till-2013): 11
3. Total number NET-LS qualified candidates (till-2013): 45
4. Total number of SLET qualified candidates (till-2013): 9


Dr. Renuka Das Memorial Award:

For securing the First Class First Position in M.A./M.Sc. Anthropology the award is given by the Assam Science Society.

Mallika Mahanta Memorial Award:

For securing the First Class First Position in M.A./M.Sc. Anthropology the award is given by Family members of Late Ms. Mahanta.


Postgraduate Course

Anthropology as a formal academic discipline in undivided Assam, now 'Northeast India' began with the establishment of the Department of Anthropology at Gauhati University in 1948 with Professor M.C. Goswami as its founder Head, initially with provisions for teaching only degree pass and honours courses. In 1956, Postgraduate courses were opened with specialization in Physical and Social Anthropology. In 1966, another branch of specialization in Pre-historic Archaeology was opened. This was followed by opening of another specialization in Applied Anthropology in 1969, which is lying idle now.

The department has grown into a major centre providing facilities for the study and research in Physical Anthropology. Social and Cultural Anthropology, Archaeological Anthropology and Applied Anthropology. It has also built up a rich Anthropological museum of ethnographic, archaeological and physical anthropological materials, acquired mostly from different territories of Northeast India.



Bapukan Choudhury
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Physical Anthropology
Abdullah Ali Ashraf
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Archaeological Anthropology, Prehistoric Archaeology
Chandana Sarmah
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Physical Anthropology
Mini Bhattacharyya Thakur
MSc (Delhi) PhD (Gauhati) Social and Cultural Anthropology
Dwipen Bezbaruah
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Archaeological Anthropology
Birinchi Kumar Medhi
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Dilip K Medhi
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Pune) Archaeological Anthropology
Rekha Das
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Physical Anthropology
Gulrukh Begum
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Physical Anthropolgy
Humi Thaosen
MSc (Gauhati) Social and Cultural Anthropology
Sushil Sinha
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati) Social and Cultural Anthropology
Robinson Senar
MSc (Gauhati) Archaeological Anthropology
Rani Hazarika Kakoti
MSc (Gauhati) PhD (Gauhati)


The Department publishes a peer reviewed research journal annually. The name of the journal is "Bulletin of the Department of the Anthropology, Gauhati University" with ISSN 2230-9527. The journal reflects the research activities of the teachers and research scholars of the Department.

Projects (Current):

A project entitled "Up gradation of Quality of Street food" was undertaken by Principal Coordinator- Dr. Mini Bhattacharyya which was funded by Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India.

Publications (2010 onwards):

Prof. Rekha Das Two Papers:
1. Problems of Infant Care among the working women of Guwahati City
2. Food Nutritional Status and disease of the aged male Kaibartas of Barpeta town, Assam
Dr. A.A. Ashraf 1. "Stone Age Traditions of Meghalaya: A Study of Variation and Continuity"
BAR Publication, 2010, Archaeo Press, Oxford, England
1. Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology, Vol. XIII, 2011-12

Dr. Chandana Sarmah Article in Edited Book
1. Functional Ability and Prevelance of Disease, Author: Chandana Sarma and Bapukan Choudhury in Medical Anthropology: India. Editors: A.K. Danda and Indu Taklwar. Published by INCAA, Jhangram and IGNCA, New Delhi, Year:2010.
2. Socio-Economic Condition of the Assamese Elderly of Guwahati, Author Chandana Sarmah, Ageing: Problems and Prospects, Editors: Ramesh Sarma and C. Josna Thomas, Published by ICSSR-NERC, Shillong, Year 2010.
3. Nutritional Status of the Adult Dimasa Kacharis of Cachar District, Assam. Authors: Chandana Sarma and A.S.F.G. Islam Borbhuyan in ‘People of Contemporary North East India'. Editors: Tiluittama Baruah, Published by Pratisruti Publication, Guwahati, Year:2011.
1. Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology, Volume:XXII 2010-2011, University of Gauhati
Prof. Dilip K. MedhiSelf Published with own articles- by Lap-hampart termany2010-2011


NEC sponsored National seminar on "YOUTH IN THE CONTEXT OF CHANGING SOCIETIES IN NORTH EAST INDIA" held from 20th to 22nd march, 2007.

NEC sponsored National seminar on "TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN ANTHROPOLOGY IN NORTH EAST INDIA: ITS PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS",held from February 5th to 6th 2009.

Lecture Programme (Current Year):

1. A lecture was delivered on "Development of Ethnic Studies in American Universities" by Prof. C. Matthew, Prof of Sociology in Stanford University on March 26, 2013, organized by the Department.

2. A lecture was delivered on "The Power of Words: Understanding Indian Culture Through its Key Concepts" by Prof. (Dr.) Bettina Bäumer on May 16,2013, organized by the Department in collaboration with North Eastern Regional Centre of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.

3. A talk was delivered by Prof. Vinay Srivastava, Prof. of Dept of Anthropology, University on the topic "Anthropological Theories" on 28th September 2013

Presentation (Current Year):

A video film on "Islamic Heritage of North East India and research Report ''organized by the Department in collaboration with North Eastern Regional Centre of Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts.

Director of the film: Shri Abdul Majid

Paper Presenter: Prof. Abu Nasa Syed Ahmed, Retd. Prof. of Social Science and Humanity, IIT Guwahati.


Besides being recruited as lectures in universities, colleges and junior colleges, the Master degree holder in Anthropology are absorbed in research institute such as Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI), Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development (NIPCCD), Institute for Development of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes, Assam, National Institute of Rural Development(NIRD), Sate Institute of Rural Development(SIRD), Regional Medical Centre , Dibrugarh- Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Assam State AIDS Controll Society (ASACS), National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Ministry of Social welfare, Govt. of Assam and also high demands in various NGOs, etc.


The Anthropological museum of the Gauhati University set up in the Department of the Anthropology in 1948. By 1950, it developed into a nucleus for a good teaching museum embracing all the branches of anthropology namely, Primate skeleton, bones models of fossil men, objects illustrative of the prehistoric cultures of our ancestors and ethnological specimens which illustrate the different aspects of material and spiritual cultures of the tribal and peasant folk. By 1960, this department is developed into a full fledged teaching in researching museum. It is an integrated museum where the all the sections of man’s cultural achievements are preserved.

In keeping innumerable contribution to build up the Museum today’s state the Gauhati University acknowledged the name of Prof. M.C. Goswami, the former head of the department, anthropology and named the museum as "Madhab Chandra Goswami Anthropological Museum".

At present the museum has more than 15000 collections which includes 3000 ethnographic, 12000 archaeological and 10 skeletons of anthropoid apes and primates. These collections are from different ethno-cultural zones of North East India.

The Curators of Museum since beginning:

1. Shri P. D. Saikia1958-1959
2. Dr. P. C. Saikia1959-1970
3. Dr. H. C. Sarma 1970-1973
4. Dr. B. Choudhury 1976-1981
5. Dr. S. K. Roy 1984-2009
6. Dr. B. K. Borah2009 till date


1. Gagan Choudhury
Lab. Assistant
2. Dipangkar Kayastha
Lab. Assistant cum Computer Typist
3. Dharani Dhar Das
Gesttner Operator
4. Tarun Das
Lab. Bearer
5. Sarbeswar Das
Museum Bearer
6. Dipak Upadhaya
7. Ramen Thakuria
Museum Attendant cum Cleaner


Head, Department of Anthropology
GauhatiUniversity, Guwahati- 781 014, Assam, INDIA
Phone No: +91 - 0361 -2570248
Email ID:
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