Jyotiprakash Tamuli

Prof. Jyotiprakash Tamuli has an M.A. in Descriptive Linguistics from Deccan College, Pune.  He joined Gauhati University as a lecturer in 1984. He was awarded a Ph.D. in 1998 by the University of Reading, U.K. for his work on the Compound Verb in Assamese as a Commonwealth Academic Staff scholar. More recently, he worked on Assamese Parts of Speech Tagging in Assamese as a Commonwealth Post-doctoral Fellow at Lancaster University during 2009-10.

Prof. Tamuli’s teaching and research interests include areas such as Assamese grammar, lexicography, early literacy and language education (including multilingual education for the indigenous communities of Assam and the North East). For more than a decade, he has been actively advocating for the rightful place of the English Language as a service discipline for other subject specialisms in the teaching-learning scenario of the state.

Prof. Tamuli is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Linguistics of Gauhati University. 
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