Subhash Medhi

Subhash Medhi

Department of Bioengineering and Technology (GUIST)
Gauhati University
Guwahati 781 014, Assam, India.

Phone : +91-9954485246


  • Faculty adviser for students
  • Member Anti-Ragging squad
  • Molecular Virology and Oncology
  • Molecular Biology in 4th Semester, BTech, 2016
  • Omics and Tissue Engineering in 2nd Semester, MTech, 2016

  1. Indian Council of Medical Research - International Fellowship Programme for Young Biomedical Scientists, Year: 2013-14, Awarding Organisation: ICMR
  2. Young Investigator Bursary award , Year: 2013, Awarding Organisation: European Association for Study of Liver (EASL)
  3. Young Investigator Bursary award , Year: 2010, Awarding Organisation: European Association for Study of Liver (EASL)
  4. Travel award To attend and present paper at World Congress of Gastroenterology (WCG) in the Basic Scientist category conference at London, Year: 2009, Awarding Organisation: World Congress of Gastroenterology (WCG)
  5. ISG WIN-Medicare Award, Year: 2008, Awarding Organisation: Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG).
  6. Best Paper in the Oral Plenary Session at Annual Conference of the Indian National Association for The Study of Liver , Year: 2008, Awarding Organisation: Indian National Association for Study of Liver (INASL)
  7. Merit Scholarship, Year: 2001, Awarding Organisation: North Eastern Council (NEC)
  8. National Merit Scholarship, Year: 1995-2000, Awarding Organisation: Govt. of India

Journal Publications
  1. Saikia S, Barooah P, Bhattacharyya M, Deka M, Goswami B, Sarma MP, Medhi S, Polymorphisms in Heat Shock Proteins A1B and A1L (HOM) as Risk Factors for Oesophageal Carcinoma in Northeast India, Asian Pac J Cancer Prev 16(18), 8227-33, 2015
  2. Medhi S, Sarma MP, Asim M, Kar P, Genetic variants of heat shock proteinA1L2437 and A1B1267 as possible risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma in India, J Viral Hepat. 20(4), e141-7, 2013
  3. Medhi S, Potukuchi SK, Polipalli SK, Swargiary SS, Deka P, Chaudhary A, BegumN, Hussain Z, Ahlawat RS, Kar P., Diagnostic utility of hepatitis C virus core antigen in hemodialysis patients. , Clin Biochem. 41(7-8), 447-52., 2008
  4. Medhi S, Goswami B, Das AK, Singh TB, Husain SA, Sehgal A, Kar P., New insights into hepatitis C virus infection in the tribal-dominant part of Northeast India., Arch Virol. 157(11), 2083-93., 2012
  5. Medhi S, Deka M, Deka P, Swargiary SS, Hazam RK, Sharma MP, Gumma PK, Asim M,Kar P, Promoter region polymorphism & expression profile of toll like receptor-3 (TLR-3) gene in chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients from India. , Indian J Med Res 134, 200-7, 2011
  6. Pradeep Kumar S, Medhi S, Asim M, Das BC, Gondal R, Kar P. , Evaluation of adefovir& lamivudine in chronic hepatitis B: correlation with HBV viral kinetic,hepatic-necro inflammation & fibrosis. , Indian J Med Res 133, 50-6, 2011
  7. Sarma MP, Asim M, Medhi S, Bharathi T, Kar P., Hepatitis C virus related hepatocellular carcinoma: a case control study from India. , J Med Virol. 84(7), 1009-17, 2012
  8. Sarma MP, Asim M, Medhi S, Bharathi T, Diwan R, Kar P. , Viral genotypes and associated risk factors of hepatocellular carcinoma in India. , Cancer Biol Med. 9(3), 172-81, 2012
  9. Bose PD, Das BC, Hazam RK, Kumar A, Medhi S, Kar P. , Evidence of extra hepatic replication of hepatitis E virus in human placenta., J Gen Virol. 95(Pt6), 1266-71, 2014
  10. Bose PD, Sarma MP, Medhi S, Das BC, Husain SA, Kar P, Role of polymorphicN-acetyl transferase2 and cytochrome P4502E1 gene in antituberculosis treatment-induced hepatitis., J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 26(2), 312-8., 2011
  11. Deka M, Bose M, Baruah B, Bose PD, Medhi S, Bose S, Saikia A, Kar P, Role ofCYP2E1 gene polymorphisms association with hepatitis risk in Northeast India., World J Gastroenterol. 16(38), 4800-8., 2010
  12. Kar P, Polipalli SK, Chattopadhyay S, Hussain Z, Malik A, Husain SA, Medhi S,Begum N. , Prevalence of hepatitis B virus genotype D in precore mutants among chronic liver disease patients from New Delhi, India, Dig Dis Sci. 52(2), 565-9., 2007
  13. Hussain Z, Das BC, Husain SA, Polipalli SK, Ahmed T, Begum N, Medhi S, Verghese A, Raish M, Theamboonlers A, Poovorawan Y, Kar P. , Virological course of hepatitis A virus as determined by real time RT-PCR: Correlation with biochemical, immunological and genotypic profiles., World J Gastroenterol. 12(29), 4683-8, 2006

Book (or Book Chapters)
  1. Premashis Kar, Subhash Medhi, Book Title: Gastrointestinal tract Infections, Short Article Title: Viral hepatitis in India, 425-441, Publisher: Paragon International, 2008

  • Fellow member International Congress of Environmental Research
  • Permanent member of the Indian Association for Cancer Research, India
  • Member of European Association for Study of Liver
  • Permanent member of Indian National Association for Study of Liver
  • Permanent member Indian Science Congress.

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