Diganta Kumar Das

Diganta Kumar Das

Department of Chemistry
Gauhati University
Guwahati 781 014, Assam, India.

Phone :  +91-98642-73744

Email diganta_chem@gauhati.ac.in

  • Teaching and Research
  • Inorganic Synthesis
  • Fluorescence Sensor
  • Voltammetric Sensor
  • Bioelectrochemistry
  • Ph D
  • M Sc
  • Radiological Physics
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List of publications: 


  1. D K Das, Jutika Kumar, A Bhowmick, P K Bhattacharyya, S Banu. 2-Hydroxyacetophenone and ethylenediamine condensed Schiff base: Fluorescent sensor for Al3+ and PO43-, biological cell imaging and INHIBIT logic gate. Inorganica Chimica Acta462 (2017) 167–173.
  2. Kangkana Deka, D K Das, Voltammetric distinction between dopamine and ascorbic acid using bare Platinum disc electrode catalysed by bisethylenediaminecopper(II). Indian J. Chem. Tech. 24  (2017) 102-106.


2.        Smita Sarma, Pradip Kr. Bhattacharyya, D K Das, Condensation product of phenylalanine and salicylaldehyde: fluorescent sensor for Zn2+.  J. Fluorescence 26 (2016) 899-904.

3.        Babita Sarma, Saurav Bharali, D K Das, Synthesis, Crystal structure and Thermogravimetry of ortho phthalic acid bridged coordination polymer of Copper(II), J Chem Sc. (2016) 899-904. 

4.        Subratjyoti Borah, D K Das, Modified montmorillonite clay stabilized silver nanoparticles: An active heterogeneous catalytic system for the synthesis of propargylamines. Catalysis Letters 146 (2016) 146:656–665


5.        Smita Sarma, Pradip Kr. Bhattacharyya, D K Das, A new fluorescent “off-on” sensor for Al3+ derived from L-alanine and salicylaldehyde. J. Fluorescence 25 (2015) 1537

6.        Jutika Kumar, Manas Jyoti Sarma, Prodeep Phukan, D K DasSurfactant dependent pH controlled “off-on”, “off-on-off” and “on-off” fluorescent switches exhibited by N-benzylidenenaphthalen-1-amine. J Fluoresce 25 (2015) 14311435.

7.        Jutika Kumar, Manas Jyoti Sarma, Prodeep Phukan, D K DasA new simple Schiff base fluorescent “on” sensor for Al3+and its living cell imaging. Dalton Transactions44(10) (2015) 4576-4581. DOI: 10.1039/c4dt03932g

8.        Jutika Kumar, Pradip Bhattacharyya, D K Das, A New duel fluorescent “on-off” and colorimetric sensor for Copper(II): Copper(II) binds through N coordination and pi cation interaction to sensor. Spectrochim Acta A 138 (2015) 99–104.

 9.        Babita Sarma, P Bhattacharyya, D K Das, Synthesis, characterization and superoxide dismutase activity of bi-copper(II)-bisacetato m-phthalicacid[bis(benzyloxy) ethyl]ester. J Chem Sc 127 (2015) 455–459.


10.     Jutika Kumar, D K DasNew fluorescent sensor for Cu2+ based on Schiff base derived from 1-naphthylamine and 2-chlorobenzaldehyde. Indian J Chem. Sec A 53A (2014) 1391-1396.

11.     D K Das, Dhanada SarmahRaben Ch. Roy Significant effect of charge microenvironment on the redox potential of [Fe4Se4(SPh)4]2-   in solution and inside filmCanadian J Chem. 92 (2014) 1–4 dx.doi.org/10.1139/cjc-2013-0586.

12.     Bishwapran Kashyap, Kaku Dutta, D K Das, P Phukan Structurally Simple Ferrocene Derivatives for Selective Cadmium Sensing. J Fluorescence 24 (2014) 975-981.

13.     Kaku Dutta, Ramesh Ch Deka, D K Das A new fluorescent and electrochemical Zn2+ ion sensor based on Schiff base derived from benzil and L-tryptophan. Spectrochim Acta A, 124 (2014) 124–129.

 14.     Kaku Dutta, Ramesh Ch Deka, D K Das The first enhanced ring planarity based fluorescent “off-on” sensor for Ca2+ ion. J Luminescence, 148 (2014) 325-329.

15.     D K Das, P Goswami, B Medhi N-benzoate-N′ salicylaldehyde ethynelediamine: A new fluorescent sensor for Zn2+ ion by “off-on” mode. J Fluorescence 145 (2014) 454-458.

16.     D K Das, Kaku Dutta, pH dependent fluorescence switching in Salicylideneaniline: ‘off-on-off’ operation controlled by surfactant micelles. J Luminescence, 145 (2014) 454-458.

17.     D K Das, Babita Sarma, Sangita Haloi - Synthesis, characterization and application as electrode modifying agent for simultaneous voltammetric determination of dopamine and ascorbic acid of a novel bimetallic copper(II) complex. J Chemical Papers 68 (2) (2014) 153–163  (DOI: 10.2478/s11696-013-0431-8).


18.     Dhanada Sarmah, D K Das, Effect of charge microenvironment on the electrochemistry of [Fe2S2(OC6H5)4]2- cluster. J Chemical Science. 125 (2013) 1429-1434

19.     Kaku Dutta, D K DasA new on-fluorescent probe for Manganese (II) ion. J Fluorescence,  (2013) 23:11731178 

20.     Kaku Dutta, Ramesh Ch. Deka, D K DasThe First Bifluoride Sensor Based on Fluorescent Enhancement. J Fluorescence, 23 (2013) 823–828

21.     D K Das, Priyanka Goswami, Smita Sarma, Salicylaldehyde phenylhydrazone: a new highly selective fluorescent lead (II) probe. J Fluorescence, 23 (2013) 503–508 

22.     Sangita Haloi, Priyanka Goswami, D K Das Differentiating response of 2,7 dichlorofluorescein intercalated CTAB modified Na-MMT clay matrix towards dopamine and ascorbic acid investigated by electronic, fluorescence spectroscopy and  electrochemistry. J Applied Clay Science 77-78(2013)79-82.

23.     Babita Sarma, D K Das Synthesis, spectroscopy, thermal analysis, electrochemistry and superoxide scavenging activity of a new bimetallic copper(II) complex. J Chemistry. 2013 (http://dx.dot.org/10.1155/2013/349580).


 24.     D K Das , Priyanka Goswami, Champa Barman and Biva Das Methyl Red : A fluorescent sensor for Hg2+ over Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ Env Eng Research, 2012, 175(S1):S1-S4.

25.     Kaku Dutta, D K Das 2,7-Diferrocenyl-3,6-diazaocta-2,6-diene: A highly selective dual fluorescent sensor for Zn2+ and Agand electrochemical sensor for Zn2+Indian J Chem., A. 51A(2012)816-820.

26.     Priyanka Goswami, D K Das  N,N,N,N-tetradentate macrocyclic ligand based selective fluorescent sensor for zinc (II). J Fluorescence 22 (2012) 1081-1085.

27.     Pradyumna Goswami and D K Das 2, 4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine @ phosphatidylcholine modified GC electrode: voltammetrically distinguishing dopamine, uric acid and ascorbic acid. J Surface Sc and Tech 28 (2012) 25-36.

28.     Rimki Bhattacharjya and D K Das Catechol encapsulated surfactant film modified Glassy Carbon electrode to detect thiourea at 10-8 M level Indian J Chem Tech 19 (2012) 52-55.

29.     Priyanka Goswami, D K Das  A new highly sensitive and selective fluorescent cadmium sensor. J Fluorescence 22 (2012) 391-395.


30.     Champa Barman, Priyanka Goswami and D K Das  Methyl Red: A fluorescent sensor for Hg2+ over Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+ and Cd2+ Proceedings International Seminar on Advances in Environmental Chemistry  Mizoram University 16 – 18 Nov 2011.

31.     Priyanka Goswami and D K Das Significant effect of surfactant micelles on the fluorescent “off-on-off” behaviour of salicylaldehyde- 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine. J Luminescence 131(2011)760-763


32.     Priyanka Goswami, Sukanya Baruah and D K Das, 2,7 dichlorofluorescein, a fluorescent sensor to detect Cd2+ over Na+, K+, Ca2+, Cu2+, Ni2+ and Zn2+.  Indian J Chem A, 49A (2010) 1617-1620.

 33.     Jitumani Rajbongshi and D K DasS Mazumdar, Direct electrochemistry of dinuclear CuA fragment from cytochrome oxidase of Thermus thermophilus at surfactant modified glassy carbon electrode. Electrochim Acta 55 (2010) 4174-4179.


34.     Manashjyoti Goswami and D K Das, Synthesis, Characterisation and bromoperoxidase activity of potassium bisperoxohistidinatovanadyl. Assam Science Soc 49 (2009) 64-67.


35.     D K Das Electrochemical detection of Zn2+ ion using diphenylamine/ carbon nanotube / cetyltrimethylammonium bromide film modified glassy carbon electrode.  J Surface Sc and Technology, 24 (2008) 149.

 36.     D K Das, Biva Das and Okhil K Medhi Electrochemistry of (protoporphyrinato IX) iron(III) and its imidazole complexes in liposomes of L-a -Phosphatidylcholine.  J Surface Sc and Technology, 24 (2008) 79-86.

37.    Rimki Bhattacharjya and D.K. Das  Vitamin K3 encapsulated poly(vinylpyrrolidone) film modified glassy carbon electrode for studying the vitamin K3 – caffeine interaction, Indian J Chem A, 47A, (2008) 394-396.


38.     Raben Ch. Roy, D K Das – Electrochemistry of [Fe4S4(SCH2CH2COO-)4]6- in liposomes and microemulsions.  Indian J Chem, 46A (2007) 1252-1256.

39.     Rimki Bhattacharjya, D K Das, Ferrocene encapsulated lipid and surfactant film on electrode surface. A voltametric sensor for the determination of trace amount of thiourea, Indian J Chem A, 46A (2007) 276-279


40.     Akhtar Hussain, Moushumi Sarma, D K Das Significant effect of egg albumin on the redox potential of vitamin KJ Assam Science Soc 47 (2006) 11-14

41.     Rimki Bhattacharjya, D K Das Catechol (1,2-dihydroxybenzene) inside charged film on electrode surface. A new voltammetric sensor of vitamin C  Indian J Chem A, 45A (2006) 909-912.


42.     Raben Ch. Roy, D K Das – Redox linked protonation / deprotonation on the carboxylate of [Fe4S4(SCH2CH2COO-)4]6- in aqueous micellar solutions.  Indian J Chem A, 44A (2005) 1597-1601.

 43.     Raben Ch. Roy, D K Das - Influence of charged microenvironment on redox potential and diffusion co-efficient of [Fe4S4(SPh)4](NBu4)2 in DMF and inside CTAB film on electrode surface. J Chem Science, 117 (2005) 657-661.

44.     D K Das, Okhil K. Medhi – Aqua pyridine complex of protoporphyrinato IX iron(III): Effect of ligand binding, surfactant concentration and proton coupling on redox potential. Indian J Chem. 44A (2005) 2228 -2232.

2004 - 1995:

45.     Raben Ch. Roy, Rimki Bhattacharjya, D K Das – Effect of film charge on mid point potential of encapsulated ferrocene. Indian J Chem. 43A, 2004, 1689-1691.

46.     D K Kalita, D K Das, P K Gogoi, Synthesis, characterisation and antibacterial activity of 2-methylpipera zinedithiocarbamates of Ru(III), Rh(III), Pd(II), Os(III) and Pt(II)   (0) Proceeding Indian Ac Sc. 2002

47.     P K Gogoi, D P Phukan, D K DasSynthesis and biological activity of 2-methylpiperazine-dithiocarbamato and di-(2-methyl-5-chlorophenyl) dithiophosphinato derivatives of triorganotin(IV) chloride  Asian Journal of Chemistry (1999), 11(4), 1291-1295.  

48.     D K Das, O K Medhi – The role of heme propionate in controlling the redox potential of heme: Square Wave Voltammetry of protoporphyrinato IX iron(III) in aquaeous surfactant micelles.  J Inorganic Biochemistry, 70, 1998, 83-90.

 49.     D K Das, O K Medhi – Effect of surfactant and pH on the redox potential of microperoxidase 11 in aqueous micellar solutions.    Dalton Trans, 1998, 1693-1698.

 50.     D K Das, C Bhattaray, O K Medhi – Electrochemical behaviour of (protoporphyrinato IX) iron (III) encapsulated in aqueous surfactant micelles.  Dalton  Trans, 1997, 4713-4717.

 51.     S PattanayakD K Das, P Chakraborty, A Chakravorty Binding of thioether to trivalent Chromium. A family of CrS2N2O2complexes derived from acyclic ligands. Inorg Chem 34 (1995) 6556-6558.


Name of Seminar / Workshop

Host Institute



Recent Developments in Synthesis and Catalysis-2017

Dibrugarh University

10-11 March 2017


South Asian Bi-Inorganic Conference

TIFR (Mumbai)-IACS (Kolkata)

07-11 January 2017


Special Lecture: Departmental Seminar

S N Bose National Centre of Basic Sciences, Kolkata

22-July 2016


Modern Trends in Chemistry (MTIC) XVI

Jadavpur University, Kolkata

03-05 December 2015


Contemporary Developments in Chemical Sciences 2015

Tezpur University, Tezpur

23-24 November 2015


New Approaches of basic Sciences towards the Development of Engineering and Technology 2015

Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati

27-28 February 2015


Frontiers in Chemistry – 2013

North Bengal University

28 February, 2013


Bioengineering 2012

IIT – Guwahati

30 November, 2012


Conference on Photochemistry and Luminescence

IIT – Guwahati

9-10 March 2012


National seminar on surfactant and surface science

Tripura University

27-29 December 2011


National workshop on Emerging trends in nanochemistry

St. Anthony’s college, Shillong

20-21 September 2011


New approaches of basic sciences towards the development of engineering and technology

Don Bosco University, Guwahati

12-13 March 2009


Name of the Student

Title of thesis


Current Position


Raben Ch. Roy

Electrochemical studies of the active center analogues of ferredoxins in aqueous surfactant micelles.


Qlty Control Officer IOC-Kolkata


Rimki Bhattacharyya

Designing film modified electrodes as voltametric sensors having environmental and biological significance


Asst. Prof.

Pandu College


Jitumoni Rajbongshi

Spectroscopic, Kinetic and Electrochemical studies of respiratory electron transfer proteins.


Asst. Prof.

Bajali College


Pradyumna Goswami

Developing new voltametric and fluorescent sensors for dopamine and cholesterol.


Asst. Prof.



Priyanka Goswami

Developing dual fluorescent & electrochemical sensors for metal ions and pH dependent fluorescent molecular switches.


P.O. Assam Gramin Vikash Bank


Babita Sarma

Synthesis, Characterisation & Electrochemistry of new copper based mono and binuclear complexes having bioinorganic importance.


Asst. Teacher

High School


Kaku Dutta

Fluorescent and Electrochemical Sensing of Few Metal ions, Bifluoride and New pH Dependent Fluorescent Molecular Switch


Sr. Adm. Asst.

Assam Secretariat


Partha Protim Biswas

Synthesis and characterization of complexes of Vanadium, Copper, Zinc and Ruthenium with Schiffs base ligands


N V Rly H S School. Maligaon


Manash Jyoti Goswami

Synthesis, Characterization, Electrochemical Investigations and Bromoperoxidase  activity of a few Vanadium peroxo complexes


Self Employed


Dhanada Sarmah

Electrochemical study of few active centre analogues of [Fe2S2] and [VFe3S4] type ferredoxins in charged solutions and film


Subject Teacher


Jutika Kumar

New ferrocene linked fluorophores: Dual (Fluorescent /Electrochemical) sensor for a few heavy metal ions



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