Pranjan Barman

Pranjan Barman

Department of Biotechnology
Gauhati University
Guwahati 781 014, Assam, India.

Phone : +91-9859947743


  • Teaching (Post graduates)
  • Research
  • Plant Secondary Metabolites
  • Cloning of Agriculturally important genes
  • Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • Genomics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetic Engineering
Journal Publications
  1. Pranjan Barman, A.K. Handique and Bhaben Tanti. , Tagging STMS Markers to Fusarium Wilt Race-1 resistance in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) , Indian J of Biotechnology. Vol.13, 370-375, 2014
  2. Gareth GS, Barman P, Bharali R & Dey S , BLAST: An introductory tool for students to Bioinformatics Applications., Keanean J of Science Vol-2, 67-76, 2014
  3. P.N. Bhattacharyya, B. Tanti, P. Barman and D.K. Jha , Culture-independent metagenomic approach to characterize the surface and subsurface soil bacterial community in the Brahmaputra valley, Assam, North-East India, an Indo-Burma mega-biodiversity hotspot, World J Microbiol Biotechnol DOI 10.1007/s11274-013-1467-1,
  4. Pranjan B, Handique PJ and AK Handique, In-silico determination of homolog of Melon R-gene R-FOM-2 in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) giving resistance against Fusarium wilt caused by the fungal pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Ciceris. , Journal of Research in Bioinformatics Vol-1, 016-022, 2012
  5. A.K. Buragohain, Bhaben Tanti, Hridip Kr. Sarma, Pranjan Barman & Kishore Das, Characterization of yeast starter cultures used in household alcoholic beverage preparation by a few ethnic communities of Northeast India , Ann Microbiol DOI 10.1007/s13213-012-0537-1.,
  6. Pranjan Barman, A.K. Handique, Rajiv Chandra Dev Goswami, Ellora Malakar, P.J. Handique and M.C. Kalita, Application of advanced instruments in Molecular Biology , J of Assam Sc. Society Vol. 52 No. 1,
  7. Nasheeman Ashraf, Deepali Ghai, Pranjan Barman, Swaraj Basu, Nagaraju Gangisetty, Mihir K Mandal, Niranjan Chakraborty, Asis Datta, Subhra Chakraborty, Comparative analyses of genotype dependent expressed sequence tags and stress-responsive transcriptome of chickpea wilt illustrate predicted and unexpected genes and novel regulators of plant immunity. , BMC Genomics 10, 415, 2009
  8. Lynn AM, Jain CK, Kosalai K, Barman P, Thakur N, Batra H and Bhattacharya A , An automated annotation tool for genomic DNA sequences using GeneScan and BLAST, Journal of Genetics Vol. 80, No. 1

Book (or Book Chapters)
  1. Pranjan Barman. , Book Title: Biotechnology and Bioinformatics : Tools, Techniques and Applications, Short Article Title: Electrophoresis and its applications in biology , 60-64, Publisher: Chintamoni Prakashan, Guwahati, Assam., 2014

Research Experiences (12 years at National and International laboratories)
  1. Senior Research Fellow at the Institutional Biotech Hub, Department of Biotechnology, Gauhati University.
  2. Project Fellow, (January 2001 to July 2004) Applied Genomics, Crop Protection and Pathology at International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-arid Tropics (ICRISAT) AP, India.
  3. Senior Research Fellow, DBT, India (July 2004 to 2008).National Institute for Plant Genome Research (NIPGR) JNU, New Delhi.
  4. Senior Research Fellow, NIAP, India (February 2009-September, 2009) at Division of Genetics, IARI, New Delhi Ph.D. thesis Title: Study on association of Molecular Markers with Fusarium Wilt Resistance in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.).

Other Projects Done
  1. Analysis of Nucleotide Sequences of Human Chromosome number 22 by GENESCAN. (December 1999-October 2000) at Bioinformatics centre, JNU New Delhi-110067.
  2. Assessment of Variuos Yeast Strains Used by Different Ethnic Groups of Assam and North East India for Production of Alcoholic Bevereges from Biochemical and Molecular Biology standpoint (February 2000-July 2000) at Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBBT), Tezpur University.
  3. Tagging of molecular markers linked to Fusarium wilt resistance in chickpea At International Crop Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Hyderabad.
  4. Cloning of R-gene for Fusarium wilt in chickpea At National Institute for Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi 110067.
  5. Molecular characterization of Indian maize landraces and allele mining for agronomically important traits at Division of Genetics and Breeding, IARI (NRCPB), Pusa, New Delhi.

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