Anjali Daimari

Anjali Daimari

Department of English
Gauhati University
Guwahati 781 014, Assam, India.

Phone : +91-9435084461


  • Coordinator: M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes
  • African English Literature
  • Contemporary South Asian Fiction
  • Indian English Literature
  • Life Writing
  • North East Studies
  • Bodo Life and Literature
  • Life Writing
  • Contemporary South Asian Fiction
  • African English Fiction
  • Indian English Literature
  • Prose
  • Sociolinguistics
Selected Publications
Journal Publications
  1. Anjali Daimari, "Collective Memory, Oral History and Identity: Retrieving the story of Thengphakhri/Birgosri" , Mizoram UniversityJournal of Literature and Cultural Studies Vol II, Issue II (2015)
  2. Anjali Daimari, "Locating the 'Orient': Reading the landscape in Coleridge's Poetry" , English Forum: Journal of the Department of English, Gauhati University (2014)
  3. Anjali Daimari, "Interrogating the Postcolonial: Writing/s from India's North-East", Phoenix, Sri Lanka Journal of English in the Commonwealth Volume X & XI (2013) & (2014)
  4. AnjaliDaimari, "Reclaiming Woman's Voice" , Journal of the Dept of Bodo, Gauhati University Vol - I (2009 -10)
  5. Anjali Daimari, "Reading Kamala Das in Context", Journal of the Dept of English, Gauhati University Volume 7 (2009)
  6. Anjali Daimari, "Dialectics of 'home' in Temsula Ao's These Hills Called Home and Mamang Dai's The Legends of Pensam", Protocol, Journal of Translation, Creative and Critical Writings Vol. II, No.1 (2009)

Book (or Book Chapters)
  1. AnjaliDaimari, Book Title: Dwijen Sharma edited Indian Fiction in Translation: Issues and Explorations, Short Article Title: "Reading 'Silences' in Samskara, Paraja and Rudali: Marginality and Resistances" , Publisher: MRB Publishers (India), Guwahati, 2014
  2. Anjali Daimari, Book Title: Jyotirmoy Prodhani and R. Singh edited Culture, Ethnicity and Identity: A Reader, Short Article Title: "Narrating 'Ethnicity': Locating the Ethnic Self", Publisher: DVS Publishers: Guwahati, 2014
  3. Anjali Daimari, Book Title: Prasenjit Biswas and C. Joshua Thomas edited Construction of Evil in North East India: Myth, Narrative and Discourse, Short Article Title: "Idea of Evil among the Bodos: Text and Context" , Publisher: Sage Publications:New Delhi, 2012

Edited Volumes
  1. Anjali Daimari & Pranab Jyoti Narzary, Book Title: Agan: An Anthology of Modern Bodo Poetry (1952 - 2010) , Publisher: Sahitya Akademi: New Delhi, Year: 2011
  2. Anjali Daimari & Pranab Jyoti Narzary, Book Title: Sagan: A Collection of Bodo Short Stories, Publisher: DVS Publishers: Guwahati, Year: 2011, Reprint 2013
  3. Anjali Daimari, Book Title: Expressions: A Collection of Essays, Publisher: University Publication Department, Gauhati University, Year: 2010

Research Scholars
  1. Gargi Saikia (2007) -"A Critical Study of the Cross-Linguistic Influences on Learning English in the Regional Medium Schools in Assam" (Awarded 2013)
  2. Monalisha Roychoudhury (2011) - "Women in Spaces of Ethnic Violence and Conflict in Bodoland Autonomous District Areas of Assam: Text and Context" (Work in progress)
  3. Rimi Nath (2011) - "Negotiating 'Home' and 'Identity': A Study of the Novels of Romesh Gunesekera, Manjushree Thapa and Mohsin Hamid" (Thesis Submitted)
  4. Binita Sharma (2011) -"Discourse of Humanism and Ecocriticism: A Study of Selected Novels of C.S. Lewis" (Work in progress)
  5. Mridula Kashyap (2012) - "Literature and Resistance: A Reading of the works of Nawal El Sadawi" (Work in progress)
  6. Esther Daimari (2012)- " A Study of Landscapes in Contemporary Sri Lankan Fiction" (Work in progress)
  7. Pratusha Bhowmick (2013) - "Child Narrators in Times of Conflict: A Study of Select Novels from South Asia" (Work in progress)
  8. Sukanya Kashyap (2014) - "Cartographic Strategies in Selected Contemporary South Asian Fiction" (Work in progress)
MPhil Research Scholars
  1. Lakshminath Kagyung (2008) - "Cultural Practices and Identity Formation: A Reading of Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Anthills of the Savanaah" (Awarded 2009)
  2. Debabhushan Bora (2008) - "Representing the Whites: A Study of Chinua Achebe's Trilogy" (Awarded 2009)
  3. Saradashree (2008) - "Literature and Resistance: A Study of Ngugi wa Thiongo's Petals of Blood and Devil on the Cross" (Awarded 2009)
  4. Rajib Sharma (2008) - "Historical Dimension in Achebe's Trilogy" (Awarded 2009)
  5. Mridula Kashyap (2009) - "Race and Identity: A Reading of Bessie Head's A Question of Power and Maru" (Awarded 2010)
  6. Esther Daimari (2011) - "Women, Partition and Violence: Reading Bapsi Sidhwa's Ice-Candy-Man and Sorayya Khan's Noor" (Awarded 2012)
  7. Pratusha Bhowmick (2012) - "Writing the Community: Reading Bapsi Sidhwa's The Crow Eaters and Ice-Candy-Man" (Awarded 2013)

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