Krishna Boro

Krishna Boro

Department of Linguistics
Gauhati University
Guwahati 781 014, Assam, India.

Phone : 91+9401980295


  • Tibeto-Burman Linguistics
  • Language Description
  • Linguistic Field Methods
  • Projects in Linguistics
  • Syntax
Journal Publications
  1. Boro, K. (2016). The Za Constructions: Middle-like constructions in Bodo. Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 3(1), 43-83.

Conference Publications
  1. Boro, K. (2012). Serialized Verbs in Boro. In Gwendolyn Hyslop, Stephen Morey, Mark W. Post (eds.),  North East Indian Linguistics Soceity - vol. 4. New Delhi: Cambridge University Press: 83-103.

Book (or Book Chapters)
  1. Boro, K., & Basumatary, P. (2015). Adverbial Suffixes in Bodo. In M.W. Post, S. Morey, S. DeLancey (eds.), Language and Culture in Northeast India and Beyond: In Honor of Robbins Burling. Canberra, Asia-Pacific Linguistics, ANU: 57-99.

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