Polly Vauquline

Polly Vauquline

Department of Women Studies
Gauhati University
Guwahati 781 014, Assam, India.

Phone : +91-9435144275

Email pollyvauquline@gauhati.ac.in

  • Head of the Department
  • Executive Member, Gauhati University Teacher Association
  • Member, Gauhati University Guest House Management and Upgradation Cell
  • Member of State Resource Group to Gender Resource Center (GRC) of Assam Mahila Samata Society
  • Member of Sub-Committee of Experts constituted by Assam State Commission for Women
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Space and Culture, India ISSN 2052-8396
  • Gender Geography
  • Gender Based Violence
  • Gender and Climate Change
  • Ecofeminism
  • Women and Reproductive Health
  • Gender and Happiness Index
  • MA 1st Semester: introduction to Women's Studies
  • MA 2nd Semester Ecofeminism
  • MA 3rd Semester: Rsearch methodology
  • MA 4th Semester: Gender Geography
  • M.Phil: Women's Studies-Concepts and Debates
  • PhD: Studies-Concepts and History
  • PhD: Feminist Research Methodology

  1. Gender, Place and Culture Award, Year: 2009, Awarding Organisation: Gender, Place and Culture, A Journal of Feminist Geography, by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
  2. State Merit Scholarship, Year: 1995 & 1996, Awarding Organisation: Government of Assam

PhD Scholars
  1. Deepsikha Carpenter, UGC-JRF
  2. Pallavi Saikia
  3. Prafulla Leo Hazwary
  4. Arpita Saha
  5. Rose Mary Guria
  6. Berlin Gogoi

MPhil Scholars

  1. Nilotpal Chakrabarty (Awarded)
  2. Dr Rukchana Rahman
  3. Moinee Sharma

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