Research Areas

Research activities which are carried out in the Department extend to a broad range. Prime focus has of course been on the Problems of Economic Development, especially in the regional context. Some notable specific areas have been Formulation Perspective Plan, Prospect of Cross Border Trade, Problems of Agricultural Growth in the State, Nature and Impact of Migration etc. Environmental Economics has emerged as a new area of research interest in the department.


1. Srinath Baruah

2. Kandarpa Kumar Barman

3. Runumi Dowarah Baruah

4. Madhurjya Prasad Bezbaruah

5. Archana Sharma

6. Sakiya Khan

7. Nissar A. Barua

8. K. Alam (Retired Head and Professor in the department)

9. Gopal Bordoloi (Handique Girls College)

10. Prabin Baishya (Retired Principal, Sualkuchi College)

11. D. D. Mali (Retired Director, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship)


At present forty-four scholars are enrolled under the Ph.D. programme of the department. Five of them are on UGC Teacher Fellowship.

Ongoing projects

o Principal Investigator: Prof. Srinath Baruah
Title of the Project: Interstate & Intrastate Levels of Poverty In NE India.
Funding Agency: ICSSR, New Delhi

o Principal Investigator: Prof M P Bezbaruah
Title of the Project: Problems & Prospects of Growth of Indo-MyanmarCross Border Trade: Socio-economic Consequences for India's North Eastern Region.
Funding Agency: ICSSR,New Delhi

M. Phil

The Department has finalized plans to start M. Phil. Programme from the academic session 2007-08 with a proposed intake capacity of 20.

Ph.D. Programme


55% marks in the Master level in Economics or related discipline.

Admission Criteria*

Evaluation of research proposal.


To be completed within 5 years. Extendable for another year on special consideration.

Intake capacity : 20

Experience of Research Projects:

Title of the Project

Funding Agency


Capacity in which Associated

1) Flow of Development Funds in the Northeast Region: Its Utilization and Impact

Planning Commission

December  2010-July  2012

Project Coordinator

2) Pre-Seismic Rapid EIA Studies in the Pre-NELP Block AA-ONJ/2


May-June 2012

Investigator for the Socio-Economic Impact Component

3) Carrying Capacity Study for Numaligargh Refinery Limited


March-June 2012

Investigator for the Socio-Economic Impact Component

4) Rapid EIA of Guwahati Refinery in 10 km Radius


December 2011-February 2012

Investigator for the Socio-Economic & Health Impact Component

5)  Livelihood Promotion of Forest Dwellers in Upland Areas of Northeast India

Livelihood School -BASIX, Hyderabad

January-March 2010


6)  Pre-Drill EIA Study and EMP in Twelve Areas

Oil India Limited

March-October 2009

Investigator for the Socio-Economic & Health Impact Component

7)  Problems of Border Area of Northeast India: Implications for the 13th Finance Commission

13th Finance Commission

September 2008 to March 2009

Principal Investigator for Western Assam-Bangladesh Border Areas

8)  Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment for Seismic Survey at Salmari, North Duarmara and Bhadoi East-Hapjan

 Oil India Limited

January2008 to

April 2008

     Investigator for the Socio-Economic and Demographic


9)  Conflict and Development in the Context of Human  Security: An Exploratory  Investigation in Northeast India

Asian Dialogue Society

October 2007 to April 2008

Member, Core Research Team

10)  Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment for Seismic Survey in Mizoram & Dibrugarh, and Oil exploration in Jonai

 Oil India Limited

September 2007 to

December 2007

Investigator for the Socio-Economic and Demographic


11)  Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of the Motor Spirit Quality Improvement Project of Guwahati Refinery

Indian Oil Corporation

April-July 2007

Investigator for the Socio-Economic & Demographic Component

12)  Preparation of Arunachal Pradesh State Development Report

Planning Commission

October-December 2005

Author of the Chapter on Resource Based and Other Modern Industries

13)  Environmental Impact Assessment of Proposed Seismic Survey of Brahmaputra River Basin

 Oil India Limited

September 2005 to March 2006

Investigator for the Socio-Economic and Demographic


14) Problems and Prospects of Indo-Myanmar Cross Border Trade and its Socio- economic Consequences for the North-East

      Indian Council of Social science Research,    New Delhi

March 2004 to August 2005

Project Director

15)  Preparation of a Rural Development Plan for Assam


January 2001 to October 2001


16)  Preparation of the Human Development Report for Assam

Planning Commission & the UNDP



17)  Towards a Strategy for Economic Development of Karbi Anglong.

Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council


 to  June 2000


18)  Technological Transformation of Agriculture: a study in Assam


November 1987 to November 1989


19)  Perspective Plan for Economic Development of Assam up to 2000 AD

Government of Assam

1987 to 1991

Deputy Director